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  1. Remember on Rico, the guy has played DB, WR, QB, RB, KR/PR all in HS. Also in prep school, he played WR, DB, KR/PR. Once he gets to UGA, let Coach Ball teach him some fundamentals and he can focus solely on one position and returning kicks. I'm hoping he can grow and develop like Justin Scott-Wesley! Great pick up for the Dawgs!
  2. Good for Bama, good for UGA.. They get theirs, we get to keep ours
  3. Fantastic hire for Texas! Great guy, great recruiter, great coach!
  4. Gotcha. I had heard it was a long shot anyways
  5. No news since it is a dead period. I believe that we would accept a commitment from him. Considering Coach McClendon went to see him play vs McEachern a few weeks ago. But that is just my guess. I'd like to have him on board. Especially since we will graduate a few WR's after this year. I'd rather him be on campus this year and learn the system and play as a sophomore or red shirt Fr
  6. Not Sac, but if he agreed to an official visit then we have a shot. Not sure how good the chances will be, but you never know when you get a guy on campus.
  7. Mark Richt has lost control of the Bama defense
  8. Sac, does the LeMay transfer allow us to go after another prospect in this class? I know we are looking to close with Carter and Green. Anyone else? I certainly wouldn't mind offering a lesser known prospect who wants to be a Dawg!
  9. That's 6 starters on offense who will depart for GT
  10. I'm not sure Shattle will make a huge impact. Not based on his skill set (which I think is very good), but based on how complex our D is. We've seen that Grantham's system takes a year or two before players are comfortable. And Shattle is not an EE. I think our answers for the secondary are already on campus. Our current DB's are very good, they are just young and I look to see MAJOR improvement next year. Guys like Wiggins, Wilkerson, Tramel Terry, Matthews, and Langley (possibly a WR now) will have a full year, full off season, full spring practice (two for Wilkerson), and two full camps bef
  11. She must be a big LSU fan lol She was not happy
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