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  1. I always find people who babel on about people being the Anti-Christ amusing. I'm no Christian, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but the Anti-Christ is never referred to as an actual person.
  2. Blah blah blah... You also thought that we should have drafted Gholston and Okoye, that Brohm was a future franchise QB, drafting Ryan was the 2nd biggest Falcon mistake of the past decade, DeAngelo Hall is a good CB, and that Laurent Robinson was a #1 caliber WR. Throw a bunch of crap at the wall, some of it will stick, but you're still slinging poo when all is said and done.
  3. Outside of maybe Stobby, I don't know of anyone that's "afraid" to speak their mind. I have no respect for his tribal thought process. It's ridiculous that someone born and raised in this country identifies himself as not only a member of a tribe/group of people that live on another continent in a country he's probably never even been too, but actually judges others/himself on ancestry and the accomplishments/stereotypes associated with these meaningless groups.
  4. This doesn't seem too bad. Heck, I could deal with a younger Hillary if she didn't wear her hair like a bird in flight.
  5. So we got one lady with her eyes positioned like a fish, one of them lazy... and the other with a horse face. Someone has to have done better than this.
  6. Only because I don't feel like creating another account. You know he'd be hitting that report button with every one of his accounts.
  7. *Raises hand* Is there such a thing as dressing as a character whose looks are never actually described, outside of being unbelievably pissed off? Of course, dressing as any of the Noldor in an epic way could pass I guess...
  8. Seems like the only people that thought your story was funny was you and yourself.
  9. This isn't college football. 2010 Green Bay Packers season. The only teams they blew out were the Bills(34-7), Cowboys(45-7), Vikings(31-3), and Giants(45-17). None of them were play-off teams, nor was it 50%. The 2009 Saints didn't blow out anyone but the Bucs, 38-7. Barely any Superbowl teams in history meet the above qualification.
  10. I'd like to see Turner run up the gut for 9 yards, Ryan do a bootleg to the right for a 12 yard gain to Roddy White, and then hit Gonzalez in double coverage over the middle for a 6 yard gain, just to spite everyone here.
  11. Which is more important, yards or points? Regardless, since Gregg Williams left as their DC in 08, Del Rio has been playing the defensive plays... that hasn't worked out too well. In fact, the owner relieved Del Rio of that duty this past off-season.
  12. The one year he was the DC for the Panthers, they gave up 302 points that season. We gave up only 288 last year. Both were top 5 in the league.
  13. I believe a few years back, they said that Tony Romo had the fastest release in the NFL.
  14. Star players? We have Abraham and Grimes, those are the only two players we've had who are Top 10 at their position, by any metric you use, and Babineaux is right up there as well. We have a lot of solid players, but you are grossly ignorant of the talent on other teams and the Falcons. Curtis Lofton, Stephen Nicholas, Kroy Biermann, and Dunta Robinson are solid, but they aren't near what you make them out to be, and this is coming from someone who's been called a "homer." Ed Reed missed half the season, and so what, and he still lead the league in interceptions. We're talking about over the years. Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Rod Woodson, Bart Scott, Terrell Suggs, Adalius Thomas, Peter Boulware, Sam Adams, Chris McAlister, Haloti Nngata, and I could keep going. These are All-Pro caliber players, some even Hall of Famers. You can't tell me we've had this kind of talent these past three years. Look at ALL the players we've had the past three years who have ever made a Pro Bowl and tell me we stacked up to the talent the Ravens have had... John Abraham, Brent Grimes, an ancient Lawyer Milloy, an ancient Keith Brooking, and... that's it. How about the Steelers? Troy Polamalu, Joey Porter, Jason Gildon, Casey Hampton, James Farrior, Aaron Smith, James Harrison, Lamarr Woodley, and I can keep going. How about how they regressed horrible as a defense when Troy Polamalu was out? How the Ravens pass defense took a huge drop once Ed Reed went out. The Patriots? Their offense, really? In 2007, Brady had an absolutely insane amount of time in the pocket. ESPN once showed a play where Brady had over 7 seconds to sit, without moving, in the pocket one game before throwing a bomb to Randy for a score. Their Pro Bowl LT, Matt Light, was picked in the 2nd round. Logan Mankins was a first round pick at guard. Their RT was a 3rd rounder. Their center was a 7th rounder, and their RG was a UDFA. About par for the course. When they were winning Superbowls, they had numerous Pro Bowl/All Pro caliber players. Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Vince Wilfork, Asante Samuel, Ty Warren, etc. The Patriots were hardly a talent depleted team. Even when Cassel stepped in, there was a noticeable drop-off in production, but he's hardly been bad in KC. He doesn't have near the surrounding talent, but in what world is 27 TDs, 7 INTs, and a Pro Bowl year bad? Must have been Belichick too... oops, he's not coaching Kansas City. How about the Saints. Yeah, the defense that gave up 42 points compared to our defense giving up 41, big difference. That guy that everyone wants fired over there for their defense constantly under performing. Picking up Pro Bowlers Jonathan Vilma and Darren Shaper didn't help, nope. Couldn't have been the talent they have at CB could it? How about their Pro Bowl DE? Yeah, it was all Gregg Williams, the guy people want fired now. Yeah, I watched that miserable game. I watched Chris Owens get roasted like he did against the Bengals numerous times, and when they were converting for first downs or throwing bombs on him, he was committing PI in the end zone. Let's not forget how many times we whiffed on sacks. Darn you BVG for not wrapping up the QB! Why aren't you teaching your professional football players pee-wee tackling fundamentals. Thomas Dimitroff signed BVG to an extension this off-season, so I'm pretty sure you and TD are at odds here. Never heard of a "weak link" coordinator being signed to an extension. You might want to rethink yourself a bit. EDIT: It would probably help if you even followed the Falcons a bit. It's pretty bad when you call our 2007 defense, 29th in points and yards allowed, something remotely good.
  15. What a load of garbage, from top to bottom. In 2007, we ranked 29th in points and yards allowed. Not a single time under Brian Van Gorder have we had such a poor defense. Since Zimmer has gone to the Bengals, we've finished higher than him in points allowed two out of the last three years. It's also BS that having the right talent doesn't matter for having a good team. You think the Steelers defense would be what it is today without half of their starters being Pro Bowl caliber players, with a few of them being future Hall of Famers? You think the Ravens defense would be as good as it is now without it being covered in Pro Bowlers, including some of the best players of all time at their position in Ed Reed and Ray Lewis? Your whole post is absolutely ridiculous.
  16. The one that has consistently been ranked in the Top 5 is every major category since 2008, including setting the NFL record for fewest punt return yards in a season?
  17. Do you need a hug? Find in that post where I called you a Democrat. Of course, a hit dog hollers. And no, our exchange had nothing to do with my banning, you can thank Gazoo for that. I find it funny though that you're bragging about you thinking that you got me banned. High brow stuff right there. at me being a Republican now. I thought I was a liberal, Obama worshiping socialist.
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