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  1. WOW this kid is a sophomore in HS!? I am drooling over this recruit. Thankfully he is a georgia fan so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem getting him in Athens. What I love the most about this kid is not just that he hits HARD, but he also WRAPS UP, so you don't really see many instances where he goes for the boom and misses the tackle. Seem to see too many players these days trying to hit hard but if they don't get the right angle they miss the tackle. This kid does it RIGHT, hit hard, but also wrap him up!! I Likey
  2. Excellent news, congrats Ealey! Always great to add the the Dawg family!!
  3. Exactly! Need to order one before they go on back-order!
  4. Hi guys, great day! Quick question, does anyone know where to buy the hat the Crowell wore during his announcement? I have not seen it yet and couldn't find it on any websites. Sorry if this shouldn't be in this thread, just figured more people have seen the Crowell announcement in this thread than any others. If it is in stores, can you tell me which one so I can order? (I live outside of the U.S. so I have to order everything). Thanks!
  5. Man am I glad Jenna Owens signed, (if you scroll to the far right for soccer), no idea how good she is, but can't wait to see her around campus!!
  6. Hi guys, first time posting on this site. I have been a loyal reader for weeks though, have read EVERY post in this thread. I love the great attitudes and the great/accurate information. No worries, I haven't told any others about this site, and don't plan too in order to keep it the gem that it is! Only true fans with good attitudes around here! Anyways, I am finally posting because crappy has me nervous about his developments.....Robert Johnson...selling his sould to the devil.....I know some could think that means Kiffin with Turene and Roberson, but that is also exactly what IC's mother said as well...so I am really hoping that this development is not bad news on Crowell. But it has also been speculated on here that IC's mother's comments were more directed to Saban, so who knows...
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