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  1. Thankfully, I think he's going to the AFC if he's not going to us. If Miami doesn't trade out of the pick, I think they grab him and we're left with a decision on the #3 QB or the best non-QB that isn't Chase. If he falls to us and we don't take him, how is the Cincinnati front office going to pass up on reuniting Chase and Burrow?
  2. Imagine someone says, "You can draft Ja'Marr Chase and have an All-Pro WR for two contract cycles, but I'm warning you, it comes with a tough decision." "What's the decision?" you ask. "If you draft Ja'Marr Chase.... you have to cut... *gulp*.. Christian Blake." I'd laugh at that person.
  3. This sort of posting is totally obnoxious. You've probably "wasted" the most words on this board of any poster of all time, with 52K posts, countless mocks and only the rare bit of accuracy to show for it (not that anyone's draft predictions on here are particularly accurate). You're here pounding the table for another UGA guy like that's god's gift to posting, great. I don't see Fields being that great in the NFL, but he has the arm and the athleticism, and I wanted him to start over Fromm before he transferred; I wouldn't be upset if we took him. That said, to say we're essentially set
  4. I agree with this; maybe he won't be a top 5 QB, but I think the offense will be miles better. I've been begging for a competent OC and/or an offensive head coach for Matt's whole career. I prefer the Sean Payton route, where your head coach calls the plays and, if he's good, the offense is stable for your QB their whole career. We at least got a good OC for two years, but when you have a good young OC, they get hired away, so we began to suck again. If we improve in the red zone and become average on defense, we're a wildcard. That's not undoable, and I think we can do more than that.
  5. Big Ben, Rivers, and Brees were completely beaten up and broken, all having major injuries recently or at some point in their career. Matt Ryan has never had a serious injury in his entire career. If you were genuinely trying to compare Matt Ryan vs. Brady vs. Roethlisberger you would easily see Matt Ryan is much closer to Brady in terms of health and potential longevity than Roethlisberger. This is mostly due to the fact that both Brady and Ryan don't fight their way out of sacks, they just fall over, and neither of them run. In this new era of football, unless Matt tears the rotator cuff on
  6. This is exactly the sort of draft I envision after drafting Chase. Trading Julio allows us to sign free agents to fill out the roster (which probably includes a guard in this scenario) without gutting the entire team, just some of the team. Then, we can draft BPA defensive players to help make this defense non-terrible for once. Hit on some picks and clear out some bad contracts and we don't look like that bad of a team. I want to stress that Julio is my favorite player and my favorite Falcon of all time, and his jersey is the only player's jersey in any sport that I own. He's the best Fa
  7. I'm starting to think this makes the most sense. Trade Julio for a 2nd and a 4th, or a 1st and a 3rd, or whatever his value is (amazing player, big contract/nagging injuries), draft Chase. In that scenario we have an All-Pro and a future All-Pro on rookie deals and just shed Julio's contract. Re-sign Ridley when the time comes, and if Chase gets so good by the time we need to extend him that he demands to be paid like Julio, you can trade Calvin for a 1st rounder (Calvin would be 29 or 30 at that point, probably coming off four straight pro-bowls/all-pro seasons) and sign Chase because he's th
  8. I'm not sure this is what I want exactly because I think Sewell would be a great addition, but I have been thinking about trading Julio and drafting Ja'Marr Chase if the Dolphins don't grab him. I'm not sure what Julio's value is (amazing player, large contract/nagging injuries), but let's say we can trade him for a 2nd rounder. Suppose the logic is that we pass on Sewell because we have an OL full of first rounders already and Arthur Smith's area of expertise is supposed to be OL; we could draft this: 1st: Ja'Marr Chase 2nd: DE 2nd (trade): OG/RB etc. This means that we
  9. Of course, but he came out, got a bunch of pressure in his face, and has thrown for 10/14 for 118 yards, and two of those incompletions were perfect TD passes. He'll be ready.
  10. At least we know Matt is prepared to drop dimes all season again.
  11. First, he has the measurements of a quick pass rusher, but his biggest strength is being stout/penetrating in the run game. Then, it depends on what we have in Senat, because if Senat is actually good, we already have that big body, so our back-up 1-Tech/NT doesn't have to be our 1st round/#14 pick in the draft. At that point, we can try to add another potential Grady (smaller frame, but very powerful, stout, and quick) to the DL for situations where we're going for penetration more than space-eating. In the end, if Oliver works out similar to Grady, we'll have a great rotation and a lot of ve
  12. I feel for you, KOG, I didn't like Koetter much when he was here. I can't speak on how we'll play and if it will entertain you or not, but I think something underrated about these hires on offense is that all of our coaches are in their core competencies and/or at their proper level within the organization. Mularkey seems to be an outstanding TE coach, which is why he got promoted in the first place, but I think OC and HC are a stretch. Same thing with Knapp, he should just be a QB coach, that's what he's best at. Koetter, same thing, although I do think he's an NFL-level OC and he's just out
  13. Good Lord, Dan Quinn will have to pay literally zero attention to the offense. At least, that seems to be the goal.
  14. Jeez, we're getting the whole band back together, eh? What's next, Mike Smith for defensive assistant, too?
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