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  1. Bama fans will be happy, I know they have been worried about the Georgia State and Kent State games... for real though, South Alabama can whoop Florida’s tail, they must be happy about the prospect of not playing them!?
  2. Then offer a bag of chips and save the 7th rounder. Easy peasy.
  3. Okay honest opinion here. In first 15-20 secs I thought okay, not best I have heard, but not terrible, then midway was again not sure, but by the end it grew on me. Particularly liked the part where the rhymes sped up a bit, that saved it. But what do I know? separate question.... being we are Atlanta, and all the things in the world(country) going on, and the black uniforms being awesome...any chance Atlanta organization shows support for everything going on by wearing the all blacks at home for full season? Is that possible or would NFL have to approve?
  4. Can’t answer this without getting political bc if not for politics we wouldn’t be talking about him and he would have filed his retirement papers already. He has a crazy athletic body and cannon arm, but not the accuracy to be a pocket passer. Whe defenses adjusted to keep hi. As a pocket passer his numbers suffered badly.
  5. If we hire him as our head coach do we still get the minority draft pick bump if hired from within organization?
  6. Interesting. I love hearing about people's different family trees and back generations from different parts of the world. Don't know why, just always found it neat.
  7. Would blank allow this? I mean, we could have been much closer to a draft pick with this caliber skill if we didn’t win the morale games just to keep TD and DQ in a job....and now give all this up to sacrifice the meat of the draft for the next two years? I get it, Young is likely generational.... but at some time would result in a wasted season that was just good enough to keep current management in place, and next two drafts(including 2020 as one of those) to get an impact player. Somewhat of a fait accompli with current management which begs the question is management on the same page. I mean, you can’t tell coaches and management to win if they need to to keep their jobs, but if by winning they keep their jobs and have to give up the next two drafts to get the player we need that we could have had if they weren’t here to here and we finished losing instead of winning, then how is this management really helping the franchise? if it works then so be it, but if it doesn’t then all the people,who were a,long formDQ and TD to be canned in middle of last season were right because instead of costing us a season, they will cost us 3! (2019, plus terrible draft picks, if any in 2020 and 2021). The only reason we have to give up so much for a player like this is because we on out to keep these guys in their job! Final point being this will be an exponential fallout if it goes through, maybe to the better, maybe not. I hope to the better, but if not then everyone will look back in a few years time and wish TD and DQ were fired halfway through last season. If they give all this up to get young(which may be worth it), this is literally the, doubling down with no more chips on the table.
  8. I guess without Wiz Khalifa posting IGs at his gym training in MMA he has to figure a way to generate revenue. Putting that tweet out probably increased his ad revenue to the fox/podcast whatever he does. Creative for him and got folks interested, but a future credibility buster for sure. talk about crying wolf
  9. I don’t disagree, I never wore mine much because it made me look like my head was twice the size of my face. The hat looked great sitting on a shelf for display, but awful on a normal size persons head.
  10. Got you. Mitchell and Ness used to have some nice ones too, but they seem to be here and there with in stock/supply. Just depends when you look on their website.
  11. I think they are looking for adjustable, there are a few of those on fanatics website as well.
  12. And maybe the offset and numbers I put above are not exactly correct(does only salary offset and not bonuses??), either way the same logic applies regarding Rams 'potentially' overpaying. Only those who can read his contract fully know the reason why.
  13. He is owed money. He does have offset but if he is owed $7.55M roster bonus, and Atlanta paying him $5M, then Rams owe him $2.55M. Maybe the Rams are waiting until he actually signs with Falcons(post-physical) so they know if they owe him $7.55M or $2.55M. Regardless I would think that they owe him at least the $2.55M now. Here is the catch though, the Rams are probably waiting to pay, because say the Rams pay the $2.55M now, then he fails physical with Atlanta. Then another team scoops him up and pays him $6M instead of $5M(unlikely I know but still theoretically possible), then the Rams actually only owed him $1.55M and depending on contract language if Rams already paid the $2.55M they may not be able to recoup the $1M that they overpaid. That is why they are probably waiting to pay.
  14. No problem, I am glad your trip worked out! Yes it is the tricky part of travel insurance policies. They cover "unforeseen" events and natural catastrophes disrupting your trip(think back with Iceland volcanic ash cloud shutdown northern European airspace a few years back). The problem is they don't provide the clear and specific information as to what constitutes foreseen and unforeseen. I fear a lot of people bought travel insurance the last couple of months thinking they are good when in reality they most likely are not. The good side is that most hotels and airlines are being pretty good with people about refunding "non-refundable" bookings or allowing them to move the bookings to a different time. So ironically in most cases the only $$ that people are going to be out of pocket for is $$ for the trip insurance they bought!
  15. The airlines are giving free ticket changes if you book now and can't fly later, but all travel insurers are excluding COVID-19 in their coverage and for the extra premium they also sell CFAR(cancel for any reason) but they have stopped offering that right now. So be careful because travel insurance covers "unforeseen" events, and once WHO declared COVID-19 a global threat COVID-19 became no longer unforeseen. Anyone who bought travel insurance prior to Jan 22/25th whenever they declared the global threat are good, those who bought after not so much. Just don't want any of you to buy travel insurance thinking you are good because that is most definitely not the case and many people are finding out the hard way right now.
  16. Yes i would say wait. Even if ticket prices go up from now, the difference won't be more than the money you would be out if you bought today. Flights definitely wait. I fly internationally quite a bit for work and the best prices for international flights are usually 12 weeks out through 6 weeks out. Buying sooner or later than that the prices are much higher. Lastly, yes Atlanta airport. I would also recommend flying through Philadelphia or Charlotte and connect to Atlanta if flying business class. Whenever you include Atlanta or Zurich(as the landing or departing airport to directly cross the Atlantic) on international flight itineraries the price somehow is usually 2-3x more. If economy the difference is negligible. Good luck!
  17. Or you can just stop reading it? That way rest of us carry on and everyone is happy(including you).
  18. Sounds good and appreciate the understanding. Definitely doing what I can to help around my parts and in no way meant to demean anyone’s pain through all of this madness. Stay safe my friend. Apologies if it hit a bad nerve as wasn’t the intention.
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