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  1. Your math is wrong
  2. Been a fan for forty years.never been off the bandwagon.I ride or die.I got the tats to prove it.I eat sleep and breathe falcons
  3. We find different ways to become the joke of the nfl
  4. This adds insult to injury
  5. They play like ish in them.why would you want to play in those and never had any real success in them anyway
  6. It's very exciting that our Atlanta falcons have become pioneers. However I feel some type of way about other teams trying to use our mantra. First the saints, and now our ex fullback is using "brother hood" in buffalo.
  7. Anyone got the replay. I saw his foot hit the white chalk and then his leg hit the pylon.
  8. Maybe it's just me. Or the fact I was a little lit.. it look to me like the player second foot dragged into the pylon after first touching the white chalk on sideline. I know the ball had crossed the goal line but you still have to get two feet in bounds to complete a catch right. They normally show many many angles of a play, especially close touchdowns.I think they showed it maybe three times and no more.maybe it was a sympathy thing.I can't find the relay anywhere on line.if someone has the clip can they please post. Am I the only one with this thought.I think if the game was closer or we lost.this would be widely discussed.
  9. Right
  10. LMAO
  11. That part...
  12. I heard this is the new slogan..does this replace "Rise up"? I like the "All gas,no brakes." But I just really start embracing the "Rise up"slogan. Just trying to hear you guys' thoughts.
  13. Your delusional.earlier in the game yesterday he got ran tf over. The missed block in the super bowl cost us the super bowl.aldrick Robinson was wide Tf open. He is far from one of the best blocking rbs in the league.homer