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  1. At the same time, if Bama’s D plays like they did against ole miss they will get smoked. If Georgia’s D holds the run the way they have then Bama will get smoked according to that same logic. Don’t get me wrong, if the game is played 100 times bama most likely wins 60-65 times out of 100. But not 85 times out of 100 which a 1/7 chance implies which was what I was replying to...
  2. Dawgs have a MUCH higher chance than 1 in 7 of pulling off the upset. Have you watched both Bama and Georgia play this year?
  3. Too bad he was worried about us and forgot they had to play this weekend as well. Lost to Texas A&M.
  4. Only reason I can see what you are referring to is because you quote the poster: I put that poster on ignore/mute many moons ago. They are clearly a troll that has no real ability to comprehend real life situations or nuances, let alone what happens in a football team and the dynamics surrounding a team. Please do yourself a favor and put them on mute/ignore as well. if I remember correctly, we have years and years and pages and pages of uga news that sticks to news and not jackwagons like this fool. Don’t fall for the trap, just ignore them. Once nobody responds, they will stop posting. PS, he is literally like 17 so he doesn’t know any better, he is brainwashed.
  5. Beasley is a bum, with BS excuses. How can he ever stand up at his future mega church and talk about accountability. He is a walking contradiction. i get it if you are done, but if so Be done. He is currently stealing money from people and coaches by convincing them he cares. or wait, maybe he is a perfect tent revival speaker!? Thread done, no need to talk about him bc his production on the field is in the past.
  6. If we want to tank then we should definitely wait until week 9 or 10 to fire Quinn because that’s when he starts winning games. If we want to tank then leave him in in for now. We know we will get smoked every game for first 8-9 games.
  7. I agree, if gurley is sipping Powerwde on camera midway through first quarter then we win for sure. Means he is doing gods work and needs those electrolytes from posterizing those cowboy LBs
  8. Yes, how many time did Zeke show his “Feed Me” tattoo on his belly? I have a feeling however many times you see it in the game you are watching now we will see it more times against us tomorrow for sure. I hope not but ****...
  9. No, but I did see some Koetter style play calling tendencies in the 49ers game against the cardinals this past Sunday. Note they lost...
  10. Not running anywhere to get any thread locked. You keep spouting your ignorant trash. I won’t respond anymore as I have enough respect for myself and for you not to argue with people incapable of using logic. God is love my friend. When you recognize that you will find true happiness. God bless your heart. I hope you find peace.
  11. Lemme get this straight...so Herschel Walker is a clown because he isn’t woke enough to support your rioting fire starting ways, however his son is also a clown because you aren’t woke enough to accept someone having a different lifestyle than yours and being a cheerleader? You must have no mirrors in your house...that is of course unless you are okay with looking at hypocrites. What a trash thing to say.
  12. 2019 will feel longer ago for you when Ohio State doesn’t play football this year. At least you can watch highlights of Trevor Lawrence bending you over in the playoffs last year.
  13. I know Rico gets some heat every now and then, but he is a special person. He is a role model, leader, great father, great husband, overall student of the game. Most importantly, regardless of what he can and cannot physically accomplish, we know that we are getting everything out of him that he has to offer. What makes me love him as a player the most is that I know we are seeing everything he has to give to the organization and fans. He is a true leader and great ambassador of what hard work and “doing your best” really is all about. It is unfortunate how many higher drafted players coast on physical ability and talent...however if those same players approached the game in the same fashion as Rico, they could be slashing the game. The best players may not Learn how to be a HOFer from Rico(not implying he is a slouch by any means but gold jackets are hard to come by), but they could learn how to be the best teammate, student, grinder, father, husband and overall amazing person...in my mind that is more important in life than a gold jacket and will get you much further as well. i love that guy, show me a harder worker who is more humble...I‘ll wait.... Don’ question the value of leadership on a 53 man roster team(plus practice squad). It matters and this man is a huge cog in that wheel.
  14. Man I really hope we have a season. I understand there are challenges and difficulties, but we could all use something to watch and feel(somewhat) normal this fall!
  15. Edit: no edit just clarifying above comment toward season not bobo....
  16. Not happening in SEC. This piece is political fodder, chill out.
  17. Nobody plays for free at Clemson. Heck Clemson would have bought him a nicer truck than the one he took delivery of!
  18. The sad part for PSL owners is the PSL is actually a 30 year lease on the rights to buy the seat/tickets. The payment options were all upfront or over 10 years for the PSL. Even if being allowed to delay one year of payment by a year, this results in a 11 year payment scheme whereby you pay 10 out of 11 years but the PSL is still only good for 30 years. Long story short, for all those who said the PSLs were a good “investment”, you now are going to receive rights to buy 29 seasons worth of tickets vs the original planned 30 seasons worth...all for the discounted price of the SAME amount of original PSL price. One winner in this equation and it isn’t you. Furthermore, if natural disaster renders MBS useless(EQ, tornado, etc.) PSL owners have no recoupment mechanism for PSL money paid while Arthur collects on insurance for value of stadium and then builds another new one and sells brand new PSLs again. Read your contracts, PSLs are fools gold.
  19. Dude, why would you even put that type of energy out there?
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