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  1. My thing is we have to force teams to play man coverage regardless if it’s cover 1 or cover 2 man, that’s when Pitts will thrive. We also need to stay ahead of the chains, we don’t have the talent to recover from 2nd & 3rd & longs. But too many bone headed penalties & missed assignments are putting us behind.
  2. I feel like he needs to be in on most running plays to ultimately use his full potential also lining up in line. I feel as he has a better match up against linebackers and Strong safeties when he is an in-line blocking threat as compared to corners and nickel backs when he is lined up out wide
  3. I don’t understand why we can’t take what the defense is giving? It seems like we try to force our way instead of taking the easy yards
  4. When you don’t have a consistent run game nor when your oline can’t hold up for long developing routes
  5. Ryan scoring on a zone read 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i was soo hype about
  6. I just don’t understand playing Mayfield the whole game expecting him to struggle but playing Pitts half the game being afraid he may make a mistake
  7. Classic opening monologue to every hood movie lol
  8. So why not play him in preseason outside of 2 plays in the 3rd game? If he isn’t ready then why not get snaps with the other rookies? Any way you twist it, it makes no sense for him not to be in the game on this play. Players may be better in the nfl but you’re telling me Russell gage and OZ are better options on 3rd and goal?
  9. Thank u. All these post saying he’s a rookie and that he won’t be a pro bowler or al pro is stupid rational. Football doesn’t change in any level you play at when it comes to beating the guy in front of you.
  10. If the team can’t run the ball with Pitts lined up at TE then he was a wasted pick
  11. This is like drafting chase young & having him on the bench on 3rd and long his rookie year. Makes no sense
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