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  1. Regardless, a good player at a position of need will fall to us. If the panthers pass on Thomas from UGA you think he’s worth trading up for?
  2. Do we still go DLine at 16? I think picking a Rb is too high at 16. Do we go BPA or trade back and possibly pick up and extra 2nd or 3rd if there is a run on a position that we don’t need? Do we go corner since Trufant is gone? Do you see us picking up any other free agents?
  3. An identity
  4. I’m curious because I don’t see any type of scheme to how we play
  5. I got his autograph during training camp. Love this kid
  6. Fast forward to the 9:00 mark
  7. Opening day on the road in a loud stadium, 3 new starters on the Oline with 2 being rookies. Any guess on how we fare with false starts & holding penalties?
  8. Put both Allen and Kazee at safety, have Debo & Neal play nickel linebacker & have Takk, Vic, Campbell & Grady rushing the QB we only have to find a good nickel corner