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  1. **** that
  2. Not this year obviously but you're going to have to throw money at Debo and Neal soon and tough decisions will have to be made. Thats just my prediction.
  3. Im going to the Atlanta game on the 24th. Im curious to see the live product.
  4. I really do like Sanu. I know he's not long for this team but he's one of my favorite players.
  5. Yes. Yes they will.
  6. Add Frank Clark, add a Guard or Tackle, draft lineman, a RB and a CB. Win the offseason.
  7. Hughes is good but we are about to have to re-sign that 2016 draft class and some sacrifices will be made. This means we are going to need production from guys on rookie contracts. I'd like to keep our draft picks this year unless we trade those extra 4th and 5th rounders to move up to get a better guy in the draft.
  8. I had speghetti with ground turkey and chopped up veggies in a roasted garlic tomato sauce for dinner.
  9. I was responding to if we had to cut loose, either Mack or Sanu, which one do you cut. That was my argument for why I picked Sanu. Basically Mack is more important to this team than Sanu. That's not saying Sanu has no value.
  10. Ridley is going to be Julio back when Julio had Roddy on the other side.
  11. Calm down Gallagher Jr.
  12. Oh really? They had a bunch of film on that crew without the starting safeties there to communicate well and make plays behind them? Too many people are black and white on players and contracts. In the ultimate team sport, you cannot measure how good a player is simply by their numbers. You have to look at the environment they are in. Too many mitigating factors on why a player may not perform well other than "they suck"
  13. It's the Falcons so who knows how they will draft in the 1st. Remember though that the team has tons of film on each of these guys and they've practiced in front of coaches for years so I trust they won't throw guys in a spot they can't handle. Only time that's happened was Beasley's move to LBer and that was an outlier.
  14. A 3rd/4th corner will never be a sacred cow for any team.
  15. I think you guys are forgetting how much Poole sucked last year. If we bring him back on a cheap deal I won't mind but he's easily replaceable. You still have Kazee to take his spot and im sure we will spend a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick on a corner. Im not worried about corner. I'm still worried about O-line and D-Line