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  1. Florio is a clown.
  2. How about something like this: Gerrit Cole, Soroka, Fried, Folty, Ian Anderson?
  3. Was my name on the package? I threw mine away, lol.
  4. Chuck Smith obviously the only person that's noticed this.
  5. Serious question: why would you want a lot of cap space?
  6. Hachimura and Bitadze.
  7. "This draft literally could have been Andre Dillard, Greedy Williams and Jaylon Ferguson" - If you think those 3 guys will provide better value than Lindstrom and McGary then I understand your point. I disagree. We will see.
  8. I'm not sure most of the people here do get this. Lol.
  9. A. We locked down the weakest part of the team from last year, and drafted some huge upside guys on Day 3. Bold prediction: Sheffield will have a better career than Greedy Williams.
  10. This looks like an old-school Oakland Raiders draft. Draft the fastest/most athletic giy at every position. I love it.
  11. What are you basing your comment on? Who should they have taken?
  12. No.
  13. Trade the later 4th, the first 5th, and first 6th to the Cardinals for the first pick in the round, and draft CGJ.