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  1. Easy hammer...if you take things this serious you should probably stay off the interweb. My statement was obviously a joke, poor taste? Maybe but not ill intended. Take a chill pill.
  2. I think the team has an ethical responsibility to release the new uniforms now for those who will die from COVID-19 in the next few weeks before it would have been released otherwise. They deserve to see them.
  3. AB is a real time case of combining CTE and casual stupidity. Unfortunately when he perishes I am certain the study of his brain will be similar to Aaron Hernandez. Very unfortunate and I wish no ill will on anyone, but he clearly is not sane.
  4. I’m just surprised it took you all the way to the point of him saying draft swift to figure it out, especially when that is one of the least ridiculous things he said.
  5. Yes but also a part of his game that will lose relevance very quickly which is my point.
  6. He may have a decent 40 time for a QB, but make no mistake at that weight(and he isn’t fat or overweight per se), that level of speed will reduce at an exponential rate of decay with each year of age.
  7. “How do you know what Kirby told JF? Where is your evidence?” I employ the same to you regarding Kirby and “picture” of recruiting board. This is the USA and every human in the country is innocent until proven guilty. Stop peddling nonsense without proof and then flipping it when it suits your cause. i like you in the Falcons talk, but regarding this discussion......DAWGS BY 100
  8. Yep, been established. Do any of you read a thread before commenting? You are all worse than me not reading the full article.
  9. If you read the full thread better than I read the article you would see that your comment is unnecessary.
  10. And it comes out this morning(or maybe yesterday) that going forward for the 2020-2021 academic year and subsequent all NCAA players for all sports are likely to be allowed to transfer one time during ncaa eligibility without sitting out for a year. A year late and a grandpas life too short. F you NCAA. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/ncaa-moves-toward-immediate-eligibility-for-all-transfers
  11. Yep, and keep in mind the TB12 rehab center is just across the street from Foxboro headquarters and up until last year ‘contracted’ them for heir services to help rehab all Patriots injured players. A complete joke. I am sure no ‘overpayments’ were ever made.
  12. It wasn’t necessarily a secret. Anyone who follows him and his wife on social media(I don’t but my wife does and told me) would know he had this about a week or so ago. Reason she posted about it was because on flight back from his surgery the plane had an issue(smoke coming from plane or something) and they had to turn around for emergency landing. Apparently a pretty scary event and when they landed they said forget getting on another plane and rented a car and drove back. This was a couple days before the Kobe incident. Crazy world.
  13. It is basically the jersey number of player scoring the points multiplied by number of points scored. Touchdown by running back number 27, 27*6, field goal wearing number 3, 3*3. Do that for every score of game and add them up. Then you bet on over/under that one large number.
  14. Because bitcoin is meant to be anonymous. Not exactly true as feds can follow the money, but unless you are selling bricks of heroin on the dark web they won’t bother to spend the time to try and find you.
  15. It’s alright, but the problem is that virtually all of the sites accessible from US are from areas with no regulations. They can do what they want in a predatory manner. Bovada is based on an Native American reservation close to Michigan or somewhere like that. BetUS in Panama or Costa Rica. Problem is, after you make a few wagers, it learns your patterns and changes lines against you. For instance, if you bet on NFL 3 weeks in a row and each time on the Falcons to cover spread, guess what, the 4th week, while the spread should be -6.5, for you it is -7.5. While Joe Schmo is a bucs fan and did the same betting on bucs and bucs are playing falcons same week, his spread should be +7.5 on bucs since your spread is -7.5 right? Wrong, his will go other way and be +5.5. So they still make their 10% juice no matter what, but they can also rake in all the wagers if the game is decided by 6-7 points. They have been using machine learning/AI for this purpose for years. Completely unethical and predatory. Also give odds of 1.8 payout almost all the time when should be 1.9 in UK for instance there are many competing sites and they are regulated for predatory prevention. It really isn’t necessary though as there is so much competition that they give good and accurate odds and lines in order to get more volume of business. Just be careful edit reason: bovada used to be on reservation but now Costa Rica apparently. But they were for sure on reservation previously. Regardless. Somewhere with no regulations or rules to follow. It is the Wild West.
  16. The site is sporting bet. Need a UK address and cell phone number though. (I live in Bermuda which is overseas British Territory so know English guys who at degenerates and bet on all these sites, but even here need a UK address and phone which they all have as just work here as expats and not forever).
  17. I love betting shirts. You can bet over or under a number which is each amount of points multiplied by jersey number. You can choose denomination per each number and total number of points above or below is multiplied by denomination. For instance, this past weekend chiefs v Texans the number was 200 if you buy(expect number to be above) or 185 to sell(expect number to be below). Well a buddy of mine bet $10 per point on over 200 points. each score: kenny stills TD 12 x 6(his jersey number is 12)= 72 kalambayi(Texans LB) blocked punt TD, 58*6= 348 darren fells TD, 87*6= 522 that is 942 just in first quarter and the number was 200 for the whole game! 942-200=742*$10 per point and he made over $7k first quarter. Then Kelce going off (number 87) and scoring three TDS, plus kickers, he made a lot of $. Unfortunately there is a max payout so he capped out at $10k. But without a cap he would have been able to buy a car with that chiefs game. also goes other way though. If Final score was 10-3 and low digit players scored and say it added up to 50 points, he would have lost 200-50=150*$10=$1500. crazy bc seems like overall it would normally go over 200(especially when tight ends score a lot), but UK betting sites offer it. Not sure if US ones offer it.
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