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  1. Did he? I forgot it was on.
  2. I somewhat agree. I still Think we need to replace HD's slot pos. but still use him alot
  3. I dont see why everyone wants to get rid of koenen smh
  4. I say we draft a DE and let him develope for a year or two and when JA55 starts to slow down we trade him
  5. I don't really see the need for DT
  6. Since that there is a lockout they have until september to make an agreement. i think there will be a football season
  7. I don't like it . not feeling it :P
  8. we'll be set when we give weems a first round tender
  9. That was last season , we're all even now
  10. The better team will win. and we know who that is
  11. The Falcons are looking for speed in there Recievers this year not size. And havent looked at him. they're looking more at ricardo lockett
  12. Would love to have all 4 of them. would like Denarius moore too
  13. Would love to take him if he wasnt Norwood's little brother (injury prone)
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