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  1. I decided to try the fanspeak mock draft out of boredom... I know its far fetched considering some of these guys were amazingly still available. However imo this would be a heck of a haul. Tell me what you guys think and see if you can go on fanspeak and post your results. Im interested to see if someone comes up with a better group. Just tired of seeing the same mocks. This draft and singing zach line would make me a very happy man. Lol
  2. Say we are able to get a good dt and a good guard in free agency.. This would open endless possibilities of which way we could go in the draft... If this were to happen..what would be the next position you would look at first and second round.? Or what specific player?
  3. WTF? We have scored easily with the dontari Poe package,everytime we have used it. We don't use it once this game...sickening.just ******* sad.
  4. This season is practically over.we just don't have it this year.from the bad calls to the bad breaks to the lack of creating turnovers to the tipped interceptions.the multitude of dropped passes and over thrown balls. A super bowl session consist of getting turnovers and good breaks.this is not our year. Going forward we need to draft Matt Ryan's future replacement.a mobile strong arm qb. Switch Campbell to mlb d Jones to weak side and draft a stud strong side lb. Spend the rest of draft on oline and dline.sign one veteran defense player and veteran tight end.give sark one more season
  5. They deserved the game ball. 1) Atlanta Falcons This offense is starting to look like the unit that took the NFL by storm last season. The Falcons (7-4) absolutely needed a big game against Tampa Bay to stay afloat in the NFC South race -- and that's exactly what they got. Atlanta scored 34 points for the second consecutive week and piled up 516 yards of total offense, the team's highest output this season. Steve Sarkisian's group was phenomenal on third down, converting 11 of 14 attempts. This continues a very encouraging trend for the Falcons: During the current three-game wi
  6. Been a fan for forty years.never been off the bandwagon.I ride or die.I got the tats to prove it.I eat sleep and breathe falcons
  7. http://www.ajc.com/sports/football/video-review-bills-stopped-falcons-with-men-defense/iPS5RTOlRhaPz2GromDZbL/amp.html This adds insult to injury
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