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  1. Glazer tends to be pretty good on his info before he reports something out - he hit the Williams to NYG trade that just happened.

    On his ask Jay video on his Twitter, someone asked if the Chiefs would go after Vic Beasley. Glazer said that the Falcons are asking for a 6th round pick for Beasley and can't even get that - no one wants to touch him. Not looking good on off loading Beasley before the deadline.

  2. 12 minutes ago, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

    Brother, im afraid we're up the creek for the next 5 years.. No one is gonna want to trade for Ryan and unless we bring in a coach with some balls hes not gonna be benched.. Im all for giving Etling a chance at this point.. But knowing us, he'll sit on the ps till another team grabs him up and makes him a super star

    Puff, puff pass. 

    I hated that loss yesterday too but man, there is some delusional talk on these boards right now. You want to give Etling the reigns and bench Ryan?