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  1. I totally expected the original post to be "You're right."
  2. I still can't figure out why he ran in the opposite direction of where Hakeem Nicks was going on that one 70+ yard TD. Everyone else stayed with their man and he just ran away from the receiver when no one else was on that side of the field.
  3. I think he had the job lined up already and was just waiting until the end of the season before officially accepting it. I do not believe he was forced out at all. The defense improved during his time, but it was frustrating that we couldn't manufacture any pressure on the QB for weeks at a time at one point this season and combined with playing so far off of the receivers was just begging for a high completion %.
  4. I think Sharpton should take a one-way flight to China and try to do something about it. Meanwhile, is Obama chinese now? He looks chinese on that sign.
  5. It takes a lot of money to get your message out to the masses. No one can win the presidency without spending a boatload of money and no one willing to run for president has that kind of money, so they have to rely on supporters who believe in them.
  6. I expected to see a lot of Vick jerseys, but I was confused by those who wore Vick jerseys that was a half Eagles and half Falcons jersey (like the one that Babineaux 's mother wears for her 2 sons on separate teams). Apparently they bought them from somewhere based on the number of these jerseys that I saw and I can't understand this thinking at all. I figure they were rooting 100% for Vick and 50% for each team??
  7. I'm enjoying the fact that the Eagles learned that if you take cheap/dirty shots on our players, you will be knocked out. I'm beginning to view Dunta as our enforcer to some extent even though I did not consider his hit to be dirty. Commentators tend to overreact to his hits because the player gets knocked out when there wouldn't be any complaints at all if the player had gotten up. They figure that if the player gets his bell rung, then it must be dirty. Maybe if our players just rolled around on the ground like a soccer player, then the commentators would recognize the dirty hits coming our
  8. I still don't have mine and the person I was instructing on how to print them out over the phone had a difficult time printing them with the software and computer privileges they had available to them. This is so bush league.
  9. Augusta here and I expect mine to be here by today based on when they were supposedly mailed out.
  10. I plan to go, but have wondered the same thing (how the dome may be full of Vick supporters). I loved Vick when he played for Atlanta and still love watching him play, but I won't pull for another team over the Falcons.
  11. Nice. I have it up at work now and am considering it for my home computer as well. Thanks.
  12. The private sector has to work within a budget or they will go out of business. The federal government doesn't abide by such restrictions, so they can spend billions more per day than they take in without consequence (in the short run at least).
  13. He does this pretty much every other day now. It appears he is trying to get people on his side who aren't paying attention to what he's doing.
  14. I like Ron Paul, but I think the biggest thing holding him back is that he talks over the heads of most people and doesn't seem to be able to dumb it down for the average voter. The last time he ran for President, he was considered to be the crazy old man, but now it is becoming more obvious that he was ahead of the curve for years in what he has been saying and the country has been gradually moving towards discussing issues that he has been talking about.
  15. After decertification, they cannot become a union again for 1 year. BUT, The union cannot decertify while an unfair labor practice is under review, so the players are still a union. In other words, nothing has changed.
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