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  1. I'm guessing these trade packages include trading dead cap. Otherwise they don't make sense.
  2. You're missing my point, which is: you can't just say "trade back and take Harris." It's not that easy.
  3. Trade down to where? With who? And how do the Falcons insure nobody takes Harris before the spot they trade down to?
  4. ****, this is awesome! And realistic even.
  5. According to the draft value chart, this year's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-round picks. But realistically, more than that.
  6. Who cares though? Wilson, Murray, Brees, Mayfield. QB height doesn't seem to matter as much any more. Plus he looks around 6'3 anyway.
  7. On what do you base your opinion that he's been a complete bust?
  8. Sounds like Josh Allen when he was drafted.
  9. They had over 500 yards rushing combined today, lol.
  10. You stole my Davis Mills pick. Lol. He went to my high school. But a few years later.
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