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  1. I don't know why, but this reminded me of this game: https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/261224001 Yes, those stats are real
  2. For anyone who wants to make their own opinions here's the transcript Shannon: Man look, you wanna go to the Cowboys Julio? Julio about to talk but Shannon interjects Shannon: Or you want to stay in Atlanta? Julio: Oh man nah I'm outta there man. Shannon: Ideally where would you like to go? Julio: Um right now, I'm just, see I wanna win, you know what I'm saying
  3. I've been reading your mental gymnastics throughout this thread, and now this... are we watching the same clip?
  4. It's a seller's market in this year's draft. If TF can manage this right and not pull the trigger at the wrong time, we may end up getting more capital than the Dolphins got for #3, and at WORST the same. Is TF good enough to put the pressure on and have a team take a bath in value?
  5. If a QB is taken with Pick #4, it's not going to be by us. There is nothing wrong with MR to warrant it, and based off TF's history with the Saints, take a look at how they handled Brees' successor. BPA is great, but it doesn't hold up in Round 1 at the QB position in my opinion.
  6. Hear hear! A bad coach, bad player, or bad GM can be replaced. You might have 0 chance of a good team in your lifetime with a bad owner. I see some of the absolute dysfunction and horror of some other NFL teams and we are definitely in great hands.
  7. Resurrecting this after seeing the ball was TIPPED. Maybe that explains why it did what it did.
  8. Wow Peria Jerry, not only did I completely forget of his existence, if you reminded me of him I would have never have been able to tell you we grabbed him in Round 1. Yikes. edit: I forgot about the knee injury too, that probably ruined him... I feel bad now.
  9. I don't think many people (unless desperate) would want to subject themselves into the DQ Coordinator wood chipper.
  10. Great call, if he caught the ball in the end zone and it bounced out of his hands as he hit the ground that'd be incomplete too, so a great call.
  11. Since he was not crossing the plane, he needs to hold on to the ball through the ground. On top of that, they need to look if he ever even hit the ground and instead landed on the defender's body (I haven't paid attention to this yet)
  12. I don't get the love for Ridley. If it wasn't for his hands, speed, and route running he'd be hot garbage. Trade him while we still have Julio.
  13. A sad part of this is this is exactly what we laughed at the Saints about in all of the onside kicks last year, just watching the ball come straight at them and letting us recover. We did the same thing but 100x worse.
  14. We've tried that every season, it results in us beating teams we have no chance beating or going on hot streaks only to finish with a juuuuuust not bad enough record to make coaching changes.
  15. I can't get behind this quote... what growing pains? It's the same defense for 6 years. They've brought back the corpse of Gregg Knapp and Dirk Koetter following the system of Shanahan. What are they still learning?
  16. I'm going with this. Conduct scouting and interviews with QBs all the time, especially when in a few years it will be time to get a new one. See how those particular QBs panned out and compare to your reports/interviews with them, use that information to make the best decision on the next QB of the future.
  17. Freeman laughing because he gets to be ejected now and doesn't have to be out there
  18. Referee just body-slammed Freeman, I think that puts some questions to rest
  19. Bryant isn't the problem, but a problem among many that needs to be fixed.
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