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  1. I guaren****ingtee if we pulled out of that dumb****ing nafta agreement the stock market would sky rocket
  2. I dont think he and mr right are teh same person, Right has come to terms with the fact that Ryans a startin QB, and vick isn't coming back. Albeit he's still a ******* ******, he has made at least one good point since he's come to terms... Dtan obviously hasn't
  3. Scott Proctor the Earned Run Helicopter
  4. Look at all those fans disguised as seats... o wait
  5. Yea this is my alternate acc, my other acc is unbanned tommorow. Don't know why it got banned in the first place
  6. I'm back from the 3 week break (if you call it that) from Around the ATL, I gotta a lot of stuff to talk about today so sit back and relax, kick up your chair and get a drink, as you insert this compact disk and read this article. Let's start off with the Falcons, The Falcons were busy in FA, ofcourse they mainly resigned their own guys, they brought back both Stephen Nicolas and Mike Peterson, then cleared up cap space by cutting former first round busts Jamaal Anderson and Michael Jenkins. They then went on to re-ink Probowl RT Tyson Clabo to a below the market deal (5years/25mil), however Atlanta's biggest splash came on Thursday when they nabbed FA DE Ray Edwards to play opposite of John Abraham. Ray Edwards was ranked 7th among Pass Rushers from 2008-2010 according to Profootballfocus (John Abraham was #1). A lot of controversy surrounds Edwards, who is said to be overrated from playing on the Vikings DLine that features the Williams Wall (Pat and Kevin Williams) and one of the best pass rushers of the last 5 years in Jared Allen. However during Edwards best year, the Williams Wall had it's worst year since inception and Jared Allen had his second worse year since entering the Leauge. Edwards will be joining an Atlanta line the features a possible future Hall of Famer in John Abraham, one of the better UTs in the leauge in Jonathan Babineaux, and a promising 3rd year player who's first 2 years were hampered by injury in Peria Jerry. Needless to say I think that Edward's will do just fine without the Williams Wall and Allen. The Falcons also inked LG Justin Blalock and Backup RB Jason Snelling. The Braves made headlines when they accquired Michael Bourn of the Astros before the deadline for Jordan Schaffer, Kieth Olberhultzer, and 2 other minor leaugers. Many fans were shocked when the Astros turned down the Braves original offer for Pence, for a much less valuable one from the Phillies. However Michael Bourn adds another dimension to the Atlanta offense which it didn't previously have, and that's speed, even though Schafer had speed, Bourn has speed that has helped him lead the leauge in Stolen Bases in 2009 with 61. Bourn also has a higher WAR (Wins over Average Replacement) then Hunter Pence. While lacking the power that Pence has, Bourn can set the top of the lineup for quite a while for the Braves. Right after the Braves called up Jose Constanza (27) from AAA, so far Constanza has been a suprise for the Braves, providing a nice spot at the back of the lineup and has brough even more speed to the lineup. The one downside for the Braves has been Derek Lowe, who has been just awful since the All-Star Break. Lowe's last Qualtiy Start (6 innings Under 4 Earned Runs) was June 29th against the Mariners, along with that, the Ace of the Staff Jair Jurrjens has been placed on the 15 day DL with knee stiffness. Mike Minor has been called up and made a start yesterday that went 6 1/3 (4 ER) and earned him a no decision. If the Braves staff can get it turned around to pre All-Star Break this team could make a run for the pennant. The most promising piece of news in ATL Sports came from our NBA Franchise the Hawks, who have been purchased by Alex Meureo, Meureo will take the reigns from the previous ownership of the Atlanta Spirit Group that had drawn much criticism from fans of the Hawks for moves such as trading two first round picks along with Jordan Crawford for a 34 year old PG in Kirk Heinrich, when Jeff Teauge was already a better option and on the bench. Teh Agreement that Muerelo signed also included operating rights for Phillips Arena, which indicates unlike the deprated Thrashers, the Hawks are staying put, and while some members of the ASG are staying onboard as minority owners; all ownership decisions will be made by Muerelo, however the NBA is still in a lockout, this is some promising news for the future of the Hawks. Ty for reading, all future criticisms and comments appreciated.
  7. Those are one on one drills for the DBs to practiced BD's.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGCho7IyNkY SuperA+Broguy
  9. Yea that usually happens when the other QB throws nearly 100 More times then Ryan
  10. Looks like Murphy just blew his knee out and by the replay I though Costanza might've torn his achillies, he's foot bent over backwards with all his weight on it
  12. If by consistency you mean Devery Henderson consistently dropping every ball that comes his way.
  13. You mean like rain on your wedding day?
  14. ... seriously? SR has been down nearly 24/7 during FA
  15. Rodgers is 3rd on KR depth, Im guessing if he's ahead of Julio on that he's likely ahead of him on PR. and if I remember Smitty had used Finn if the original guy and his backup were hurt. and Meier has good hands.
  16. he dropped a punt. He only dropped I think 1 pass.
  17. You do realize that WEems, HD, Rodgers, and Meier are ahead of him on PR right? He's the super extra emegerency guy. and he has hardly dropped anything during practice.
  18. It looks like he's actually a bit lower then Clabo
  19. I'd much rather have Huddy or Ross in the 5 hole then heyward.... and yes I just said I'd rather have our pitcher in the 5 hole then Heyward.
  20. see 5th ranked Def in terms of PPG. and our D was 2nd in scoring D. dear god you swampers fail at reading
  21. you mean our 5th Ranked Def.. that only yieled 18 PPG? or our 2nd Ranked Scoring Def. **** we should just cut him he's already a bust
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