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  1. 11 on 11 instead of 5 on 5.... There's too many parts to have a "GAME CHANGER"... Julio arguably was one, but one man can't play both sides of the ball and change a game in the NFL, like someone can influence a defense and offense in the NBA.
  2. Senat is to the Falcons, as Mayweather is to exhibition boxing. Pure robbery. Comes in with a mask. Makes money. Leaves.
  3. We've been banking on father time for far too long with Brady. The man can still flat out ball. He will until he retires. With that being said, if he does somehow go down, and we play really well, anything is possible. If he's healthy. They winning it all again.
  4. Rec/Yards/Tds/Targets 73 Reception/ 843 yards / 6 TD's / 108 Targets... Mark my words. Or not. I basically used my mom's weight.
  5. Yup... Justin Hardy was a baller as well..... In college.... Although I did just read a hype article online that says he could have a breakout year and be an "x" factor. I've seen nothing to prove that just yet lol.
  6. I've been there before. Multiple times... And it was more. That's why on a 3 day trip I bring 6 pairs of boxer briefs. Never know what could happen.
  7. Hope he didn't buy a house in ATL lol... That was short lived.
  8. Yep Niners are back on the injury train like they were last year already with 2 players out, one secondary started for them.
  9. Didn't know he was married. First time I've seen that ring. And usually he's sucking his fingers on TV, but never noticed it. Eating L's... I mean W's...
  10. Lol... I could give two F's about your post or this board. I come on here for information and the latest news.... Ya'll getting so offended by a thumbs down crack me up! I'ma keep going thumbs down on information and things I don't like and let you keep crying about it. So deal with all that brotha...
  11. **** bro. Drink a beer or go get laid. Stop putting your whole life and OP's life in the hands of one downvote.... Yall take this way to serious and I guarantee I'm a bigger fan than you lol.... Soft A$$ society
  12. Because it's not good news lol .... Should I celebrate? I don't get it.
  13. **** if Marlon can somehow breakout year 2... I'd be the happiest man alive!
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