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  1. Only silver lining I can see is Tennessee looks like they will be 0-2. Maybe we get a high 2nd next draft to go with our top 5 pick
  2. Wouldn’t have guessed starting the season our offense would be worse than our defense yet here we are. 👀 looking for the bright spots.
  3. I could’ve been a fan of any team but God chose the Falcons for me. Why Lord.
  4. The Atlanta Falcons have signed the following 15 players to its 16-man practice squad: Table inside Article piece of poop. Name Height Weight Exp. College OL Willie Beavers 6-5 324 1 Western Michigan OLB Quinton Bell 6-4 253 2 Prairie View A&M ILB Emmanuel Ellerbee 6-1 235 3 Rice RB D'Onta Foreman 6-1 236 4 Texas WR Juwan Green 6-0 187 1 Albany RB Caleb Huntley 5-10 229 R Ball State S Dwayne Johnson 6-2 215 R San Diego State OL Sam Jones 6-5 305 2 Arizona State OL Ryan Neuzil 6-3 290 R Appalachian State OLB George Obinna 6-3 240 1 Sacramento State TE John Raine 6-2 230 R Northwestern DL Chris Slayton 6-4 309 1 Syracuse WR Austin Trammell 5-10 185 R Rice TE David Wells 6-6 260 1 San Diego State CB Chris Williamson 6-0 205 1 Minnesota Per NFL rules for the 2021 season, clubs have the ability to protect up to four practice squad players per week from being signed from other teams, to elevate two practice squad players to the active roster before 4 p.m. the day before a game and to elevate an additional practice squad player within 90 minutes before kickoff in the event of a late COVID-19 positive test result.
  5. I’m sold. Don’t know if that speaks more to Rosen or to what my poor eyes have had to watch over the last 3 games.
  6. I know nothing but from what we are seeing, why not just keep Benkert…
  7. Yeah that team is clearly asking for everything. We shouldn’t deal him for that and just keep him at that point.
  8. Love to read it. Somewhat related, I listened to TD on the Rich Eisen Show podcast at the end of last week and he admitted that they were preparing for the cap situation we are now in but were willing to do it as they were planning for Ryan and Julio to play out their careers in Atlanta.
  9. Yeah production was fine, more talking about the length of the investment. Ideally he would had him for longer than two seasons.
  10. Not surprising given Pitts and our cap situation, but too bad given we gave up a 2nd round pick for him just last year.
  11. I’ll be happy with anyone but a QB with our 2nd pick. Too much value elsewhere to pass up.
  12. No. We can’t afford to take the cap hit now. This has been widely reported.
  13. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that one on our end unless they were only offering like a 3rd or 4th.
  14. I think everyone saying 2nd or 3rd rounder are underselling his value. Sanu fetched a 2nd round pick. If you have cap space, $11 mil in 2022 and 2023 for what Julio brings is nothing. For what we'd eat in dead cap, I wouldn't move him for anything less than a package that included a 1st at a minimum. And I think we get that no problem.
  15. Not familiar with Harmon but judging by the reactions I should be pleased. Any safety help is welcome at this point leading into the draft.
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