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  1. I was sitting 2nd row... MR2 is not elusive, but I agree. He had zero help. No time to let anything develop. It was sad to see only like 4 passes go farther than 10 yards. Especially for a team with "weapons" lol... We looked pretty shotty.
  2. It's a good short assessment and I believe with Arthur Smith will help him out this year. I hope to see some statistical improvement. Selfishly for my FF team lol
  3. I'm coming from San Jose. Let's get it!!!!
  4. Flying in from California. Taking my fiance to her first ever NFL game.... Her 49er friends here hate that I'm exposing her to Falcons football over the home team here. I can't stand the 9ers.
  5. LMAOOO. If that's the case OP, I booked the wrong flight dates and my tickets are fake for the home opener.
  6. I don't see any reason he wouldn't be on the field with AS loving 2 TE sets. There's no way they are easing him in playing Hurst and Smith as first rotation.
  7. Sheffield made it... Honestly didn't think he stood a chance.
  8. Eagles Defense, New coach, shaky QB play. All factors I feel good about our chances. 30-24. Falcons victory.
  9. This. What's lead people to be optimistic? Like my man Herm said.. you play to win the game. And like Ricky Bobby's dad said. If you're not first, you're last.
  10. I don't understand all the Sharpe hate. He's not a bad WR4.
  11. Dude are you 13 years old? Asking for a friend..
  12. I mean, we all know that if a hot dog wrapper blows across the field and touches AJ, he's out for the season.
  13. I feel like most Falcons WR's do. And RB's. Well we have a history of it at least lol
  14. I agree. Also, Kirk is phenomenal. He just has some players around him to steal the shine.
  15. Definitely. But I'd take Howell in a heart beat. Rattler rubbed me the wrong way in that QB1 Netflix show. Seems really cocky and fragile.
  16. Is it bad I'm not as concerned about OL depth as I am RB talent? I know we need a line to open up the holes, but I'm not huge on anyone we have aside from Davis.
  17. He's dyslexic... 37! Happy Birthday big fella!
  18. I grew up in a Raiders household and he was a fan favorite. Just didn't bode well with management/leadership and I think his teammates got tired of his clown antics. I personally liked him and he had some leg for sure.
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