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  1. I doubt we try and trade him before the deadline this season. So my question is do we cut him after this season is up before the new season starts and his 5th year contract is guaranteed? That 13 million could do a lot of help elsewhere.
  2. Let's talk about Trufant's and Freeman's contracts. Any way to get out of those?
  3. I agree, but there have been some things this season has shown me so far. Looking at our contracts for next year, I wish we could find a way to get rid of Freeman, Beasley, and Trufant with their cap hits. Beasley could be done obviously, but I don't think there is a way to avoid the dead caps on Trufant or Freeman's contracts. That 14 mil for Trufant, 12 mil for Beasley, and 7 mil for Freeman could go to much, much better use.
  4. Regardless of how Oliver, Foye, and Gage develop, this draft already seems like a gem so far with Ridley, Ito, and Senat.
  5. I’d be doing everything to try and unload Freeman’s contract via a trade - come on Shanahan.
  6. 2nd time I think McKinley getting hurt trying to run down someone way down the field. Just let them go.
  7. Co-signed. See ya.
  8. Time to start looking at top 10 players in the draft next season. What a waste of a season with an offense putting up 30+ each week. I hate being a Falcons fan.
  9. Called it before it happened. How do you not call a timeout when you see Oliver on Green? **** this team.
  10. Knew Trufant was going to get burned and be the target even before the snap was called.