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  1. No disrespect but Mike Smith always has an excuse for his terrible game planning. I wonder what his excuse was for player his starters during a meaningless game at the end of the season or his inability adjust during NFC title game. I wish Smith would take his rah-rah coaching tactics to another team...it's getting old.
  2. I told you this boards years ago TD can't draft.
  3. Folks- this how the rest of the Nfl world now view our organization. But it's hard to get some here on this board to be realistic and stop drinking the cool aide handed out every offseason by Dimitrioff.
  4. I think it means "no more excuses" no pun intended. TD should know by now that we need a defense to get over the hump. If we fail this year then Arthur needs look at his front office inability to put it all together... Just as as i have been preaching for 3 years.
  5. Why we still have Jerry is beyond me which is why I don't trust Smith nor Dimitrioff. Everyone keeps talking about next year, our key players are not going to stay healthy year in and year out. If I'm Tony G I'd be P'd off . I'm sure they told him that they would fix the defense, but has done Jack to address the glaring holes on the defense.
  6. We may not get another year at a Superbowl. We have all the offensive firepower in place, why not go for it and solidify the defense... It's a no brainer
  7. You r correct! We need to sign a DE and LB via FA.. The rest can be addressed in the draft. However, I don't trust TD to make the right picks in the draft. He is horrible at evaluating talent. Even worse, the positions u listed above have been glaring needs since we lost to Green Bay in the playoffs. But TD was either too stupid or arrogant to address the holes. The same goes with our running game, but we didn't even acknowledge it as an issue until the media start calling out the org. Bottom line- I don't trust TD! He has been promising us real playmakers since he released Keith Brooking and squad six ago. And we r still waiting...
  8. You r 100% correct in your assessment. Lets also look at Smitty other blunders. The mishap in NO, The Tampa fiasco, last week breakdown, and this week collapse. I've contended that MS and TS r in over their heads, which leads me to Thomas "wonder boy" Dimitrioff...He can't draft . I think the whole regime needs to be replaced. Mike Smith and Matt Ryan will no longer excite fanbase
  9. Man, you will learn that most fans on this board can not argue facts when it comes to MR looking anything less than average compared to other star QBs. They want to rag on Tebow, and Matt can't even hold Tebow's jocks string when it comes to success in football. The expectations of this organization is rather low and not held accountable, which is why they have yet to win a SB and probably won't under the current leadership (GM,HC, QB). I detest the Saints, but you have to hand it to them, they went and got a guru offensive minded leader in both Brees and Payton (*********) and won a superbowl. What does Arthur do after the 3rd failed appearance in the playoffs? If you want to have an intelligent/honest conversation about the falcons go to CBS Sportsline, ESPN or some other unbias MB. This board will blame everybody and their mother before they(not name "Swift") call out the real problems with the org. This time next year they will be blaming the refs for the Falcons lack of success...the next year it will be Roger Godell. You get my point. Meanwhile, Arthur is about to hit these clowns up for a brand new stadium and he has yet to put a winning playoff team on the field post Brookings/Vick era.
  10. Man- I don't owe you ish! If you don't like my comments, then put me on your ignore list. Who do you think you are? The Falcons' MB czar? Btw- Ryan does not "dominate my every waking moment", however, the Falcons obviously dominate your every waking moment in life. You're on this board just about every freakin day...take a break and go and get some.
  11. Yet MR, with worse stats and a better offense that scored Zero, Nada in the playoffs,would still be a Falcon QB...Oh that's right- it was our OLine, WR and running game that lost us the game. Puleeeeaze that response along should have you banned from any sports MB not named Falcons
  12. Thank you, Sir! Matt Ryan has yet to win on any level other than in the regular season (neither in college or NFL)
  13. So what?? He can be at bottom feeder QB and still make the Top100. The players know more that fat Ron J. The players have real life experiences with the QBs...they play against them. Ron J was never a top QB either...
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