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  1. Even clicking on this thread brings my stress level up a couple of levels. I just can’t do it. Really had to reevaluate what sports meant to me after seeing how much a game could work me up.
  2. I love it. See what we are made of.
  3. Picture it or not it’s likely happening. Don’t understand why everyone’s continues to underestimate this.
  4. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Quinn’s 24 hours leading into our talk were, for the most part, pretty packed. On Tuesday night, he and GM Thomas Dimitroff did three draft calls with prospects. After that, he went to bed, and woke up Wednesday morning for a four-hour draft meeting with Dimitroff. At noon, he had his staff meeting. That started with about 20 minutes from Moawad, then Quinn updated the coaches on the news of the day, discussed a few draft prospects, and opened the floor for some conversation. After that, he had a call with his old college roommate (more on that in
  5. Updated to OP to reflect cap savings/dead cap per spotrac. I think OTC made a mistake on their guarantees.
  6. No just posting cap savings per year according to OTC, not net savings. According to them in 2021 his cap hit is 18.67 mil with a dead cap of 9.33 mil and a cap savings if cut of 9.33 mil. OTC is showing 29 mil in guarantees as well in their narrative, so I think they made a mistake putting it in. Dead cap and cap savings looks correct on spotrac.
  7. According to OTC: 2020 - Base Salary: $2 mil, Bonus: $4.67 mil, Cap number: $6.67 mil, Cap Savings If Cut: -22.33 mil 2021 - Base Salary: $13 mil, Bonus: $4.67 mil, Roster Bonus: $1 mil, Cap number: $18.67 mil, Cap Savings If Cut: -3.67 mil 2022 - Base Salary: $14 mil, Bonus: $4.67 mil, Roster Bonus: $1 mil, Cap number: $19.67 mil, Cap Savings If Cut: 15 mil Edit - looks like OTC messed up the dead cap/cap savings based on guaranteed money. Spotrac looks right - 29 mil guaranteed. Updated cap savings if cut to reflect that. Makes it a 2 year deal instead of 1 essenti
  8. Happy to have something to look forward to. I'm all for as much content as they can give us.
  9. In my dream world we could trade back 5-10 spots, pick up a 2nd or 3rd, and grab Murray or Queen. I'd still be happy with them at 16.
  10. Matt Ryan's cap number this year is now $19 mil. Goes up to $41 mil in 2021 and $42 mil in 2022. Jake Matthews cap number this year is now $11 mil. Goes up to $20 mil in 2021, $20 mil in 2022, and $18 mil in 2023. Jake is with us through 2022 but can be cut in 2023 if we wanted.
  11. Nice. Saves 1.6 mil on the cap this year and we can cut him before next season and only be on the hook for the 1.6 mil, saving 4.5 mil off the cap of the 6.1 in 2021.
  12. Not sure who is and isn’t covered under this number though.
  13. Agreed. This can and should be a defensive heavy draft.
  14. 1 2 3 4 5 WR Julio Jones Christian Blake Devin Gray Laquon Treadwell LT Jake Matthews John Wetzel LG Matt Gono James Carpenter Sean Harlow C Alex Mack RG Chris Lindstrom Jamon Brown Justin McCray
  15. We absolutely have the cap space for our draft picks, lets end that narrative. I hope we stay put or trade down 5-10 spots. I want one of Chaisson, Kinlaw, Blacklock, Gallimore, Henderson, Fulton, Queen, Murray in round 1 at or later than 16. Assuming the obvious - Brown, Okudah, Simmons - are gone.
  16. Nope looks like he’s right... http://www.nfl.com/transactions
  17. We’re going to be stuck in our houses for who knows how long and all the NFL news and content is a welcome distraction for me. I want more days not less!
  18. Of course the physical draft is cancelled. People acting like this would be solved in 2-3 weeks are in a fantasy world. They have a lot of tools at their disposal - looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Drag it out multiple nights and throw content at us.
  19. FA isn't over, but as of right now corner is so clearly our #1 need that I don't see how we go anywhere else in round 1. I get that its a relatively deep class but I don't see us risking it and waiting until our 2nd pick unless someone like Brown, Simmons, Okudah drops far enough to make us want to jump. Looking at Henderson or Fulton.
  20. Not Gurley level hype but good depth!
  21. This guys said we had agreed to trade for him before he got cut, so no need to follow his tweets. I’d be down on a 1 year 4-5 mil deal to see how he does health wise and either draft a mid-round back or kick the can a year and address it in next years draft. Would be nice to have our 1st three picks on defense.
  22. Why make him a June 1st cut now and now wait to cut him until after the draft?
  23. Was looking for an answer to this yesterday but couldn't find one - someone help me out. What is the benefit to cutting Tru as a post-June 1 cut yesterday and not waiting until after the draft and/or FA? We don't get the funds to use immediately and could have kept him as insurance depending on our plans and how the draft falls to us and cut him afterwards as needed with no change. He'd still be in high demand because everyone needs CBs and hes a starter in this league.
  24. Considering we get no relief until post June 1, I was wondering why we wouldn’t just keep him as insurance until after the draft.
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