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  1. Not only that he doesn’t meet the Falcons filter. Going off on a coach. Being a Diva..... I’m good off him
  2. I think that can wait a few more years.
  3. This is the 3rd of 4th post about Ryans replacement I have seen. This is getting old. This is nothing we should be thinking about any time soon. 4 years, so someone can ride pine a year or two behind Ryan, but 2021 draft.... Smoking Rocks...
  4. Matt Ryan has at least 4-5 more good seasons left in him. 2021 draft is crazy talk.
  5. Ryan has 5-6 more good years ahead of him. Have the replacement talk in 4 years.
  6. Case Keenum had 250 yards at the half. With what kind of talent around him? If we can play some sort of defense I don’t seeing this being ugly like the OP stated. But I also don’t know much about the Redskins O-line so maybe I’m wrong!
  7. It’s week 1. We start slow always and that is a top tier defense. We clean up the turnovers and we have 28 points. Don’t get shook up after 1 week.
  8. You lost me at re-sign Alford. Lmaooo Alford is 2 PIs a game and getting burnt. Let Oliver get more than one start under his belt.
  9. I knew he was F'd up but I think being voted off masked singer in week one destroyed him
  10. Yeah at a place called Magic City
  11. I think we compete or potentially beat both teams. Especially if they run through the Dome in the playoffs Cues Bone Crusher - “Never Scared”