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  1. **** I remembered my Password to this **** hole ayo I am looking for a RB, email me at the yahoo site (top right hand corner) Brady, I lost your #, hit me on the Yahoo email
  2. unfortunately that feature works about as good as Kirstie Alie on a diet
  3. Check your yahoo fantasy football inbox
  4. the all red was gay, when you guys rock the black uniforms those are so sick to me but yeah the helmets the other night were dope man
  5. Thank you for helping stomp on the new Oklahoma/Ohio State, I only wish you guys woulda taken one of their big players out for the year so I didnt have to watch that choke artist school embarrass west coast football anymore. Unfortunately like normal, Oregon will now morph back into the unstoppable, great play calling monster that they are EXCEPT in big games & run the table only to lose to Michigan or some other school in a BCS game. Darron Thomas will go back to making great decisions & being accurate instead of looking like a poor mans Sean Glennon, LaMichael James will actually run
  6. & Aleks when you read this know this hoe Swift been trying to kick you out all wknd, talking about you died in Serbia of a bombing. I told him four times you told me you were in Serbia but would be there for the draft. Just so you know who you dealing with as commish.
  7. youre not Sacfalcfan, you cannot tell me what to do
  8. no argument, all of us are saying one thing & youre being a hoe cause you are scared of Drew whipping the bronzer of you. Talking about you cant vote for Andy cause youre the commish like you didnt veto my trade w T Dots brother last year. Change your screen name to Fox News
  9. took me 10 mins to remember my password Yo I logged in to relay the message that unfortunately there was some miscommunication between Swift & Banned & Banned didnt join our league. He is an OG homie & finished 2nd last year so he is in & unfortunately that means we had to vote someone out. So we looked at the list & voted & Drake is the weakest link. Our apologies Drake, its nothing personal bro, it was a miscommunication between Swift & Banned. Drake you are definitely in next season or in basketball, you have our word. I delivered this news on behalf of everyone
  10. I dont have 162,169 or 191 ill do 32 60 64 65 for 2 148 180 205 SEND IT
  11. Jason Ortiz-Margo if you want 2 holler at a scholar
  12. says you cant receive any new msgs smh
  13. T Dot answer your texts hoe Dago & Brady check your PMs hoes
  14. what happened to FalconMama?, she was cool peoples
  15. thats what I just said I might have to do Osber
  16. man I fu/cked up my hand something serious going ham on a 9 foot rim last night, half of my hand is dark blue today, how the f/uck am I supposed to beat my meat under these conditions? Might have to switch hit..
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