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  1. I’d take that if it was Ryan being traded
  2. Efficiency & running our offense through our best player (allowing areas to open up for other players) instead of forcing something that doesn’t work or isn’t consistent
  3. So what scheme would compliment the players we have currently?
  4. Since we are moving on from the air coryell & the air raid system. What would you like to see going forward? Me personally I would like to see the spread offense which also require a dual threat QB. I would like the offensive coordinator from Buffalo as the new HC to match with Justin Fields. Only issue is Matt Ryan doesn’t fit into that system. If we don’t go QB in 1st round & build around Matt then like to go back to a power run scheme like we had with Michael Turner. We could grab the OC from Tennessee, grab Sewell in the 1st & a RB to fit the scheme later on in d
  5. Who would Houston have in mind at 3 that we couldn’t get at 4?
  6. We have lineman to run stretch zone but we run a power run scheme. Our lineman can’t overpower anyone nor can pass block 35+ times a game. They are light and athletic. Inept coaching
  7. If it was up to me, I’d trade him in the off-season. Great player but not consistent when it matters and can’t stay on the field for more than 2 plays at a time. Get more depth at WR rather than one all world WR who can’t stay healthy
  8. But don’t you think that we should be solid at every premium position no matter who the HC or GM is? Every team needs a QB, LT, DE no matter who’s coaching
  9. That would matter more in free agency, had anyone been in such cap **** that they couldn’t sign their draft picks?
  10. Assuming we are picking in the top 10 i know a lot of this depends on who the HC & GM is what is the most pressing need? and as much as many think we need a new QB, Ryan isn’t going anywhere I say defensive end
  11. There is no variation in routes and or formations. We rely on on Wr’s to beat their man instead of scheming them open and part of the is the lack motion
  12. I’ll play zone all the way with 5 man fronts with a lineman always in front of the center that way they can’t initiate double teams and that’ll leave the linebackers free to roam and make tackles. Also hit the QB on EVERY option play. Make sure he feels it every time On 3rd and long, throw exotic coverages at him to make him make reads & less likely to take off running
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