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  1. I guaren****ingtee if we pulled out of that dumb****ing nafta agreement the stock market would sky rocket
  2. I dont think he and mr right are teh same person, Right has come to terms with the fact that Ryans a startin QB, and vick isn't coming back. Albeit he's still a ******* ******, he has made at least one good point since he's come to terms... Dtan obviously hasn't
  3. Scott Proctor the Earned Run Helicopter
  4. Look at all those fans disguised as seats... o wait
  5. Yea this is my alternate acc, my other acc is unbanned tommorow. Don't know why it got banned in the first place
  6. I'm back from the 3 week break (if you call it that) from Around the ATL, I gotta a lot of stuff to talk about today so sit back and relax, kick up your chair and get a drink, as you insert this compact disk and read this article. Let's start off with the Falcons, The Falcons were busy in FA, ofcourse they mainly resigned their own guys, they brought back both Stephen Nicolas and Mike Peterson, then cleared up cap space by cutting former first round busts Jamaal Anderson and Michael Jenkins. They then went on to re-ink Probowl RT Tyson Clabo to a below the market deal (5years/25mil), however A
  7. Those are one on one drills for the DBs to practiced BD's.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGCho7IyNkY SuperA+Broguy
  9. Yea that usually happens when the other QB throws nearly 100 More times then Ryan
  10. Looks like Murphy just blew his knee out and by the replay I though Costanza might've torn his achillies, he's foot bent over backwards with all his weight on it
  12. If by consistency you mean Devery Henderson consistently dropping every ball that comes his way.
  13. You mean like rain on your wedding day?
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