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  1. Since TD is known to make atleast one free agent splash or trade every year, any guesses on who I may be or atleast at what position?
  2. if both were available at 14?
  3. We’ve only ran for 60 yards total. Sad
  4. Am I still full of it after today?
  5. I’m soo over this team.
  6. That’s coaching & lack of eye discipline. Plus it’s easy to game plan against this defense. Run the ball when Beasley, Takk, Crawford & Irvin is in, throw the ball when Shelby, Reed & McClain is in. It’s not hard to pick this d apart
  7. Whenever you run a base cover 3, the flats and check downs to the running backs will always be open. This defense depends on a strong front 4 and right now we don’t have that. As for Duke Riley, he misses too many tackles but come to think of it our entire defense can’t tackle anyone. Trufant is constantly playing 7-10 yards back and he never challenges anyone at the line of scrimmage which is why he’s always getting beat.
  8. Dropped passes, tipped balls turned into ints, fumbles.....its sad
  9. They need to gtfo the field. They’re an embarrassment
  10. We lose in the most Falcon way possible. Im starting to regret drafting Ridley with his mental errors. I’m going to sleep.
  11. I don’t understand why Trufant plays 13 yards off the ball almost every play? Even the announcers are calling him out on it.
  12. This just put me in an even worse mood after last night’s loss smh
  13. wheres the lie?