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  1. Agree 100%. I had him.pegged as the pick even before Trufant was released.
  2. Those injuries are REALLY bad though (2 torn achilles and a lis franc) so that worries me. Also, he seems more suited for a pure power scheme. In the other hand, he did 44 bench press reps.
  3. Eagles traded a 3rd and a 5th for Slay, and gave him a $17M/year contract. Is he THAT much better than Trufant? Eagles presumably could've traded, say, just a 3rd for Trufant and had him on a cheaper contract.
  4. Russell Gage is the 5th best player on our team?
  5. Falcons traded the pick from the Sanu trade. So the comps are Sanu (player we had before we got the pick) and Kmet (a player we likely could've picked in the draft if we kept the pick).
  6. 1. Sanu and a 5th for Hurst and a 4th? 2. Cole Kmet and a 5th for Hurst and a 4th? If you would make either trade, then you should be in favor of the trade for Hurst.
  7. Has the actual draft already happened?
  8. Clickbait title, lol. This is just 1 guy's mock. I guarantee you if Thomas is available at 17 the Falcons will pick him.
  9. Would anybody be mad if the Falcons took either of them at 16?