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  1. Considering our off season and other needs I don't get OG at all. I understand wanting a replacement for Mack at OC if we go for someone like Gaillard in the 4th or later, but no way we look here in the first 3 rounds.
  2. Yeah the whole cap allocation thing is a lazy narrative. We have a lot of young players on defense that will be getting paid soon and the defense also doesn't have a QB.
  3. Yes yes yes. I'm hoping all the OT talk is smoke because I really want us to go edge in the first round as we've discussed. Someone else mentioned all the run-blocking TE help we have now if Sambrailo needs it. I could see going OT in the 3rd if someone like Howard makes it to that point, but I hope we go defense early and often. Our offense looks great. Doesn't mean much, but I haven't seen Burns mocked going before our pick at 14 very much if at all. You have Q. Williams, Bosa, Oliver, Allen, Gary, White, Murray, Taylor, J. Williams, pick another QB or two, Sweat, Hockenson/Fant. I think there's a real chance we can sit still and grab him or even Sweat honestly at 14 or at worst move up a couple of spots (not to 8). This would be my preferred option. There should also be a quality CB at our 2nd pick we can grab - someone like Bunting, Mullens.
  4. Not bad considering. Fixed.
  5. Agreed on this part. It sure seems like we are either going to go CB or OT with our 2nd round pick - so I feel like we have to get someone with pass rush ability with our 1st pick.
  6. I don't really see safety unless he's a hybrid that can play both CB and S. We have Allen, Neal, Kazee, Neasman and two new signings. Or WR - we are 3 deep with 2 good additional role players. Adding one more to fill that position will be easy. I see RB, OT, DE/DT, and CB. A RB can be had throughout this draft and we can grab one from the 4th on. That leaves OT, CB, and DE/DT which is what has been reported - I agree with them. CB seems like the value is in the 2nd round, so unless we trade down I see OT or DE/DT with our 1st if we stay put or move up.
  7. But is there a real consensus "best" CB in the draft? There seems like a group of like 10 CBs that aren't separated by a whole lot. Baker, Murphy, Williams, Ya-Sin, Johnson, Mullen, Gardner-Johnson, Oruwariye, Layne, Bunting, Love. You can argue Baker/Murphy/Williams/Ya-Sin might be in a group slightly higher than the others, but I think the value for CB is clearly round 2. I'm starting to think its either OT or DE now in the first unless we move down. DT has value through the 4th round, whereas OT and DE will be long dried up by then.
  8. It’s called insurance. Just because I have it doesn’t mean I want to cash in - but it’s good to have if you need it. I believe Blank when he says Jarrett will stay here.
  9. Be skeptical about what comes out in the couple of weeks leading up to the draft. When is the last time we had our first round pick pegged?
  10. So now we have these two along with Allen and Kazee and Neal and Neasman. We have to be fairly confident we are giving up some draft picks in a trade up.
  11. If that happens I hope we don’t reach for a OT. Flame on but if the draft shook out to where we didn’t draft an OT I’d be cool.
  12. Starts at 17:20 for those wanting to listen. To recap: Would put our needs at DT, DE, CB Heard we want to go CB at 14th pick but believe there is better value at DT depending on how draft falls Expects us to go DT at 14 if we can't trade back and grab a CB later in the 1st Thinks we are considering usual suspects of Oliver and Wilkins but also Lawrence who is rising up draft boards even though he hasn't heard a lot of us connected to him Said he would consider Greedy Williams at 14 because he thinks he is worth it but didn't speculate on if we would Thinks if we got DT in the 1st we possibly go CB in the 2nd; We like Bunting a lot as we have had a private meeting, worked him out, and brought him in for a visit Also like Layne a lot Depends on how Bunting and Layne falls on our board relative to Tytus Howard who he hears we like a lot and have highly rated and could also be our round 2 choice Thinks it will be Tytus Howard vs highest rated CB on the board in round 2 if we go DT in round 1
  13. I meant to move up again somewhere should we want to.
  14. Again we’d only be giving up a 3rd this year and still have 8 picks. We could use a 4th and 5th to get back in there. If Quinn’s guy is there at 8 and he believes he’s the guy, that’s a great trade.
  15. We get up there for just a 3rd this year and 4th next year? I’d do it if Quinn is sure whoever is his guy. Still think there will be plenty of talent available at 14.
  16. A lot of threads and discussion on various potential targets at 14 - Wilkins, Oliver, Taylor, etc. Outside of the obvious, like a QB, who is the one player that you hope doesn't have their name called for the Falcons at #14? Why? For me it's Greedy Williams. A lot of talk about him being the #1 rated CB leading up to the draft but I just don't see it on tape.
  17. If we are going offensive line at #14 Taylor or no one. And I hope no one.
  18. You would be mad at Burns, Bush or Sweat? Why?
  19. Gotta be Taylor.
  20. Had him and changed it to Greedy. I don't want either Williams.
  21. Everyone can't be long gone by our pick. This move is awesome because we know what we are getting, he is still producing, and it gives us even more flexibility to maximize grabbing talented players that fall to us regardless of position.
  22. I agree. I'd have no problem going DE at #14 still, especially if we think Vic could be gone next season.
  23. Not my favorite draft so far. Was Adderley an option at the first 2nd round pick?
  24. I loved the idea of Oliver talk back when it seemed like there was a better chance of him falling to 14, but getting an edge rusher has always seemed like it made the most sense at 14 given the relative depth of position at the draft. Would love to see someone like Burns at 14 and then have us grab a CB/S in the 2nd round and a DT in the 3rd. Could see a DT in the 4th if someone like OT Howard is still available at our 3rd pick.