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  1. We getting Spencer Rattler! Heard it here first!!!! 😆
  2. Trade back. Load up on young defensive talent and let Matt Ryan ride out the rest of his contract. Who knows maybe he has 3-4 years left in em. QB is not our immediate need to win. Defense wins championships.
  3. Absolutely. I was drunk. But felt the meltdown in the 3rd. It was a night to forget!
  4. Oh same. Most embarrassing day of my life. At a huge Superbowl Party in SD with 50 people I didn't know and most Pats fans. I was drunk acting an *** jumpin on couches. Then found myself after the game at a bar by myself with tears in my eyes slamming shots. Worst day ever man.
  5. Wouldn't have been mad at Ulbrich sticking around either brother, but I do believe at this point, it was good to get rid of any regime associated with that team. Let's start fresh with some new blood. To your point. 28-3 wasn't on the players (well maybe the defense). There were some bonehead coaching mistakes that really cost us.
  6. These clowns saying they don't even know if Matt Ryan wants to be here... C'mon. We know **** well Matt would want to retire here. Put some respect on his name. This franchise can't win with anyone on the roster from 28-3.... blah blah blah.... Get out of here
  7. Does he play CB or Safety? Nahhhh I'm good. We can swoop up someone later in draft or FA for cheap until Julio retires. This team has way more pressing needs than WR.
  8. You pass because you have the opportunity to trade back, get more picks and build up a terrible defense.
  9. We need a solid secondary to cover the WR's so we can have an effective pass rush as well. We need a revamp. Love our LB's, but D-Line and Secondary is real weak.
  10. Exactly. Trade back and bolster up the defense. Especially the secondary with a nice FA add. Drafting a QB at 4 sets us back.
  11. Man 2022 or 2023... Just one in my lifetime and I will cry more than I ever have in my life... Last time I cried was 28-3. I was at a SB party in San Diego where it was predominantly Pats fans. I was jumping all over couches being disrespectful like Rick James.... F yo Couch... And talking smack. Getting drunk... And by the end of the night I was in a bar by myself. Teared up at the bar. Drinking my pains away. I took the next day off and went straight to the bar when it opened up and got drunk as **** at the bar on Monday by myself. Crying. Not going to lie. I can admit. My fandom goes deep.
  12. Just my two cents here.... You need to start posts more often. Great read and I really agree with all of your points.
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