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  1. It's different when you have vetereans already on the defense all over and you just plug in one rookie all we are one year and two year starters it takes a little longer for them to see everything as a unit
  2. those guys are allowed to get open when your doubling Jennings and whats his name I forgot the veteran reciever. But it allows those guys to look good With Jones doubled White is open when both are doubled Jenkins is alone Douglas is roaming the field
  3. We haven't allowed Spoon and Jerry to groom yet that push up the middle makes a difference to me QB's can't set there and just dodge the DE's
  4. Everyone thinks this draft was gonna put us over the top lol Ryan needed weapons and im content with that the young guys on defense is getting better you don't want to many unexperienced playes trust me cause when it comes down to the big games they over think themselves. We pound the ball chew up clock and consistantly make successful throws down field' and take teams out of their game planes, when it's time to slang it well let them try and stop us. The colts won a superbowl and know there defense isn't better than ours.
  5. no an extra season makes a huge difference for guys like Decoud, Moore, Grimes Loften, Spoon, and Bierman they all made plays all year and will only get bett. Man I coach a lil league team in Baton Rouge, Lousiana I THe game before the championship with a roster full kids who never played football and two kids who played two seasons.What i am saying another year of experience and coaching the falcons defense is ok believe that.
  6. You called it right just a starter this is the same defense that went 13-3 last season Greenbay got up in the game and we didn't have enough offense to compete with them as for the defense if you get on the field playing defense and finally get off and your offense goes 3 and out 3 and out you will eventually break down to thats why we made the moves we did in the draft one free agent pickup changes the hold defense trust me
  7. Well call me crazy to I just feel that Bierman can pull it off
  8. Well you can have FA's first and don't get what you need and still miss in the draft it goes either way
  9. As long as each pick is a pick that will make an impact I don't care if we only have 2 picks as long as they make the team even better I don't want no practice squad picks lol.
  10. And people don't understand that at all the key positions on defense we are very young it was a learning experience for them **** Daunta Robinson never been in a play-off game before so he has a couple of years experience but no play-off experience. The rest of the back are just rookies and 1 year starters to me the did fine just did not convert on alot of plays on defense. As for our offense with JJ that takes alot of pressure off the defense cause we can now score at any time explosiveness.
  11. evident fool Matt Ryan will be throwing much more this year he throws more and more each year the guy does have a high IQ you know
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