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  1. The only way I see that they can say we winning is with all these teams picking up players in FA there going to be some good players still on the board when we pick think best bet would be go best cb or rb in first think a good one will still be there at our pick.
  2. say what you want about the hype but there a lot of teams getting good players for less to nothing while we got even less of a team that came up ten yards short.
  3. lol I see that same old same old good but not good enough
  4. Say what you want but as it look now and the next few years no super bowl for us.why even spend to bring tg back may as well start drafting players now for when we can compete with these teams.I love my GA teams but there all the same but there all the same not bad enough to get high picks but not good enough to win it all.
  5. if you didnt care you would not keep replying but lets move from all that this was nolan first year bvg ran alot of zone with cb playing ten yard off the wr at the line same thing he did at GA when the D started to suck .they tried to play more man when Chris Houston and when they benched him for getting burned brent grimes was getting burned too and chris owens looked like the better cb.
  6. some just dont get im not trying to pick a fight about how long you been a fan i guess you think im testing you fan hood or taken shots at you. i was just saying that may be you been only watching the past four since we switched to zone stop being such a mitch about it.also with the cb on the market and can be traded for im sure he's going to rethink those numbers.
  7. im not trying to test anybody fan hood or how long they been a fan all im saying is if you didnt see how much he got burned the last year we had Chris Houston you must just started watching over the past 4 years. .i never had issues with Dunta's tackling i was thinking if we didnt get wille back may he could have played ss or fs.just feel we can get DRC at 3 or 4 a year afther what happend in phi.
  8. dont just see the name yes i do see the 40 time but also see size and age put all that in to mind and its rare.maybe you just started to be a fan over the past 3 or 4 years but Grimes got burned alot before the switch to zone.
  9. and how often did grimes get burnt befor we switched to zone
  10. he was a playmaker in az dont know what happend in phi same boat as Nnamdi if you ask me for less money.
  11. im going to put this name in my 3rd post today Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 6-2 4-3 speed and only 26 whats the saying around here(bring him home TD)
  12. for the right price would rather have Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
  13. please let us get Orson Charles/LaDarius Green/Lamar Miller/Chris Polk be happy with one of these but i bet it will be some no name LB since we just got two guys on the other side of the ball
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