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  1. Don't believe it has been said what he will coach. I love the hire. We need teachers on the staff. Pruitt, Bobo, McClendon, are Lilly are the heavy recruiters. They will bring the talent to guys like Scherrer and he can coach them up!
  2. Isn't there a two week rule before we can hire someone?
  3. Seth Emerson's article about Lakatos. He mentions Manny Diaz as a possible replacement. I'd love to have that guy, but probably wishful thinking
  4. Scott Lakatos has resigned. From Gentry Estes on twitter.. I pray for him and his family. It was mentioned on here a while back he may have had health issues.
  5. If he tackles like this.. He's already first team in my book lol
  6. I like the Tramel Terry move because we can get our best athletes on the field. If he can handle the job, he can impact a game more on defense and returning kicks than he can catching 5 passes a game (considering our running game and depth at WR). Good move.
  7. Also, could this be a hint about other people switching positions? If they move Terry to DB, could that mean that someone like JHC may be on the move to LB'er? Matthews moving down in the box maybe? Definitely just speculation on my part. But could there be another reason besides depth? We will graduate Wilson and Herrera next year, could JHC pull a Ogletree and move down? Opening a spot for Terry in the secondary? This move just made me think about different scenarios.
  8. I get what you are saying, but remember that Terry is red shirting and he still has 4 years of eligibility left. So if he did play D for us in the future, we didn't really lose anything because he wasn't going to play this year anyways. I know when Malcolm Mitchell was switching back and fourth it was frustrating. But MM committed to us and one of the main reasons was so he could play WR (Bama wanted him as a DB). I don't have problems with us switching guys around early in their career. Richard Samuel was another frustrating case. But remember, David Pollack came to UGA as a fullback. Guys can switch sides and be successful. MM will be fine as a WR, and I think Terry could play Safety or CB and be just fine.
  9. I can't say Cam was "brand new" to the scene... He did see spot action at UF, then won a championship at the D2 level before arriving at Auburn. Yeah it's not starting experience in the SEC, but he wasn't just sitting the bench for years. He was active and playing and learning.
  10. That's what I was getting at. You can't compare their bodies of work, obviously. I hope Mason lights it up so there is potential for that conversation. No one knows how good Mason will be. I do have a lot of confidence in him tho. I believe he knows the system just as well as Murray, but Murray has all the reps and experience. Murray has the better arm obviously, but I think Mason will anticipate the routes better. I watched him closely in HS and from what I've seen this year, Mason knows how to throw receivers open like AM. I also don't believe that Mason is as "antsy" in the pocket as AM is. He's pretty calm and cool back there. I think Mason is more comparable to AJ McCarron (mentally and a game manager) than he is Murray (go win the game and make plays).
  11. How long will it take us to start the conversation.. "Should Mason have been playing over Murray all along?".. I remember when Shockley went off his Sr. year and people thought he should have been playing ahead of Greene all along (I don't agree with that). Hopefully we have this conversation soon because that means Mason will be lighting it up!
  12. Poor Bama fans.. They keep referring to the past few games vs Auburn... And the record favors Auburn 8-5 lol
  13. I think Richt will make a move, but it will be at the end of the year. Grantham wasn't Richt's guy anyways...
  14. I'm for this. Let Murray set some records at home in front of the UGA faithful.. Then pull him and let Mason play a series with the number ones like Gurley. Let's pray we can jump out early and avoid any type of ball game with these guys.
  15. I'm in a good mood! Let's look at the positives! A lot of young guys are playing due to injuries and such. This should only help us next year. Seems like all the rehab guys are going to be ready in time for the opener next year. Gurley, Bennett, Matthews, and JHC all look like they will be ready this week. My buddy is good friends with Chris Conley and Chris texted him last week saying he will play. (And not to be "that guy"... But hopefully we only have another month or so to deal with Grantham and his defense :P ) If we can beat UF, Auburn (who has no defense, but neither do we!), and GT... We can find some reasons to smile again lol Go Dawgs! And Happy Halloween to you guys!