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  1. What did everyone think of Beadles out there yesterday at guard?
  2. Keep Sanu, bye to the rest. Maybe Beasley if he takes rotational money, but nothing near $12 mil.
  3. I could see trading down a few spots and grabbing someone like White, picking up some draft capital, and going DL with our early second pick if the DL class is that deep.
  4. I'm all aboard the lose-out train. I'll watch the games regardless and get the same entertainment value aiming for a goal - albeit just a different goal. Having a top 3 pick with the talent we already have would set us up if we draft right, and I trust the FO to pick players that will produce.
  5. Wow that's a bad man. His ability to read and react combined with that speed and frame is impressive.
  6. Trey Wingo got duped from a random person on twitter posting he had been fired. Nothing to see here.
  7. Nah cant find it anywhere. BS
  8. Wow really?
  9. We are on the same page. But Schaub is a FA next year so no need to cut, he's gone already.
  10. Alford is the easiest cut on this team to make for the cap space we get back. Beasley’s cap hit next year better be significantly lower or I’m kicking him to the curb. $13 mil for his production is crazy. We need some upgrades in FA and they provide us cap flexibility.
  11. Trufant isn't going anywhere, we are not taking the cap hit. Alford and Reed are as good as gone. Schraeder and Beasley should be on the bubble, but I'd at least cut Beasley. Schraeder depending on what we do in FA and draft at the position.
  12. One of Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, or Ed Oliver and I'd be happy. Never thought we'd have a shot at any when this season started.
  13. Agreed, but if we combo draft picks and FA I think we should be fine.