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  1. Hate it for him and for my fantasy team. Interested to see what Graham can do in a larger role.
  2. Yep. I was hoping the Redskins would pull off a win yesterday.
  3. Glazer tends to be pretty good on his info before he reports something out - he hit the Williams to NYG trade that just happened. On his ask Jay video on his Twitter, someone asked if the Chiefs would go after Vic Beasley. Glazer said that the Falcons are asking for a 6th round pick for Beasley and can't even get that - no one wants to touch him. Not looking good on off loading Beasley before the deadline.
  4. Here’s the link for anyone interested: At about the 3:40 minute mark.
  5. Thanks for posting I wanted to read that article.
  6. Came here thinking Stefon was traded.
  7. This aged well.
  8. I’d get whatever I could for Vic, Tru, Sanu, Freeman.
  9. Beasley, Takk, Oliver, Campbell, Neal, Jones, Jarrett, Kazee. Three first round picks and two seconds there. He’s drafted his defense. And now he’s coaching them personally and here we are. He’s had his chance.
  10. I’ve seen enough. It’s going to suck for a while, but blow it up. This is an inconsistent, undisciplined, soft team. I’m over it. Even if we clean it up I see 8-8 or 9-7 as our ceiling. Not good enough.
  11. Puff, puff pass. I hated that loss yesterday too but man, there is some delusional talk on these boards right now. You want to give Etling the reigns and bench Ryan?
  12. Either not being able to go or limited would be game changers.
  13. Continuous improvement.
  14. Park Bar is good; Stats is okay. Elliott Street pub is cool but small.
  15. Panthers LT #60 getting beat like a drum
  16. Good news is that both the Bucs and Panthers lost. Hoping the Texans can find some week 1 weirdness and hand the Saints a L tonight so we can reset our division fully to next week.
  17. Just traded him for peanuts this morning *sigh*
  18. Good deal for both sides.
  19. So total is 5 yr 92 mil with remaining contract? ~18 mil/yr?
  20. https://twitter.com/FieldYates/status/1169601232882810880?s=20
  21. Pretty sure we have $100 left to spend.
  22. Ortiz over Larkin some bull****. That is all.