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  1. I’m a Karen? Okay. I am sure if OBJ was a trump supporter you would say he should be locked up LOL. Everyone wants to be hard and then be forgiving depending on what fits their agenda. He was wrong, period. Does it compare to knocking someone out or beating a woman, heck no, but it is still wrong. The warrant is stupid, and it is because OBJ acted stupid(one of the many times that evening). Wrong is wrong, regardless of who or how severe someone is hurt. Im not a cop, but if someone smacked me like that and then gave me a look like “what you gonna do about it” when I turn around, I’m definitely going to do something about it. all he had to do was laugh and smile like he was playing around and probably nothing would have come of it, but his reaction toward the cop when he turned around really spoke to his intent. The easiest way to stay out of trouble is not to engage it. Dumb reason to get arrested or not, he was the actor and if he didn’t do anything then nothing would have happened. So don’t blame the cop. in reality, since it is on video and viral, the police department can and probably is pursuing charges regardless of what the cop wants. Once on video it is not a he said she said, so it is unfair to say the cop is soft. No need to reply I am done. Sincerely Karen
  2. I’m not getting the f out of anywhere, they were breaking the law by smoking indoor and the stadium management put a stop to it. You don’t have to agree with it, but they have the right to put a stop to it. He wasn’t looking for trouble, he was doing his job. OBJ smacked his *** HARD. If you think it is fine to do, how about you go out tonight and try it and video it and when the cop turns around to look at you you start barking or yelling at him, let’s see what happens to you. I am not a cop, but you would be an absolute fool to try it. Anyone who disagrees has no respect for authority. If people don’t have to follow rules then society as a whole begins to break down. Gtfoh
  3. Dude, you cannot physically assault a cop whether it actually inflicted pain or not. To be honest, if as soon as the cop turned around OBJ was smiling and saying it’s all love like it was a joke then nothing probably would have come of it. When he looked at the officer with an aggressive stance and face and continued to talk smack to him, that it was changed the course of a warrant being issued. You cannot treat LEOs that way. If he was a regular guy on the street and did that he would have been tased and arrested.
  4. Maybe he didn’t realize that OBJ was giving it out to others and was only him? Wouldn’t affect the school in that situation?
  5. Yes and normally when prop money like that is used for movies and videos in large quantities, the use has to be reported to the secret service. Whether you report or not is on you, but in films like blow, etc with large amounts of fake cash, secret service is on hand to monitor and ensure it does not get into circulation.
  6. That money was real. If it is fake then OBJ would have issues with the Secret Service.
  7. I don't think so...no different than Lebron james giving beats headphones to the Ohio State team....it looks weird but not sure it is against rules?
  8. No more fake than the Clemson d line,an injury when LSU in red zone. Goes both ways homer.
  9. LSU will be up by 15-23 points with 6 mins to go and then Clemson come back to lose by 7-13 points and make it look closer than the game actually was for the first 54 mins....change my mind
  10. Dude, how many times do people have to explain that the scholarship is not wasted. UGA never sent his LOI into the NCAA so the school does not lose the Scholly. We can still sign a class of 25 that doesn’t include Evans.
  11. After Debo rang his bell it’s been downhill!!!
  12. Right on pace for a career total of 69.....
  13. Anybody know exactly when during the game that Evans and Washington will be committing? Halftime, First Quarter, etc.??
  14. I was thinking about you during that game yesterday. I felt the pain you must feel, just a tough place as a program to be. You guys are Miami though, it will get better.
  15. Yes guys, good grief. All of us 24-retirement age guys constantly look at things through the lens of how we see things and the world is evolving rapidly, much more rapidly than the way everyone is used to if that makes sense... Give the guy a break! Should he have listened to his coach in order to show respect to authority, probably. But is it that simple? No, and we don’t know and never will. Rest assured that when our staff takes his commitment then they are fully understanding and confident in the circumstances surrounding him and the position coach who is the catalyst of all of these issues. Zach is a good kid, enough of all the hate. I assure you that around strong competition, good leadership, and finally leadership strong enough for him to believe in and work toward...he will succeed. stamp it
  16. I get it, why would boosters open their pockets when the administration isn’t doing their part?
  17. Yep, he made the same signal after the Julio TD and we took a knee. This is a nothing burger. He was calling to do the same thing that we actually did after the Julio TD.
  18. I am sure most of you have heard the news about the 18 year old college student in NYC who was randomly killed in a senseless attack/botched mugging. Her name was Tessa Majors. Not sure if anyone has connected the dots, but she was Johnny Majors’ grandniece. Very very sad. Condolences to the Majors family. Some things bigger than Football and rivalries, I could not imagine having to endure what her family is having to go through. My sincere condolences to the Majors family.
  19. The gym part makes it seem realistic though, PapaSwift def hits the gym on the reg! That being said, I would love for Swift to come back, but if he didn’t I would totally understand.
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