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  1. Do we know if he's good at game/clock management? He's just a name we've heard. Just because he's coached for 100 years doesn't mean he's good at this.
  2. I don't think you need to worry about Legends clutter.
  3. You're missing the point. Who cares if you're cutting a starter, if the starter stinks? And Grady's cap hit next year will probably be around $8M, i.e. not high enough to keep the Falcons from doing anything.
  4. Basically, you're replacing 7 people already on the roster with the 7 draft picks, so it's (draft pick players, cap - other players' cap). It ends up being more like $2-3 million.
  5. No you don't. This topic has been discussed at length numerous times.
  6. Says who? See Indy Colts.
  7. I don't want to pay $10M+ for any of these guys. I'm gonna keep saying this: OL in the 1st and 2nd round is the way to handle this.
  8. None of the guys I listed would be a reach.
  9. Oops. "Class," not "classic."
  10. FA classic is trash. I don't want to overpay for guys you hope might be slightly above average. I want to draft guys with potential to be way above average. 1st round: best available of Jonah William's, Cody Ford, Greg Little, Jawan Taylor. 2nd round: repeat, and add Yodney Cajuste and Elgton Jenkins if all 4 of the above are gone.
  11. The FA offensive line class is garbage. Who do you want to sign? I'm going the opposite direction and drafting OL in the 1st and 2nd rounds.
  12. Who says you can't have 2 rookie O-linemen? Look at the Colts this year? Drafted LG Quinton Nelson in the 1st round, RT Braden Smith in the 2nd. It worked. Let's do the same thing. Here are 6 linemen I like: Jawaan Taylor, Greg Little, Jonah Williams, Cody Ford, Elgton Jenkins, Yodney Cajuste. Draft the best available of these 6 in the 1st round, draft the best remaining available in the 2nd round. Leave Fusco at RG. Gono, Schweitzer, and Sambrailo as the backups next year.
  13. Oops, meant Cody Ford instead of the 2nd Jonah Williams reference, lol.
  14. Front office's pick of Jonah Willams, Greg Little, or Jonah Williams (who I think will be gone already)
  15. Option C: Greg Little, followed by Cody Ford in the 2nd round and Rashard Lawrence in the 3rd.