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  1. Late round or undrafted. With Gurley's knee being such a hot topic, couldn't hurt to have more depth. Hill, Smith, Ollison, Gurley. How is ITO by the way? Love the guy, but will his health be in question moving forward?
  2. Haha of course my man. I was just giving you a hard time. Great WR. But TD numbers are never there. Is it really his fault tho?
  3. How you feel about Julio then? Only best WR in between the 20's?
  4. Kinlaw won't be there.
  5. They're definitely on the hot seat unless you know something I don't know lol.
  6. OP - Stop playing Franchise Mode in Madden with the "all trades allowed" setting on. It doesn't translate well into real life.
  7. Curious to know how you are feeling now that he is signed in the grand scheme of things?
  8. He also had a defense that was putting up a touchdown or two the first half or more of the season.
  9. A lot can change in 60 years man. I mean I've only been around 30, but I'm sure you've had your fair share of high expectations and subtle or not so subtle let downs.
  10. Take us back to the old school Falcons Logo though
  11. Exactly. Man 14 TD's last year on a "very bad knee" sounds better than the production our RB's have given us the last 3 years.
  12. That's what I'm interested in seeing. I feel like this could be a good year with those youngsters coming into their own and being more cohesive. Health on the OL is a big factor into this teams success.
  13. It would remind me of the Eagles when they got Nhamdi and all those superstars for a year and played terribly. With that being said... I'd be down for the signing hahahaha
  14. Down year last year and still had 14 TDs. He will have a better passing attack with him this year and can catch. Had 20 TDs the year before. Even on a down fall, he won't be an every down back and still give us good production.
  15. He's had Ligma for years