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  1. Thank you
  2. Well said. Got me excited, but God we are horrible
  3. Most fired up I've been in weeks was a non concussion hit by Poole. At least we have fire. I want a better draft pick. But I want to roll some heads on the way out!!!!
  4. Bring him home TD. See you later Hoop!
  5. Only word to describe it. I can't even say I'm embarrassed because I'm used to it
  6. I'ma die hard. But if we dont tank for a higher draft pick I'll be pissed.
  7. Alfords Miss Tackle. Lmaoooo
  8. Go to sleep. You're drunk
  9. Go to sleep. You're drunk
  10. Y'all can hate me. But not only O and D line. Let's look for a Matty Ice replacement
  11. Hahahahahaha this is great. MR2 is the man. Love him. But **** this is embarrassing.
  12. How do we not challenge that?
  13. Lmaoooooooo. I been catching **** for saying MR2 is a shook one. And Calvin loves to run backwards
  14. A completely revamped O-Line, some Depth at LB and for us to cut ties with Alford, Tru and Beasley. And for some sort of sign we will do something in Free Agency with limited cap space. I understand this is a long list, but Arthur Blank should be on the Nice list for Santa. The guy is a Saint... Not the scumbag type from New Orleans of course.
  15. Yeah and lost the Superbowl. Sure do. And aside from that 1 year? .... What's history say?