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  1. Where all these 200 post people coming from complaining. WE WON.
  2. Take a breath. It was in their house on prime time where they don’t lose, and this game was every bit as big for them as us. We got a W and are now the 6 seed.
  3. Call an ambulance my hearts on the floor
  4. Alford and Neal ******* jogging
  5. Their best chance is get into FG range quickly and get 3, then onside kick with their TO and 2 min warning if they don’t get the ball.
  6. Only 9 months late but we finally made the right call and kicked the FG.
  7. There are only 4 min left. Make it a 2 possession game. KICK THE FIELD GOAL.
  8. His would be the time I’d run it 3times and kick the field goal.
  9. Having all these Turner flashbacks
  10. Cute bleed the clock plays. Let’s stay aggressive come on. Can’t go 3 and out here.