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  1. Well, we play the Raiders next week. I'm from the Bay Area and my brother and Dad are Die Hards... Would love to see us put up a fight, but the way Carr and team looked, we are in some tough waters. O-Line looks great, QB and weapons are nice... Defensive Line is good, but their Safeties are hot garbage... Should be interesting depending on our play calling and what O-Line shows up. Also if Julio can somehow limp around it'd be helpful. While I hope we win, for family bragging rights, I can see us losing. I like how they've got a good head coach and have built a decent team with young ta
  2. When your WRs aren't open and your O-line isn't blocking.... Don't think Brady or any great would perform well there.
  3. Yep. Among league leaders in rushing TDs. Let him walk.
  4. LOL - Have you seen his supporting cast? You trade D-Hop and have Will Fuller and Cooks.... C'mon man... Deshaun Watson is having an excellent year despite the record and last week lol. But don't ever diss that man... We'd take him in a heartbeat if we had a chance.
  5. That's a hot take. Only time will tell. I guess that's why they play the game... Not to mention it's not fair to state a mobile QB isn't what we need, when he is nowhere near the likes of a solid draft pick like Mahomes, Jackson, Watson.
  6. Facts. Good source of entertainment throughout my dry a** work day.
  7. Look, being a Falcons fan is never easy. We've had our fair share of ups, but mainly are known for a lot of downs. Yet regardless of outcome, I find myself remaining loyal and catching every snap of every game. I look forward to Sunday's with not a ton of expectation these last few years, but still knowing these boys from ATL give me a source of entertainment I look forward to. I'm extremely thankful for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones both giving us an offensive excitement we hadn't had since Vick or our insane 1998 run. And it's been consistent fun to watch win or lose. These both are two Futu
  8. No they'd rather keep Stocker in for his "blocking" on the two TE sets...
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