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  1. 1st and goal from the 9, can’t score. Story of our season. I’m fine firing Sark. I don’t care if we have to learn a new wrinkle in a scheme.
  2. Dumbest ******* play call I’ve ever seen. Lose 75% of the field. Sarkisian can suck it
  4. This game is over. Defense is done and offense can’t drive the length of a field.
  5. Start on the 40, end on the 44.
  6. Our offense is incapable of winning this game.
  7. Defense looks tired. Our defensive line can’t donanything.
  8. Ik it’s like **** go low.
  9. Did Neal forget how to tackle tonight?
  10. Offense can’t put together a TD drive if their life depended on it.
  11. Well basically even at half. We know it’s mostly run for Philly on offense. Stack the box and make Foles beat us. Offense has to get more points. We’ve had plenty of positive plays moving the ball. Just haven’t liked Sarkisian’s calls when it’s counted.
  12. What a chump Neal. Trying to get cute and jumping.
  13. Offense better prove their **** worth here. Get some fcking points.
  14. Like what’s the point of that play?
  15. 59 took a terrible angle. Kudos to them for having the balls to go for it.