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  1. At least we are pretty much guaranteeing a 3rd round comp pick. Would only tag with the intent to trade if we were confident we'd be getting higher. $10.7 mil isn't terrible for him for one season if no one bit, and we'd still get a 3rd next season likely if we let him go. I get we have limited cap and other priorities, but if the CBA gets done I wouldn't be against it.
  2. You misunderstand me - I meant I believe he will be drafted in the top 5 picks. We have too many holes to give up that many picks for a player that in all likelihood wouldn't even play for his entire first contract...
  3. He's probably going to be a top 5 pick when its all said and done. So you want to mortgage our draft this year and next year for a guy that's going to ride the bench while Ryan plays? What about all our holes and the general lack of money to spend in FA?
  4. Would love to trade down 10 picks and grab a late 2nd or early 3rd and pick up Queen. Falcons trade 1 (16) to Miami and receive 1 (26) and 2 (56). Then go to pick up a DT, CB, OC/OG, RB in the 2nd-3rd.
  5. Falcons definitely doing their due diligence on RBs
  6. Call me an optimist. Voted yes.
  7. 7 pages of comments on Fowler and he isn't mentioned once in this article/comment by Pauline. I know he mentioned earlier Fowler could want to be here, but we've never heard anything about what the Falcons want in a pass rusher. Not saying it won't happen but pump the brakes! I get moving on from Hooper but will sad to see him go. With Sanu gone, Hooper was definitely Ryan's go-to guy.
  8. It was 38% before. Not sure the 6% increase would warrant ‘ridiculous’. Im good with it.
  9. Under the current proposal that is expected to take effect in the new CBA when it is done, seven teams from each conference will qualify for the playoffs instead of the six that currently do. In addition, only one team from each conference will receive a first-round bye as opposed to the two that currently do, league sources said. The changes to the NFL's playoff format would take effect immediately for the 2020 season. "That's been agreed to for a long time," one source familiar with the CBA talks said about the NFL's new playoff structure. "There wasn't a lot of disagreement to tha
  10. He is top 5 in RB in the NFL in salary cap for 2020. Whiffed hard on that. Time to move on.
  11. What takeitdown said. I like being in our situation having 2 second round picks. If we want to package and move up, we likely can with little issue. If not, we can sit and take two picks. I think its harder to trade down and pick up two 2nds.
  12. You couldn’t have put this in the multi page thread just below you
  13. I think it happens but that link is just conjecture and him giving his opinion. Doesn’t say he’s heard anything.
  14. I’d almost like the Falcons to grab him at 16 just to see the board meltdown that would ensue lol.
  15. Voted no. In that scenario I’d much rather pick up the additional 2nd/3rd and still go defense in round 1 and grab a RB with one of the multiple 2nd-3rds.
  16. Prayers for you and your daughter and a small donation. Brighter days are ahead!
  17. I’d let Campbell walk, but I want to go for a proven edge threat alongside Jarrett in FA. If we got Yannick and shored up LG before the draft I’d be thrilled.
  18. HOW TO FIX THE ATLANTA FALCONS OVER THE 2020 OFFSEASON It is no secret the Atlanta Falcons were one of the biggest disappointments of the 2019 NFL season. Some late momentum towards the end of the year likely saved head coach Dan Quinn's job. Now, the team is sitting in the middle of the first round and have multiple Day 2 picks at its disposal for what could be one of the franchise’s biggest offseasons in the last decade. Injuries have plagued the Falcons for years, and 2019 was no different. Centerpiece defensive players like cornerback Desmond Trufant and safety Keanu Neal
  19. This. I agree and feel like that has to be our aim with the first pick. Wouldn’t be mad if our first two picks were front seven.
  20. Q&A with Arthur Blank: 2020 expectations, draft, free agency, salary cap, uniforms By Matthew Tabeek Posted Thu, Jan 30, 2020 5:03 PM Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is down in Miami this week and making the rounds of interviews with the national and local media, talking about the current state of his football team. Blank also took time out to speak with AtlantaFalcons.com on Wednesday, and he talked about the Super Bowl, what success looks like for Dan Quinn and the Falcons in 2020, the NFL Draft, free agency, salary cap and even the new u
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