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  1. Roster QB – Ryan, Schaub – 2 RB – Freeman, Ito, Ollison, TBJ, Barner – 5 WR – Julio, Sanu, Ridley, Gage, Hardy, Blake – 6 TE – Hooper, Stocker, Graham – 3 OL – Matthews, Carpenter, Mack, Lindstrom, McGary, Brown, Sambrailo, Gono, Schweitzer – 9 DL – Clayborn, Beasley, McKinley, Jarrett, Crawford, Davison, Bailey, Senat, Cominsky, Larkin – 10 LB – Jones, Campbell, Foye, Grace, Riley – 5 DB – Trufant, Oliver, Kazee, Allen, Neal, Wreh-Wilson, Miller, Sheffield, Neasman, Cooper – 10 ST – Harris, Bosher, Bryant – 3 Offense – 25, Defense – 25; ST: - 3; Total – 53 Practice Squad Considerations if Eligible: DB Neal, DB Stanley, DL Zimmer, QB Etling, TE Gray, WR Zaccheaus, OL Miller, RB Hill, DL Miles, LB Bethune, DB Calhoun, LB Crawford, WR Green, DL Tuioti-Mariner, WR Worton There are 15 there and only 10 can stay – I don’t know who is and isn’t eligible. Man I am so ready for this season. This is the most complete roster I think we've had in a long time.
  2. Agreed. Lots of young potential.
  3. It costs us 5 mil to cut Sambrailo - he is on the team.
  4. Lol I guess fair catches are better then muffs.
  5. Yeah like I said not sure who still has PS eligibility or not. We get 11 on the PS if we keep TE Gray bc of the international deal. I could definitely see Hill on the 53 but man I just want to keep TBJ on the 53. Ish - eh. I'd be afraid Sheffield and Miller would be poached on the PS.
  6. Yeah outside of Ish we are on the same page for sure.
  7. Thanks forgot him. And I was just giving options for the practice squad, I don't know who is eligible still or not. Lots of options though.
  8. Who is our returner then - Hardy?
  9. DB - Neal DB - Stanley DL - Zimmer DL - Tuioti-Mariner DL - Miles WR - Zaccheaus WR - Gray OL - Miller RB - Hill LB - Crawford TE - Gray *doesn't count towards 10 I could see Etling taking one of those spots too.
  10. Don't get this at all. We can have it all.
  11. Agreed. Some would say an anomaly even.
  12. This with Larkin and I’m good. You could sub someone for Ishmael too and I wouldn’t be mad. Man that’s a good looking roster.
  13. How pissed off does Walsh have to be
  14. It’s ⭕️ guys come on
  15. Don’t want to cut many people I’m seeing tonight lol. Impressed.
  16. Wow Grace. Forget the penalty.
  17. This Stanley kid is something
  18. Love McGary going to get his RB through the Jags after the play
  19. Julio isn’t going anywhere, but I disagree. Julio being traded would absolutely be shocking.
  20. Literally the only area I’m concerned with right now is at kicker and all I’m looking for at this point is for them to bring in some competition.
  21. I get flashbacks of the burner when watching Ollison break through the line.
  22. Nervous to hear about Gage...
  23. I haven’t been that impressed with Paulsen who I guess is a lock at this point for the #3 TE spot.