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  1. LMAOOOO I know joking man! I'm actually concerned lmaooo. But I like our RB depth and the addition of a TE...
  2. Are we surprised? He gone walk with a limp like a pimp through the whole season... Let that man off easy the next month.
  3. Great Talent... F'ing no hustle or sense of Urgency... Why he failed his physical with TEN.... Love the guy, but dang man... SUCK IT UP if you want to be in the NFL. If not just retire already.
  4. I grew up and still am now in the Bay Area in California... People used to ask me what I wanted to do. Honestly anything Atlanta Falcons would have been my go to answer... Still is... If only they needed help with their talent/recruitment needs. I'd be on the first plan to the ATL lol... For now Facebook will do.
  5. God Bless you man! Thank you for your service! #RiseUp
  6. Exactly. It's like a Julio. These dudes have been here before... They also have battled recent injuries... Slowly but surely.... Just hope that no pre-season doesn't F us over.
  7. If you watched Hard Knocks yesterday, you see the moral of the story.... Stay healthy (primarily Covid free) and you have a shot to win it all lol.
  8. Defensive efficiency probably correlates more.... And the Falcons didn't have that until the 2nd half of the season.
  9. If there is a major bright side to our team, I believe it's the O-Line... If they stay healthy, we can sign them later and we can continue to build our defenses trenches, we'll be in decent shape for a while.
  10. Plus you're talking about a QB in Tampa who is going to get a Senior Citizen discount at Denny's in a few years and Teddy Bridgewater.... I don't get all the love/hype for Bridgewater... He's a more mobile Alex Smith. Game manager. Not changer.
  11. OC. All day. So many decent QB's that can prosper. And yes SF is mediocre at QB, but has some good piece and obviously a brilliant OC mind. So, Matt Ryan with an average OC. Not going to get us far. I think Defense is a factor with this decision.
  12. I'd imagine he and his agent did quite a good acting job to convince the front office he was excited, just so he could steal $13M
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