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  1. I always find people who babel on about people being the Anti-Christ amusing. I'm no Christian, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but the Anti-Christ is never referred to as an actual person.
  2. Blah blah blah... You also thought that we should have drafted Gholston and Okoye, that Brohm was a future franchise QB, drafting Ryan was the 2nd biggest Falcon mistake of the past decade, DeAngelo Hall is a good CB, and that Laurent Robinson was a #1 caliber WR. Throw a bunch of crap at the wall, some of it will stick, but you're still slinging poo when all is said and done.
  3. Outside of maybe Stobby, I don't know of anyone that's "afraid" to speak their mind. I have no respect for his tribal thought process. It's ridiculous that someone born and raised in this country identifies himself as not only a member of a tribe/group of people that live on another continent in a country he's probably never even been too, but actually judges others/himself on ancestry and the accomplishments/stereotypes associated with these meaningless groups.
  4. This doesn't seem too bad. Heck, I could deal with a younger Hillary if she didn't wear her hair like a bird in flight.
  5. So we got one lady with her eyes positioned like a fish, one of them lazy... and the other with a horse face. Someone has to have done better than this.
  6. Only because I don't feel like creating another account. You know he'd be hitting that report button with every one of his accounts.
  7. *Raises hand* Is there such a thing as dressing as a character whose looks are never actually described, outside of being unbelievably pissed off? Of course, dressing as any of the Noldor in an epic way could pass I guess...
  8. Seems like the only people that thought your story was funny was you and yourself.
  9. This isn't college football. 2010 Green Bay Packers season. The only teams they blew out were the Bills(34-7), Cowboys(45-7), Vikings(31-3), and Giants(45-17). None of them were play-off teams, nor was it 50%. The 2009 Saints didn't blow out anyone but the Bucs, 38-7. Barely any Superbowl teams in history meet the above qualification.
  10. I'd like to see Turner run up the gut for 9 yards, Ryan do a bootleg to the right for a 12 yard gain to Roddy White, and then hit Gonzalez in double coverage over the middle for a 6 yard gain, just to spite everyone here.
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