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  1. Of course I was right . Glad you admitted that. So back to my point The fumble was CRUCIAL
  2. I get it fairly well . We're arguing over semantics . We are not a running team. Carolina was not afraid of run game now or ever. They would be able to dominate line of scrimmage no matter what and play 7 back cause they fear our passing attack more. Us not having Sjax didn't matter. Us not getting behind didn't matter . We executed poorly and made mistakes . Our PRIZED QB MADE MISTAKES AND HURT OUR TEAMS CHANCES
  3. Rod Smith is one of grwatest Wrs ever ? HUH ? Also your pointing out to end of Elway career when the Broncos made the transistion to more of a run ATTACK offense with Davis plus during the pre explosion of passing numbers those were solid numbers for that era
  4. No argument there. He dropped a clear TD . Some QBs can shrug off a drop TD Is Ryan to fragile to shrug off that drop and play on ?
  5. Says we can but we don't run ball often enough- one dimensional Check where we finished last two seasons in Rush atts
  6. No . A elite QB wouldn't out up 28 TDs to the likes of Roddy and Julio Julio Jones -6 TDs Dez Bryant 16 TDs Yeah
  7. Matt Ryan won't do that . He is selfish. Wouldn't be surprised he as for a raise
  8. The team has been one dimensional past 2 seasons . check the run ATTS compared to league We are a pass happy team .
  9. Cam Produced how many TDs running and passing and how many did Ryan? Did Cam hurt his team with poor decisions and mistakes ? Please answer
  10. You need to recheck your FACTS . Falcons were not up 14 when Ryan fumbled the snap When you go recheck your facts . Come back with the right reply
  11. So Ryan didn't have a crucial FUMBLE in NFC champ game or he didn't have a shot to lead Falcons to a win during 2 min drive ?
  12. Drops happen to every QB . Benjamin TOASTED TRUFANT and drop . Cam didn't sweat it
  13. Like you said tho we have been one dimensional for awhile now and our oline has been shaky for awhile as well. Ryan just seems to come up small all the time in big spots
  14. Don't disagree there but balls was clearly overthrown even if Roddy was contacted It was a poor throw
  15. Common sense but most QBs face pressure. It's not just Ryan. Ryan just doesn't deal with pressure very well . And Bro if we had Aaron Rodgers yesterday He is not leading us to 3 points Sorry man .
  16. Ryan played a excellent game vs 49ers ? Ohh a int and a crucial fumble is playing excellent plus having ball in his hands with 2 mins left and not coming through is excellent ?
  17. Of course that's common sense man but Ryan pick 6 forced us to play catch up and then had snow ball effect.
  18. That's point many here are saying it's because of POOR OFFENSIVE line play Nah. He was awful cause he was making bad decisions and inaccurate throws and not being able to put points on board . One doesn't equate the other
  19. Eli has also helped his team to 2 Super Bowls what has Ryan done ? Every QB has their fair shRe of bad playoff games The difference tho Eli, Flacco, Ben, etc all have had their fair share of very good games with no turnovers and big plays in big spots
  20. Ok so what's the issue ? Ryan was bad yesterday . Oline was bad . One doesn't equate each other.
  21. Not standard . It's a player stepping up and not folding . Too many excuses for this QB . Ryan fails in big spot . Tired of excuses. He deserves criticism for his play yesterday and this season Back to back losing seasons. Unacceptable for a QB many believe here is close to elite
  22. Someone post Matt Ryan career stats in a BIG GAME ? He chokes Playoffs Carolina game Fumbling in 49ers game
  23. Wrong. He was lit up in NFC champ game vs 49ers Yet Eli battled and played under those circumstances and made plays Ryan crumbles
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