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  1. On the plus side, not many witnesses
  2. Freeman laughing because he gets to be ejected now and doesn't have to be out there
  3. Referee just body-slammed Freeman, I think that puts some questions to rest
  4. Dan Quinn happy with what he's seeing on the scoreboard?
  5. Bryant isn't the problem, but a problem among many that needs to be fixed.
  6. Between the announcers and stadium, I feel like I'm watching preseason
  7. No way in **** will it be a tell-all or negative. It's most assuredly going to be similar to a Tony Dungy book.
  8. True, but every time he puts news up we all go running to see what he F'd up this time... and then AJC sees the traffic jump and goes "Wow, he gets so many views on his articles! He's got links coming in from all over the internet which means everyone is talking about these articles of his! Keep up the good work D Led!"
  9. 2.8 is a little high, but I actually like all these 1 Year Contracts. Shows that we wanna win as much as possible and buy time to find permanent fits if the 1 Year Contract guys don't pan out.
  10. No, but the logic explains why no one drafted La'el Collins. Not that he's guilty, he's just not worth the risk and headache as the law runs its slow course. The court of public opinion has already declared him guilty, and the angry mob is unpredictable and very emotional, so the front office wiped their hands clean.
  11. The people already calling him guilty are almost as bad as the ones defending animal cruelty. It's an interesting phenomenon because they're usually on the whitest horses and tallest soapboxes.
  12. They waived him because he's not worth keeping through the controversy. As you can tell by looking in this thread, the mob has spoken and so he's guilty of all allegations.
  13. Depends on if you go by what the woman scorned had to say about it
  14. "You're not good enough to be a dog kicker!"