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  1. Alford looking like our best CB. Wilson with the butterfingers.
  2. Honestly 99% of the people that played the majority of last night will not be on the team. We have so much talent that we have people competing for very few roster spots. For the rookies and players that will actually be expected to contribute this season, I was impressed with Kazee, Senat, Foye, Ortiz, and Oliver. Saubert and Paulsen look like they’ll take over Toilolo’s role just fine. Wasn’t impressed with our offensive line depth like I thought I would be, and Duke Riley can’t be counted on this season. Ik Bethel is supposed to be a ST ace but dayum he’s a terrible CB. Hard to evaluate any of the RBs with the offensive line play. Benkert was okay - he had a number of underthrows.
  3. Only real problem I see in this game is that Riley isn’t ready.
  4. Wouldn’t mind seeing them try a pass or two farther than 5 yards down the field for my own entertainment.
  5. Hope he shows up on special teams, because he’s a hot garbage CB.
  6. 30 second’s left and we dump the ball for 3 yards.
  7. With all of the CBs we have looking good, Bethel is gone.
  8. Haha at Duke on that replay.
  9. Have we gained a yard on a run play yet?
  10. Good news is Riley’s play is obvious and if we all see it, the coaching staff does too. Not sure what our options are, but I hope he doesn’t sniff the field in regular season play.
  11. I’d add Senat into stock up.
  12. Riley couldn’t diagnose that sooner? He still looks like garbage.
  13. NFLN? Or http://www.nfl.com/labs/clubs/stream/dev?club=Atlant
  14. Would be awesome if they'd keep the game at the link for people to come on and re-watch at their leisure after the game is over. Does Reddit do that?