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  1. He won't make the pro-bowl, it is a popularity contest and a "big name" who has an average season will make it.
  2. I agree, I think it is going to be a out of state sponsor. It won't be Home Depot, why would Blank spend more of his own money. Coke will likely have the vendor sponsorship. Delta could work. Hopefully its a company with RED as their main color so we can keep the branding consistent.
  3. Why would Arthur Blank pay to sponsor his own stadium. Also, I would love for it to be Coca Cola, but I am sure they are going to be paying a lot to be the vendor in the stadium, so may not be willing to pay for both sponsorships.
  4. I agree, I have no problem hearing the negatives. It would be good if at least 1 of the 3 hosts on every show was an Atlanta fan, then they would be able to have healthy debates.
  5. I started listening to 92.9 a few months ago, at first it was decent, but the more you listen to it the more you realize they know nothing about Atlanta sports. Why would an Atlanta radio show not have hosts that are Atlanta fans? I'm not saying all hosts should be Atlanta fans, but at least some of them. When someone finds a good sports radio show please let me know.
  6. Warner did not say that Ryan was the 2nd best QB in the league. He said that he was in the 2nd best situation for a QB, quoting his receivers as the main reason.
  7. I honestly think they have us ranked too high. I have us at #4.
  8. Terrible. They get worse each time a new ones comes out.
  9. You can't post those sort of stats without posting every player that he has ever drafted. You just selected those players that fit your agenda.
  10. It is a good experience, but I do not think that I would drive more than an hour or two to go. Last year had a great turnout, I don't know if it was full to the max or not.
  11. Have you guys got to 2nd base yet? It wouldn't surprise me if you have both gone all the way.
  12. I have not been, but I absolutely will be this year. One question about training camp. Are there any somewhat quiet spots that you can watch from? I.e would I be able to spend the day working and watching training camp? There are days I spent a good number of hours on the phone making calls, so I can't have a ton of background noise. Thanks
  13. I am most likely going to make it, around 45 mins drive for me. Last year was good, getting up close to the players and seeing some one on one drills was not something you get to see every day. I wonder what the parking situation at Gainesville is, has anyone been to the stadium before?
  14. I noticed that too, looks like she is popping his cherry back there.
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