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  1. This was the only game I've actually been disappointed in him, but this one was pretty bad. The last two drives (before the last 30 second drive), totally conservative playcalling even though the situation (Koo being our punter) called for the opposite.
  2. Thankfully, I think he's going to the AFC if he's not going to us. If Miami doesn't trade out of the pick, I think they grab him and we're left with a decision on the #3 QB or the best non-QB that isn't Chase. If he falls to us and we don't take him, how is the Cincinnati front office going to pass up on reuniting Chase and Burrow?
  3. Imagine someone says, "You can draft Ja'Marr Chase and have an All-Pro WR for two contract cycles, but I'm warning you, it comes with a tough decision." "What's the decision?" you ask. "If you draft Ja'Marr Chase.... you have to cut... *gulp*.. Christian Blake." I'd laugh at that person.
  4. This sort of posting is totally obnoxious. You've probably "wasted" the most words on this board of any poster of all time, with 52K posts, countless mocks and only the rare bit of accuracy to show for it (not that anyone's draft predictions on here are particularly accurate). You're here pounding the table for another UGA guy like that's god's gift to posting, great. I don't see Fields being that great in the NFL, but he has the arm and the athleticism, and I wanted him to start over Fromm before he transferred; I wouldn't be upset if we took him. That said, to say we're essentially set at WR (in your other posts) because Gage is "good enough to be a starter" is pretty hilarious. Some of you really aren't prepared to draft BPA. Drafting Chase would create a logjam at WR for one year; thereafter we would trade Julio and have control of both Ridley (extend him) and Chase (rookie contract) for ~5 years, and the preferred one of the two for ~10 years (or both if we love both and want to pay both, I guess). Best case scenario, that's Julio and Roddy in their prime-tier, and perhaps more realistically it could be Boldin and Fitzgerald ca. 2005, which is great, but not world-beating or "set" or whatever tier of overpowered that would preclude you from drafting Chase because our WR position is too stacked with talent. We had Julio/Roddy/Douglas (who is similar to Gage)/Gonzalez at one point and I still wish we had more talent; the Bucs have Evans/Godwin/Brown/Howard/Gronkowski/Fournette. ****, with the logjam, it'd probably make it easier to re-sign Gage after next season since he'll be fighting Chase for targets. Drafting Chase would ensure (assuming he pans out) that we have at least one elite WR for two contract cycles (rookie contract, first extension), possibly two elite WRs if we re-sign both Ridley and Chase in ~2024-25, a decision which is mostly under our control. If we don't want to pay Calvin after his 2nd contract (presumably because Chase is too expensive), we can trade him with a year left on his contract to a team that wants an All-Pro WR, netting us a 1st or a 2nd from a team that wants to go all-in and/or re-sign Ridley with cap space we don't have. That's how you pick BPA, get value for guys before they walk for nothing, and plan for the long term future at a position. Even though WR isn't a weakness on our team, that's how you prevent WR from ever becoming a weakness on our team; it gives us the flexibility to trade Julio and/or not re-sign Ridley to a third contract (what if he holds out eventually?) without our WR room going from pretty good to catastrophic, which means we'll maintain the ability to work on other areas of the team in future drafts/free agency. As our new GM says, "It's never a bad thing to add to a strength." Ensuring we have great to elite WRs into the future is not ensuring we have the same strengths and weaknesses as the last regime; if one pick at #4 defines the strengths, weaknesses, culture, whatever, of the new regime, I can't wait for the FFS1970 "FONT'D" and "state line" posts, because it won't be pretty. I'll clarify, though; there are about four other scenarios I find generally acceptable, I'm not pounding on the table for Chase, I just don't like the aversion to it. 1. Any QB the FO believes in completely is fine. If Arthur Smith thinks Fields or Wilson is the guy, he's the guy. Don't trade up, though. 2. Sewell + 3rd/4th rd RB + rest of the picks are defense 3. Parsons because I think the LB blitzes with Parsons, Deion, and Foye would be insane with our speed at LB. 4. Surtain. If he's all he's cracked up to be, AJ and him will give our defense flexibility up front with their ability to cover. I really wish there was a stud DE at the top of the draft this year, because Dimitroff couldn't hit on one to save his life and I'd like to pick the best one in the draft, but any of them at #4 would be a reach. (Small aside because I didn't know where to put this in my post; perhaps I'm spoiled with Julio/Roddy and Julio/Calvin, but I never want to see Calvin/Gage as our #1 and #2 WR unless our TE is Kyle Pitts or something. Gage isn't good enough to be the #2 targeted guy in an offense unless your offense is subpar.) EDIT - Changed "Thomas" to "Howard" in my list of Bucs players.
  5. I agree with this; maybe he won't be a top 5 QB, but I think the offense will be miles better. I've been begging for a competent OC and/or an offensive head coach for Matt's whole career. I prefer the Sean Payton route, where your head coach calls the plays and, if he's good, the offense is stable for your QB their whole career. We at least got a good OC for two years, but when you have a good young OC, they get hired away, so we began to suck again. If we improve in the red zone and become average on defense, we're a wildcard. That's not undoable, and I think we can do more than that.
  6. Big Ben, Rivers, and Brees were completely beaten up and broken, all having major injuries recently or at some point in their career. Matt Ryan has never had a serious injury in his entire career. If you were genuinely trying to compare Matt Ryan vs. Brady vs. Roethlisberger you would easily see Matt Ryan is much closer to Brady in terms of health and potential longevity than Roethlisberger. This is mostly due to the fact that both Brady and Ryan don't fight their way out of sacks, they just fall over, and neither of them run. In this new era of football, unless Matt tears the rotator cuff on his throwing arm, I really wouldn't be surprised if he could play starter-level football until he's 40. To be clear, that's not to say I want to hang onto him until he's 40. I'd compare Ryan's situation to Rodgers. The year Ryan won MVP and we met that Packers team in the NFC Championship game, Rodgers threw for 40 TDs and 7 INTs. The next three years, he threw for 16 & 6 (7 games), 25 & 2, and 26 & 4. He'd had a few injuries, namely the collar bone (I think), and his FO probably thought he was washed so they drafted Love. This year, after a year with LaFleur, he throws for 48 TDs and 5 INTs and the FO look like idiots. Now, I'm not saying Ryan is Rodgers, and I'm not saying Ryan is about to score 48 TDs next year or the year after, but that's not the point. The point is that Rodgers wasn't washed, and it was apparent that he wasn't washed if you just watched him throw the ball, it was just that his situation led to him doing worse and having worse stats. Ryan went from Shanahan to Sarkesian to Koetter and people want to pretend like they don't know why the offense isn't good anymore. In those same years that Aaron Rodgers threw for 25 & 2 and 26 & 4, Matt threw for 35 & 7 and 26 & 14. Matt Ryan completed the most passes in the entire league this year, threw for 4600 yards, 26 TD and 11 INT with Dirk Koetter calling the plays. These are Matt Ryan's stats with Dirk as OC, by the way. 2012: 422 / 615, 4719 yds, 68.6%, 32 TD 14 INT 2013: 439 / 651, 4515 yds, 67.4%, 26 TD 17 INT (4-12 record) 2014: 415 / 628, 4694 yds, 66.1%, 28 TD 14 INT 2019: 408 / 616, 4466 yds, 66.2%, 26 TD 14 INT 2020: 407 / 626, 4581 yds, 65.0%, 26 TD 11 INT (4-12 record) It's... the same year. Over and over. There's no decline (or incline, really), this is Dirk's offense. We know it's a failure. We've moved on from him. Matt Ryan no longer needs to throw the most passes in the league in one of the most predictable offenses in the league. We're back to the WCO, where he had the two best years of his career. (QBR 117.1, MVP in 2016 and QBR 108.1 under Sark in 2018). Which leads me to the actual point, I suppose. "Whichever QB is there" does not look better than Matt Ryan; that's pretty laughable, actually. You don't just stumble upon and fall into throwing for 4500+ yards every year, or winning an MVP. There's absolutely no guarantee a QB, especially the third one off the board, works out as well as Matt Ryan did. Perhaps you disagree, but Fields and Wilson look underwhelming to me. Regardless, even if they pan out, Matt Ryan will be a better player than them for at least three years (while they're going through their benched year, rookie year, sophomore slump year, etc., Ryan will be a veteran throwing for 4500 yds) unless you think the player is going to be Mahomes (benched year, MVP). Neither Wilson or Fields look like Mahomes to me. If you want this team to win as many games as possible over the course of the next three to four years and maybe have a Superbowl window in the 2022-24 seasons, you don't draft a QB at #4, you probably draft Sewell (maybe Chase or Pitts), defense, and a run game over the course of this draft and the next, and you give Ryan 100 less attempts per game (he threw 534 in 2016). If you want to punt the franchise down the road for a couple years or you actually think Fields/Wilson is the next big thing, draft a QB at #4. Since we don't know how long Matt Ryan will last, but we aren't a QB needy team, we should draft high upside players like Jalen Hurts (Round 2: Pick 53) or Jimmy Garoppolo (Round 2: Pick 62) to be our backup and prepare to take over for Matt. That way we're preparing for the future while also investing our high draft picks in BPA studs that can help us win now and in the future. I'll reiterate, though: If Fontenot and Arthur are totally sold on one of the QBs and thinks they'll be a total stud in the league, similar to reports of Arthur Smith wanting UNC to offer Russell Wilson, by all means draft the QB.
  7. This is exactly the sort of draft I envision after drafting Chase. Trading Julio allows us to sign free agents to fill out the roster (which probably includes a guard in this scenario) without gutting the entire team, just some of the team. Then, we can draft BPA defensive players to help make this defense non-terrible for once. Hit on some picks and clear out some bad contracts and we don't look like that bad of a team. I want to stress that Julio is my favorite player and my favorite Falcon of all time, and his jersey is the only player's jersey in any sport that I own. He's the best Falcon of all time, he's the best WR in the league and has been since at least 2014, he has the best attitude and work ethic in pro sports, and this team will be worse when he leaves. With that said, I think if you're Belichick, Newsome, Danny Ainge, etc., this is the sort of cold-blooded move you make that sets up your franchise for 5 or 6 more years. What I bolded in your post is exactly how I think about the situation. He's going to just.. fall into our lap, probably. It's hard to pass up when the contracts and the draft picks align in this way. As a fan, I'm totally fine with Sewell #4, bring back Julio and Matt, draft a RB, draft defense and see what we can do with road graders on the OL, because I want to see the Falcons win a Superbowl with Matt and Julio. With that said, if I were the GM, I'm starting to think I'd draft Ja'Marr Chase. It'll be interesting to see how the top 3 turns out; I think there's a decent chance that the top 3 is 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Fields, but I could also see the Jets drafting Sewell/Chase, Miami drafting the other one, and us being left with a decision between Wilson, Fields, [other WRs on the board that aren't Chase], [defense BPA]. That is a situation I would like to see us trade out of in hopes we could secure a ransom so some other team can pick their preferred QB.
  8. I'm starting to think this makes the most sense. Trade Julio for a 2nd and a 4th, or a 1st and a 3rd, or whatever his value is (amazing player, big contract/nagging injuries), draft Chase. In that scenario we have an All-Pro and a future All-Pro on rookie deals and just shed Julio's contract. Re-sign Ridley when the time comes, and if Chase gets so good by the time we need to extend him that he demands to be paid like Julio, you can trade Calvin for a 1st rounder (Calvin would be 29 or 30 at that point, probably coming off four straight pro-bowls/all-pro seasons) and sign Chase because he's that good, you can trade Chase for a boatload of picks because you don't want to pay a WR that much money again, or you can pay both of them and let WRs take up 50 million in salary. Either way, we'd have options with two amazing WRs and wouldn't have to worry about the position again. If Chase is really the BPA when we pick and the FO is sold on his ability in the same way that we were sold on Julio when we drafted him at #6, we should draft Chase. If we draft Chase and don't trade Julio, that'd be interesting and I hope we'd score 35 points per game, but I wouldn't expect them to try to play Julio/Ridley/Chase together. Drafting Chase and trading Julio gives us an opportunity to draft more players in the first few rounds and have more capspace without hurting ourselves too badly when it comes to offensive weapons.
  9. I'm not sure this is what I want exactly because I think Sewell would be a great addition, but I have been thinking about trading Julio and drafting Ja'Marr Chase if the Dolphins don't grab him. I'm not sure what Julio's value is (amazing player, large contract/nagging injuries), but let's say we can trade him for a 2nd rounder. Suppose the logic is that we pass on Sewell because we have an OL full of first rounders already and Arthur Smith's area of expertise is supposed to be OL; we could draft this: 1st: Ja'Marr Chase 2nd: DE 2nd (trade): OG/RB etc. This means that we have both Calvin Ridley and Ja'Marr Chase on rookie deals next year, plus we get cap relief at a point where Julio is probably at the highest value we're ever going to get for him. If you re-sign Calvin, which they should, you have this duo for a long time while Ja'Marr plays out his rookie deal. If one leaves or you can't pay one, you still have the other. Completely resolves the position for the foreseeable future with guys that are All-Pro tier players. If you can hit on whichever rookie RB you draft and maybe bring in someone like Mark Ingram, you can spend the rest of your time on getting whoever Dean Pees wants for his defense.
  10. Of course, but he came out, got a bunch of pressure in his face, and has thrown for 10/14 for 118 yards, and two of those incompletions were perfect TD passes. He'll be ready.
  11. At least we know Matt is prepared to drop dimes all season again.
  12. First, he has the measurements of a quick pass rusher, but his biggest strength is being stout/penetrating in the run game. Then, it depends on what we have in Senat, because if Senat is actually good, we already have that big body, so our back-up 1-Tech/NT doesn't have to be our 1st round/#14 pick in the draft. At that point, we can try to add another potential Grady (smaller frame, but very powerful, stout, and quick) to the DL for situations where we're going for penetration more than space-eating. In the end, if Oliver works out similar to Grady, we'll have a great rotation and a lot of versatility. That said; I'm definitely not opposed to looking at Wilkins/Lawrence/Simmons, I just think Oliver's height/weight doesn't matter that much, what matters is that he's good and makes plays when he's in the game.
  13. I feel for you, KOG, I didn't like Koetter much when he was here. I can't speak on how we'll play and if it will entertain you or not, but I think something underrated about these hires on offense is that all of our coaches are in their core competencies and/or at their proper level within the organization. Mularkey seems to be an outstanding TE coach, which is why he got promoted in the first place, but I think OC and HC are a stretch. Same thing with Knapp, he should just be a QB coach, that's what he's best at. Koetter, same thing, although I do think he's an NFL-level OC and he's just out of his depth at HC. Raheem Morris has been an HC, and perhaps he'd be better suited to DB coach, but he's a positional coach on the offense, and that's about where he should be. We now have a solid, deep staff with tons of NFL experience. Nothing shiny, no sweet young hire, but four guys that have been around and have seen success in what they're currently being asked to do. Our offense might not be the best offense of all time, but I do think we will be good, and if you can't enjoy Koetter's style, let's hope you find joy in watching what I hope is a good to great defensive unit next year. EDIT - Also, what the person above me said. Due to the offensive staff, I don't think Quinn even really has to pay attention to the offense, so he can focus on making the defense the best unit possible. I see our defense improving a lot next year, and if not, Quinn will be gone along with his new hires, so you should come out satisfied in one way or another.
  14. Good Lord, Dan Quinn will have to pay literally zero attention to the offense. At least, that seems to be the goal.
  15. Jeez, we're getting the whole band back together, eh? What's next, Mike Smith for defensive assistant, too?
  16. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1082767454391156736 Welp, not exciting, but not devastating. Very Falcons choice, but I think we'll have a good offense next year, somewhere between Shanahan and Sark.
  17. The player you're probably thinking of is Christian Wilkins at DT. Him and Clelin Ferrell at DE played well, I thought.
  18. My issue with Raekwon Davis is that he went for 1 sack his freshman year playing in 4 games, had 8.5 last year playing in all 13, then he plummeted to 1.5 this year even though he played all 13 games. Why? It makes me uneasy to draft somebody on a downward trend.
  19. I've been thinking this for a while; I think if everyone on the DL just went down one spot on the depth chart, to be replaced by legitimate #1s, our DL would be pretty amazing. Say we get Quinnen Williams/Ed Oliver/Christian Wilkins/Jeffery Simmons/Derrick Brown, having Grady be our 2nd best DT means we're in fantastic shape there. If we get another passrusher opposite Takk, and have Beasley be a situational edge rusher, those two players are a pretty solid #2 and #3 at DE. If we hit on our first two picks or a FA, we could be in a great spot next year (assuming Beasley comes back at a much cheaper rate).
  20. Seriously. Yeah, Dimi has missed on some early 1sts, but that doesn't mean we want a later draft pick. With a high pick and a 2nd rounder that's basically a late first, I'm somewhat optimistic we can get another draft like 2016 where we get two really good players (Deion Jones, Keanu Neal) and two pretty good players (Devondre Campbell, Austin Hooper). We are projected to have what, 8 or 9 picks? I don't think that's too tall a task, and getting a higher draft pick increases the likelihood we hit on the picks, or still have our guy on the board. Yeah, there's the possibility we blow the 5th pick, but that doesn't mean you want the 15th. That said, I don't want players playing to lose, I want the staff to be trying out young guys and backups in places where the status quo isn't working, like the OL, DL, and DBs. I think we can use the rest of the season to see who belongs on the team and who doesn't, while trying our best but losing the games. Have a good draft, switch up the staff if needed, come back strong next year with some actual depth, hopefully. If we suck again next year, heads roll. Seems reasonable. @FFS1970 - Trying to add Calvin into your bust list is a stretch and a half.
  21. This is, by far, the worst take I've seen on this board.
  22. Nope, just someone tired of the horrible takes on this forum. Seems like responding to them is self-defeating though, since as I respond to you, you make more posts, and your posts get dumber.
  23. Once again, yes and no. Would people say Shanny is better than Sark? Sure. But in 2016 we had five guys on the OL play literally every game of the season. That's special and very rare. Then Chester retired, then Levitre started to get injured. Then the backups get injured, or they're just not as good. Freeman has been out the whole season, basically. Pat Dimarco is no longer here. We DO NOT have the same personnel, specifically the personnel to adequately pass protect and run block.
  24. If you don't feel you're getting your money's worth buying Season Tickets, don't buy them. It's sports, though. Only Belichick never has a bad season. If you call for a coaches head after every time you don't make the playoffs, your team will be trash forever. I'll just be happy you and your reactionary ilk aren't the FO, because you would actually take a good roster and run it into the ground with horrible decisions. Shanny wasn't the be-all-end-all of the 2015 and 2016 squads. The defense played great ball in 2016 with, what, 6 rookies starting? They totally overperformed. The defense looked great last year. The defense has improved linearly every year since Quinn got here, except this year, for very obvious reasons. Our team has one of the (if not THE) most talented roster in its history, because Quinn has worked well with Dimitroff. Shanny in no way built this team, except for his influence on bringing in a few guys like Mack and Gabriel, and running a great offense (in one out of his two years, mind you). People attributing everything good that happened to this team since Quinn arrived to Shanny are nuts, honestly.
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