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  1. I wanted Houston if he hit free agency, but I don't want to give up 2 first rounders for him, cause you'd still have to pay him, that's just too much invested in 1 guy, draft some young studs, let's get younger & hungrier, & have a great run before their rookie contract runs out
  2. I love the Hawks, hope he does buy them,& win an NBA Championship this year, but you could look at his face on the sideline this year, he hated losing, esp. the ways in which we lost some of these games, I truly believe Mr Blank is committed to bringing Championships to Atlanta, it hurts even more because a couple of years ago, we seemed so close to achieving that dream, now we are basically starting over. The Hawks have shown us that excellent coaching, & a winning system can turn what appears to be an average team around pretty quickly, so you know what, learn from what these amazing Hawks have done, Let's win a NBA title in June, & a NFL title next Feb. #birdgang
  3. I think " health" will be a major factor in the performance of our defense this next year. If players like Spoon, Spruills, Willy Mo, Alford, all come back healthy, our defense could be very different. Our best defensive games were when Moore was playing, he makes a huge difference, Spoon, when on his game, also gives our defense that "swagger " it so desperately needs. You add that with Houston, & our 1st round pick, Tru to lockdown the outside, you now have a very formidable defense.
  4. You don't give up talent because you are afraid of paying him, you only make a mistake when you pay players that aren't worth it, they tie up your cap w/o giving you the production, that's when you are losing. We can go after a top f/a pass rusher, get your future pass rusher in the draft, and deal with Julio when it's time, I wouldn't trade him thought
  5. I'm not saying Rex wouldn't be a good coach, but I'm tired of taking coaches (& players for that matter) from losing teams & acting like it will be different here. I want a winner, someone who isn't going to accept losing. I don't know if Rex is that guy or not, but I want someone with a winning pedigree.
  6. I don't like it, maybe once or twice a game to Hester, even the one he fumbled on actually worked, but it's overused & real predictable & it looks like a turnover waiting to happen almost every time it's ran. I'd like to see them fake it catch the defense slipping, but this is the week you must do the things that work. I hate it when they get cute, so many times they can line up & beat their man on any given play, but they run plays that just has too much going on, I feel like on offense our best guys can beat their best guys.
  7. I still think that penalty & subsequent fumble is what made the game closer, & almost a loss. We were in at least FG range, had we got the FG they would have had a tough time, a TD & they would have probably folded, that fumble gave them the jolt they needed, & we lost the momentum from that point. We need to play smart this week
  8. I hate Willy Mo is hurt again, we are probably gonna have to let him go, him & Spoon's time is running out, as much as I like him, you have to be on the field to be of any benefit, it's a performance based business, & right now they ain't performing
  9. I don't he needs any distractions right now, but I'm sure he knows that to have any small chance of keeping his job rest on winning today
  10. Trade TJ Yates back to them, cause that's how crazy they would have to be to trade Watt
  11. It's Matthews, but in about 4 years we can still go after Clowney in free agency
  12. Go ahead & win all 3 then it doesn't matter, we control our destiny
  13. They both could go 3-1, which would then send us to the playoffs, so if the Falcons take care of their business against teams they can beat, they will win the division
  14. You took us down a good trip down memory lane, but you never explained why you were "glad" we lost those two games
  15. I've almost never had two games hurt so much, because of being stupid, it's hard to believe these guys make millions
  16. Any reason he had for calling a T/o was negated by the eventual play call, if you set up a solid 3rd & 2 play, get the first down, people will forget about the t/o but a garbage deep pass to Hester is just unforgivable
  17. Our defense made some plays, but they didn't play well, in the 2nd half. They actually played better on the 2 series Matt Ryan gift rapped for them, by holding them to FG's poor tackling which is why I question why Smith felt ok with putting the game in their hands
  18. That's my point, if you are going to call a time out, then the subsequent play should have been a brilliant 3rd & short play, instead you go deep to Hester, I'm through
  19. Not only do you call a timeout, but you call a low percentage play when you could of easily ran the clock with a first down
  20. Matt is making mistakes when we can't afford mistakes,
  21. As long as you have seen improvement, then you know that he can be dominate, just keep coaching him up, & monitor the results. He saved the game for us last week, so right now he has a check mark. The upside on this guy is well worth the effort. I agree I don't like using 2nd round picks on projects, but if he turns into that big long physical d-lineman, that we desperately need, then he will be worth the pick.
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