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  1. Down to the Rams and Falcons for Dante Fowler? March 18 | A source tells PFN Insider Tony Pauline that they believe the Atlanta Falcons are still in the hunt for Dante Fowler. Fowler is asking for a lot of money and if he comes down from his asking price, sources tell Pauline it’s likely either a return to the Los Angeles Rams or the Atlanta Falcons for Fowler. There was no mention of the Jets, who wanted to sign Fowler last year and who are rumored to be interested in him this go-round.
  2. Yeah I'm reading through it now and don't see anything that says 1 year deals are excluded?
  3. "Vic Beasley gets a 1-year deal worth $9.5M guaranteed, source said, with a max of $12M. A chance to prove it in Tennessee."
  4. Trade back in the 1st as in trade down 10 picks to pick up another 2nd or 3rd, not trade up.
  5. Didn't realize we don't pick up any of the bonuses, OTC has his cap hit only at $1.5 mil each season for the next two years. Forgot about that 5th year option too. That would make it even better. Really hoping we can trade back in the 1st and pick up another 2nd or 3rd to recoup that loss. Excited to see him and MR together next season.
  6. I sat with this over night and am excited to see him and MR together. Only thing I hated was losing that extra 2nd which is gold, but maybe we can trade back 10 picks in the 1st round and recoup that 2nd. Would be nice.
  7. Assuming we don't sign anyone to offset the pick. I haven't watched much of Hurst - seems like that offense went through Jackson, Ingram, Andrews. Someone sell me.
  8. Nothing against Hurst but I don't get it. Only get two years on the contract at 3 mil/yr. So we lose a 2nd round pick for 7 mil savings/yr over two years. With the salary cap going up as much as reporting next year, I don't get it.
  9. On top of CB which is a must now.
  10. Yeah what I dislike about this is it forces our hand early in the draft now.
  11. Surprised and not surprised. Thought if we wanted to let him go someone would certainly bite on a trade, even if it was a low draft pick. This cut actually does create a hole to fill and makes what we do in FA and the draft all the more interesting.
  12. Played well, essentially a one year deal if we want it to be. Thumbs up no brainer.
  13. Yup but I read they’re talking about pushing it back.
  14. Dude is delusional, save yourself the energy.
  15. Try the draft network's mock draft machine - I like it better. Goes faster too. https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine
  16. Man I was excited about Edwards too when we found out we were signing him. *sigh* We deserve a stud pass rusher at this point.
  17. Don’t want him. My 1st round wish list: Trade up: Simmons, Wirfs Stay put: Kinlaw, Blacklock Trade down: Gallimore, Queen
  18. Do we have anyone besides Debo or Foye currently?
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