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  1. Continuous improvement.
  2. Park Bar is good; Stats is okay. Elliott Street pub is cool but small.
  3. Panthers LT #60 getting beat like a drum
  4. Good news is that both the Bucs and Panthers lost. Hoping the Texans can find some week 1 weirdness and hand the Saints a L tonight so we can reset our division fully to next week.
  5. Just traded him for peanuts this morning *sigh*
  6. Good deal for both sides.
  7. So total is 5 yr 92 mil with remaining contract? ~18 mil/yr?
  8. https://twitter.com/FieldYates/status/1169601232882810880?s=20
  9. Pretty sure we have $100 left to spend.
  10. Ortiz over Larkin some bull****. That is all.
  11. Agreed. Lots of young potential.
  12. It costs us 5 mil to cut Sambrailo - he is on the team.