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  1. Not that he’s particularly reliable, but... “With the draft now less than a week away, GMs are a little more eager to chatter. Draft boards are largely set. Teams are trying to get a handle on what is likely to transpire. People in the football business are looking for information, and after speaking to several general managers in the past few days, here is some of what I have been able to glean about what is going on at the top of the draft. Chargers content to let a QB fall to them Seems unlikely the Chargers move up for a quarterback. And the Dolphins should get their pic
  2. Jason La Canfora: Falcons Looking to Trade Up "The smoke about the Falcons looking to move up is very real. I don't think they are a player away from doing much of note, and neither did the other teams I spoke to. But it has become an accepted reality within league circles that the Falcons are motivated to land corner C.J. Henderson if possible. And if history is an indicator, they will be willing to pay the price." Say it ain't so. I also don't think we are one player away from doing anything, so I hope someone snags Henderson early and saves us from ourselves.
  3. I just hate the idea of trading up. Trade back, pick up a couple of mid round picks and profit. We can grab a good player at 21-25.
  4. Exactly. So given the relative depth of the CB class in rounds 1-2, moving up for him doesn't make sense.
  5. I'm against moving up for Henderson because (1) we need capital to fill out the defense and (2) I don't see how he's that much better than Fulton, Diggs, Terrell, Johnson, Gladney. If its for him, just stay put at 16 or move down 5-10 picks and take one of the aforementioned.
  6. I was looking at the depth charts for TB, CAR, and NO, and man I'm having a hard time finding a weakness on the Saints roster even before the draft. They are basically covered everywhere. What they did with their roster in short order is impressive. Our offensive roster is good to go, but man our defense needs love. I'd like to see another safety, corner or two, linebacker, edge rusher, defensive tackle. Hope this draft is a home run on defense, but even then we need time for most of the rookies to grow. If we are a 500 team or worse again this season, it will be because of the defense.
  7. Their front 7 is pretty legit. Shaq Barrett, Devin White, Lavonte David, Jason Pierre Paul, Ndamukong Suh, Vita Vea
  8. Placed my order and THEN they announce Grady jerseys will be available for sale tomorrow Guess I'm getting two...
  9. Your first 4 picks will be gone by the end of the 2nd round, but sure it'd be great.
  10. I'd do Kinlaw in the first round as well, but I'm good with Chinn at 47.
  11. Would never pay for it but I get it for free having Hulu and Disney+ for the kids. Enjoy.
  12. ROUND 1 1. Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow, QB, LSU | Highlights The Bengals are in a great position to reset their franchise and take the Heisman Trophy winner, who is the clear best quarterback in this class. Burrow should energize a franchise that hasn't won a playoff game since 1990. Now, can Cincinnati get anything in a trade for Andy Dalton, or will it cut him after the draft? 2. Washington Redskins Chase Young, DE, Ohio State | Highlights Unless Washington trades back to try to add more picks -- and it would take a huge haul, as I mentioned in my mailb
  13. Thanks all - maybe I'll splurge and grab a Ryan or Julio vapor. Wanted a Grady though...
  14. Are the vapors worth the extra $50?
  15. They have Neal ready and Gurley but not Grady...wtf
  16. Center Matt Hennessy drawing interest around the league The Jets, who own the Giants’ selection in the third round, also have a lot of interest in Hennessy. I am told if they select Hennessey, it would be to play center. Newly signed free agent Connor McGovern would then slide over to guard, the position many thought he played his best football at while in Denver. The Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, and Pittsburgh Steelers all have a significant interest in Hennessy. Of that group, Pittsburgh projects him to guard. Projected in the 2nd-3rd round.
  17. That time of year where we'll hear information about moving up, down, and all around. But still news, from this morning's MMQB with Albert Breer: "So you’ve come for draft nuggets? Here are 10 for you… • I’m told the Bengals have maxed out their time with Burrow over the last few weeks, as they work to build a relationship with him. What does that mean? Well, each team is allowed to do three one-hour calls with each prospect per week. So every week, Cincinnati has done, yes, three one-hour calls with Burrow. If you listened to my podcast with Burrow’s trainer, Jordan Palmer, a
  18. Even with Debo and Foye locked up for the next 2 seasons and only Rico, a cut candidate, on the books next season at either safety position?
  19. Cap space is tight again next year and easiest cut candidates are Rico, Brown, Carpenter, Bailey. Outside of Gurley and Mack our entire offense comes back next season - even Gono is a RFA. The majority of this draft has to be defense not for this season but for next season - only S on the roster is Rico and he could easily be cut, only EDGE is Fowler, CBs are okay if Oliver/Sheffield/Miller can hold it down but far from confident there.
  20. The answer is yes. You take any of the top 4 OL if they are there at 16, and then you worry about who to put where later. Good problem to have.
  21. I could see CB, LB, OT/OG, EDGE, DT. - OT/OGs: Wirfs, Becton, Wills, Thomas - DT: Brown, Kinlaw - CB: Okudah, Henderson, Fulton - LB: Simmons, Murray - EDGE: Young, Chaisson Thats 13 and we are at 16. There will be QBs and WRs in there so I think It’s realistic one of those are our pick.
  22. Already growing on me the more I look at them. Outside of the gradient one I like them all. Got me hyped for the draft and football season to start.
  23. This definitely makes them look better. Gradient and all black ones are surprisingly my least favorite. I like the three on the left and two on the right. Some people have mentioned not liking the all white, I'm really into it for some reason.
  24. Honestly the "Home" black jerseys are my least favorite. Wish the throwback jerseys were the home ones, they are by far the best. I'm actually good with the "away" and "alternate" jerseys.
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