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  1. Someone has to light up the darkness. lol Pre-draft most people were saying "as long as the picks are in the trenches I'll be happy" and "We don't have room for all these pics so we will probably trade up" Both those things happen and people are still pizzed because it wasn't the exact player they were hoping for. Funny thing is none of us know how well they will work out. A lot of us wanted Taylor or Ford and they're still available in the second round.
  2. All this negativity is just getting on my nerves this morning. lol People going out of their way to be debbie downers.
  3. Try looking at the trade as we gave up a 3rd (and received a 6th if I'm not mistaken) to just draft our 2nd rounder a little earlier. Saying we gave up a second and a 3rd, while technically true, makes it sound worse than it is.
  4. Sucks having to eat that crow when it's your own thread. Like my dumb*** when I said the Carolina pass rush sucked without looking at the stats. lol
  5. Nah. These are always some of the best threads. I don't care for the personal attacks but they are entertaining.
  6. If I'm the GM Jaylon Smith is off my board completely. First of all there is a risk he could bust because he's a college player coming to the NFL. Sometimes even the most "guaranteed" prospects end up busting hard. Secondly, look what happened to Peria Jerry and others who had similar issues. It's likely that he will never be close to the same college player he was and for me, the injury solidifies that he's not a risk worth taking.
  7. DO NOT TRADE UP!!!!! What do we have to give away??? We only have 4 meaningful picks in this draft in the first place. What would we do, give away our second and third to move up 7 spots? TD has a hard enough time picking the right guy in the first place, don't narrow his window for success any more than he already has.
  8. I understand the premise but why include 2 years that he did NOT trade up and then say "well he would have" based on pure speculation. I know there were rumors about him trading up to get Jake but it didn't happen so why include it?
  9. I normally agree with you on not letting other posters get to you but not on this particular subject. The best analogy I can come up with at the moment is like having that person who puts their finger really close to your face but keeps saying over and over "I'm not touching you" Even though you know their intentions are to annoy you, it won't take long before you punch them and make them stop. Swift would take good discussions and turn them into garbage with his anti-Ryan rhetoric. So even if you knew to ignore him and wanted to ignore him, it just wasn't realistic because of how incessant he
  10. None of us are. We want to see a Superbowl come to Atlanta so we are all harsh critics of our guys, I'm just saying there isn't a large enough sample size to make a decision on what kind of HC he is yet so why choose to be negative when you could chose to be positive? I'd rather be positive and proven wrong than be negative all the time and be proven right.
  11. Collins may not be able to be mentored but even if we assume that argument, I can bring us back to status quo by bringing up Ricardo Allen.
  12. No need to flame. I agree that you should have a clear mind when operating a 5k pound+ piece of machinery at high speeds. I just thought you were trying to make a correlation between wanting weed to be illegal because people would subsequently drive while high. As far as people who "need" to get high to deal with their issues; as long as they aren't selling the stuff to kids and driving while high, who am I to judge what they do in their own homes. Especially with something as relatively harmless as weed. I don't know their struggle so who am I to judge? As far as it relates to footb
  13. Just playing devils advocate here. So you think booze should be illegal then too? It's not illegal to drink alcohol but it is illegal to drive while under it's influence. Even in the states where weed is legal, I'm pretty sure you still get a DWI or a DUI if you're caught driving high.
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