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  1. Someone has to light up the darkness. lol Pre-draft most people were saying "as long as the picks are in the trenches I'll be happy" and "We don't have room for all these pics so we will probably trade up" Both those things happen and people are still pizzed because it wasn't the exact player they were hoping for. Funny thing is none of us know how well they will work out. A lot of us wanted Taylor or Ford and they're still available in the second round.
  2. All this negativity is just getting on my nerves this morning. lol People going out of their way to be debbie downers.
  3. Try looking at the trade as we gave up a 3rd (and received a 6th if I'm not mistaken) to just draft our 2nd rounder a little earlier. Saying we gave up a second and a 3rd, while technically true, makes it sound worse than it is.
  4. I was reading the comments to see if someone was going to say the same thing before I posted and then I happened upon this post. It's simple to me: Pioli was really good at drafting defensive talent and put together some really good players on that KC defense but wasn't good as a GM overall. TD sucks at drafting defensive players but is really good at the other stuff a GM is supposed to do. Therefore putting them together as a team seems to work really well. Obviously we haven't seen any results from this years draft picks but since we have had Pioli, we have added Hageman, Beasley, Collins,
  5. With as much as he loves Quinn and Stone, I think R would have an aneurysm if the Quinn staff cut James Stone. Could you imagine??
  6. This has already been discussed earlier. It's apples and oranges. You're never going to be able to make the comparison between going to KFC and kicking a yorkie to death.
  7. SMDH. It's like saying "What's wrong? That toddler was screaming and throwing things at me so I punched it in the face as hard as I could. Why can't it be that simple?"
  8. I know. You manned up. I'm with you. Anyone who would torture and kill a dog or anyone who would defend the actions of those who do aren't worthy of respect in my book.
  9. I think you misread my intent entirely. I'm agreeing with you. You cannot arrest someone just because someone else said you did something wrong. That would create a world of trouble for people who didn't do anything wrong but have someone mad at them.
  10. Have you read the vets report??? multiple fractures and multiple place where there is evidence of blunt truama. Either he kicked him once as hard as he possible could, or he beat it to death....which is the same thing.
  11. Police know if they start arresting people at first accusation it not only sets a dangerous precedent, but also could be grounds to have the whole case thrown out.
  12. I like that line "do my best." Can't win all the battles can you? lol
  13. Yep, and it'll be up to the defense to place reasonable doubt in the jury's mind that her word cannot be trusted.
  14. The apologists are asshats but you shouldn't tell someone to kill themselves. It's just in poor taste. I understand being angry at these mofos. Lord knows I am.
  15. The report said that she wasn't his "ex" GF until he told her that he kicked the dog. That's when she broke up with him. That's how it reads anyway.
  16. I'm with you Tug. I'm passionate on this subject and if you've been following how I post I'm generally a pacifist but this subject was just too much for me not to get involved. It's been hard not for me to say anything that would get me the hammer but these folks on here who think that this is all no big deal literally scare me. If someone is willing to savagely beat and kill a domesticated animal when it's not in self-defense, is just one small step away from being willing to kill a human being. I hope that he's found not guilty of this and that something else unfortunate happened to the poor
  17. I was thinking I was right. Just wasn't confident enough to shout it from the rooftops. haha
  18. I appreciate that I'm probably wrong there but that wasn't the point of my post.
  19. No I wasn't. As I re-read it I realize it's irrelevant information. I'm just heated on this subject is all.
  20. Well you must be in a cow pasture because it's not coming from me.
  21. You're not an employee of the NFL. You're basically an independent contractor giving your services for negotiated pay. The distraction this causes outweighs the potential benefit he has to the team, therefore it's a simple cost/benfefit analysis. You terminate his contract because the cost outweighs the benefit even if he is found not-guilty of the charges.
  22. We are a team with a new coaching staff and a history of dog-related crimes from our players that was kind of a big deal. The last thing we need is a distraction like this leading into training camp. The Falcons, even if they didn't have proof yet, can waive him just for being a locker-room distraction. Hey Weatherspoon, do you understand why they aren't guaranteed now?
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