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  1. Whatever the case. I have said my opinion here. Love it or hate it. I think I am out of here for good. Have a great season FALCONS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Really? So you want to show naked people covering their privates in your avy and cartoons as a reply........ Oh well.................. Whatever..............
  3. In all honesty, It very well might be. Given the current status of the NFL being exposed where teams goes and their players mentality, who knows.........
  4. So, the Fact that I questioned the Falcons NOT going 100% all out in a game that more or less DOES NOT MATTER because it is NON DIVISIONAL and probably makes no sense for them to go all in 100% to win makes me STUPID? Okay, if it makes you feel good as a person for flaming me for having an opinion then okay. Whatever. I watched ALL of the Falcons vs. Bengals game, and it looked completely like the Falcons were not very interested in this game at all, they were just trying to experiment with a few plays. Pretty much that was it. The Thursday game is what matters the most vs. the Bucs. It's a
  5. Uh, and those TEAMS HAVE A GAME ON THURSDAY ALSO??? Hmmm, What's more important, a divisional rival game on Thursday, or a none conference game on Sunday before that game? I think the Thursday game..........
  6. I felt like the Whole FALCONS team was not 100% in on trying to win this game, nor was the coaching staff and the powers that be. They seemed to be more interested in being tourist rather than winning an NFL game, and considering it was an out of conference game and they play the BUCS 4 days later that is kinda understandable. I mean why get the team beaten and banged up when you have a more important game a few days later. I got made a Joke of for mentioning such things a few days ago, as to more or less HOW DO YOU PREPARE with such close games. Either way. Falcons had to travel all the way
  7. That's what I was trying to ask, sit the starters who might be banged up for Sunday in favor of Thursday but I ask the question the wrong way.
  8. I just realized that the Falcons play another game just 4 days after tomorrows game on Thursday Night! This makes me have multiple thoughts as a fan as to how they should approach the game vs. the Bengals. I mean you play to win the game. But then again, the Thursday game will be a Divisional game, which is more important. So do you rest your best players or do you play them? Yeah you always play to win the game, but like I said a division game is ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE'S TO WIN!!!!!!! Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the way you handle the situation given the time factor and day's is
  9. LOL!!! Yeah that would be messed up..... Honestly, I just don't see Quizz being a possibility, he's still the same height.
  10. YOU nailed it bro!!!! Thank you Sir!!!!!!!!
  11. I hope John Abraham as a PERSON, And NFL Player get's well soon and get's some help. The reports as of late are that he is suffering from concussion problems and is having trouble remembering things. Aside from those reports I have heard, it doesn't matter to me what uniform he is in. Just hearing about a person having problems like memory loss and concussion and stuff like that, it doesn't matter to me what uniform they are in, I empathize with them and their family and their situation and hope they get better! It should be noted that John Abraham in his PRIME CHOSE ATLANTA as his home as a h
  12. Just wanted to say KUDOS to the FALCONS offensive line vs. the sAint's on sunday!!!!!!!!!! They really stepped it up, especially after their number one pick Jake Mathews went down with an injury. They done a really great job in my opinion. Yeah Matt Ryan was sacked ONE TIME but considering last year and this year that's a great improvement!!!!!!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Isn't it great to have all these possible options with the Falcons and the players they have on offense? You just mentioned something I never took into consideration and it's a great idea in my opinion, HESTER in the backfield that is. I think the Falcons O-Line done a great Job vs the sAint's. Even after Jake Mathews went down, but Mathews done an awesome job before going outa the game.. And unless I missed something here on the forums I haven't seen anyone giving the offensive line Kudos for doing a great job. They deserve it, the O-Line did a great job in my opinion vs. the sAint's on Sun
  14. I tend to agree with most everything you say TheFatboi. I am thinking with this line up of RB's and the Rotation makes things confusing for defenses. Before when the Falcons put a certain RB in the backfield there was an obvious attempt at running the ball or possible screen, very scripted in the past that is. Now with a rotational RB situation, not only do you get fresh players running the ball, but you also don't giveaway your passing game. I liked the way the Falcons handled things on offense in the first game of this season. Honestly, I wish the Falcons after watching the first game of th
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