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  1. You lost me at trading for a RB. Unless its for a 2030 7th round pick, no thanks.
  2. Yes. The more entertaining video would be the ones where the GMs didn't get the guys they wanted cause someone else took them ahead of their spot. Can't do that to the psyches of rookies though.
  3. Vic had 15.5 sacks. I don't see how you replace him. Can you imagine if we tried to replace him?
  4. Someone has to light up the darkness. lol Pre-draft most people were saying "as long as the picks are in the trenches I'll be happy" and "We don't have room for all these pics so we will probably trade up" Both those things happen and people are still pizzed because it wasn't the exact player they were hoping for. Funny thing is none of us know how well they will work out. A lot of us wanted Taylor or Ford and they're still available in the second round.
  5. All this negativity is just getting on my nerves this morning. lol People going out of their way to be debbie downers.
  6. It's clear you're focused on being negative and that's fine. I was simply bringing up some logical reasons why what happened in the draft might be a good thing. You chose negativity, I'll chose to be positive until proven otherwise. Enjoy your day.
  7. Try looking at the trade as we gave up a 3rd (and received a 6th if I'm not mistaken) to just draft our 2nd rounder a little earlier. Saying we gave up a second and a 3rd, while technically true, makes it sound worse than it is.
  8. They signed Davison, Clayborn, Hageman, JJ Wilcox, and 2 other safeties. We can have a conversation that you now have 3 new guards and only 2 spots to fill them but that still brings me back to my point where now you have potentially good starters and good depth on the O-line and you can't have good depth everywhere on the field. I guess I'd prefer that depth to be at a position that will help us score points and keep MR2 upright and healthy. I'd prefer to be able to grind out the 3rd and 2 plays to keep our offense off the field and keep the defense fresh all game. I guess I'd prefer to make opposing offenses have to play mistake-free football on offense to beat us because MR has time to throw the ball and Freeman has holes to run through all day long. I also have more confidence in DQ to pick later round picks on defense that work out than pick later round picks on the O-line that work out. He's got history of making later round defensive players contribute but not so much with the O-line.
  9. He's on GMFB this morning complaining still about Akiem Hicks jumping ship and complained that they "lost to the Rams and the refs" last year,
  10. Ok, but my point is that your complaining that we can't fill in those depth spots with late round picks. That means your assuming only picks in the first few rounds can make an impact. If that's the case and we used those first few picks on defense, what would the state of the offensive line look like? There wouldn't be less complaining, it would only be directed towards another part of the team.
  11. Umm so would you agree that you could do this exact exercise with ANY NFL roster and get basically the same results? Even if you singled out defense and found a team with some actual great NFL talent as 2nd and 3rd stringers, you'd have to show me their offensive depth to make your argument hold. No team in the NFL has stud depth across all positions. That's why most of the time the team that wins the Superbowl stays injury-free or just happens to only lose guys at positions where they do have depth.
  12. Oh there was another option with Beasley... Sambrailo sucks. I thought RT was an immediate need as well.
  13. And we know DQ does not. He was a stud in Seattle and he turned around our defense after he took over for Richard Smith.
  14. Well, there are 2 ways you can go about this: 1. Assume the defense will suck and we will lose all our games 35-24 and pout about it for 9 months while assuming our draft picks were "reaches" 2. Look at the positives that came out of yesterday and at least be in a good mood until they prove it doesn't work. I'll chose 2 and you can chose 1.
  15. Why give Beasley more than $8? We can argue on contract value all day long. I'm talking about drafting a guy to fill a hole. If you can guarantee me that McGary won't be any good and Dexter Lawrence will be, then I'll concede my argument.
  16. counterpoint: We had Ryan Schraeder then. Now that's a hole filled by McGary
  17. Had we picked a DE and a DT with our picks there would be the same number of people whining about "our O line is terrible and TD refuses to get better. We are going to suck again this year and Matt Ryan is going to get killed" Yall realize that this O-line has the opportunity to be as good as the 2016 line was. Dirk Koetter is way better than Sark. We've added Ridley who will be in year 2 now. Hooper is getting better every year. Freeman will be back and Ito looked pretty good (I think we will draft another RB too). This offense could put up 28 points a game this year. This defense sucked last year for 2 main reasons: Marquand Manuel sucked and key players were hurt for most, if not all, of the season. We got Clayborn back, we added some beef to the DT position, we are getting all those injured players back and it's not likely the same guys get hurt again this year for the season, and now DQ, a superbowl winning D coordinator, is going to be calling the shots on defense. You guys who are just assuming because we didn't take the players you wanted us to take in the draft means that we are going to be a terrible team are just the definition of pessimistic.
  18. Here's what I think people aren't getting and it's causing them more grief on draft days every year than necessary: The Falcons (and other teams I'm sure) have a "draft board" with guys ranked on there. The thing I think we are missing is that every player in the draft isn't ranked on their board. In other words, some players are solid NO grades from the team. That means if the media projects them to go in the 1st round and they make it to the 3rd round, the answer is still NO. They have determined that is not the right player for the team so there is no such thing as "good value" for that player. For the YES players, there are rankings and it's likely Lindstrom had a higher ranking for the Falcons than Cody Ford or Jawaan Taylor. Maybe Wilkins had a slightly higher rank than Lindstrom but not high enough that it is worth moving up and giving up picks for. So when Wilkins went the pick before, it was like "oh well, we can still get our next highest player in Lindstrom" which is why we practically ran to the podium. They understood he wouldn't make it to pick 45 (and they would have been correct) so it's now or never. I also hear "well you could have traded back a few picks and still got him" Well, probably, but who says they didn't try to do that and nobody was willing to make the trade? Teams were calling us in the top 10 asking us to move forward and we turned them down, how do we know the same thing didn't happen to us?
  19. I wanted Cody Ford because I just assumed both Taylor and Williams would be gone by 14. Id rather have either of them over Ford. I still maintain the Falcons would be a better team this year with a stud RT in the draft than a stud Defensive player.
  20. When he has another 4 sack year this year, we can point back to the reaction of learning he was literally the worst.
  21. Yes until proven otherwise. I believe Chiefs and Colts make a strong push though. Chiefs have a better shot if they don't lose Tyreek to a suspension.
  22. It doesn't matter, TD is picking a corner in round 1 and a TE in round 2 just to spite us all.
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