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  1. i dunno bout the falcons trading down this year...i mean ya it sounds like a good idea, but doesnt that kinda defeat the purpose of us talkin bout how we want a more explosive player..we are already consistent and balanced as is, so why not take a risk on one of the higher ranked guys?
  2. 1998 Vikings: Chris Carter / Randy Moss = deadly
  4. HAHA, go back to drinking Red Bull kid. We wouldnt have even MADE it to the playoffs without Matt Ryan. So ya it's a good idea to just totally take away all our chances at a superbowl appearance until the next 50 years
  5. I dunno wut im gunna do without football. Both the NFL & NFLPA are just flat out GREEDY. The owners and player need to get over themselves, and listen to the argument from a fans standpoint. Without the fans they wouldn't be making any money at all.
  6. im gettin sick of waiting for this CBA agreement, it's getting old really quickly. But aside from that, i dont get why TD hasn't resigned our two best defensive players yet...The resigning of Clabo and Grimes should already have been done by now.
  7. i really sincerely think, SOME type of agreement will get done. I don't think they would have extended the 24 hour window if they weren't really close to getting one done
  8. hey at least pack fans maintain a sense of class, unlike some aints fans i know
  9. This is just my opinion but i just see a LOT more potential with Hankerson than i do with Torrey Smith. There is just a certain "poise" about that isn't with the other recievers. It's like he doesnt even have to try. Plus Hankerson i think is more well-rounded. I say grab this kid, becuz i really think he would be a GREAT opposite of Roddy White.
  10. i like baldwin over t.smith or young 4 sure. Just not sure if he'll pass the falcon filter.
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