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  1. Good, please for the love of God do not let this team have a chance to win on Sunday. I love my Birds, but please lose this fkin game. It would be the most Falcon thing ever to win Sunday and move from 4th pick in draft to like 7th or 8th. Look competitive, go for another record like most sacks (taken) in a game LMAO, but DO NOT WIN.
  2. Not surprised, those yellow bellied biotches!
  3. Sorry Pablo and G-Dawg, Justin will be a first round pick and the result will be slightly better than Haskins. The better part will be his character, the rest will be the same. On the other hand, if he sits a couple seasons and learns an NFL offense and how to read a defense, he can be very successful, but unfortunately he will be a very high draft pick and be expected to play earlier than he is cerebrally ready(due to playing in OHS offense and lack of development, not his mental capability so don't come at me w that crap) and that will more than likely cash in his career. I hope I am wrong but I rarely am... ask my wife!
  4. He sent me a wheelchair, I was confused until I saw his and Vick’s signature on it. Turns out it is a piece of Falcons history. here’s to Bill brasky!
  5. Yeah 4 times 😂. It won’t be dwan right, he’s already in the portal? 375 rushing yds. 40 passing yards. Dawgs on top.
  6. I agree with you this time, perhaps more than 24 though. Perhaps a 48-19 finish?
  7. So should he leave the pocket sooner or hit open receivers while in the pocket? What are you talking about?
  8. All the games look very interesting. I must say I expect the following: oklahoma v Florida: high scoring game, final score 62-59 Florida Georgia v Cincinnati: 29-24, close game with the mailman-slinging the Rock orwgon v Iowa state: Oregon wins 38-17. Iowa state not prepared to face a team like Oregon. unc v A&M, a&m 45 unc 13. A&M pissed and showing the nation they should have been in playoff. Also UNC plays a real defense for a change. Change my mind?
  9. “We”? I would venture to say you don’t even have a university degree...let alone from the Ohio State a university. You may have an associates degree in trolling where you barely passed, with a minor in being a turducken. You can act like you care QS much as you like but you are definition of fair weather.
  10. Keep that crap out of here please. Is there no place nowadays to get away from politics?
  11. Who would draft Newman after “opting out” bc of “Covid”? If that’s truly the case then he may opt out of his first couple NFL season until Covid is truly gone. Simple as that and a brand new GM isn’t going to stamp his legacy on on that character trait. Nothing wrong with opting out if really afraid of Covid(which is fine and each players prerogative), but if that was really the reason then why would you expect them to play next year? If they are willing to go through spring drills and play next year then you know they were full of crap in the first place. Then that makes you question leadership of the player. no
  12. This is a good thing, but if he comes in and not even lights it up but is serviceable and average at worst we will still question the decision to play Stetson over Daniel. In that case who knows what our record would be right now. Anyway I guess it doesn’t matter now. All that matters now is making the best decisions going forward for the team not only this season but also future season(s).
  13. Brenton Cox should watch his 6, I fully expect a few plays specifically designed with a crack back to put him on his back....may even knock one of the hoops out of one of his ears...
  14. Definitely agree with this. They were very close to losing this past weekend at home to Louisville and barely eked that one out. If ND were to make playoff, they would get smoked game one without a doubt by any of the likes of Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, UGA
  15. Nobody cares if someone on an Internet forum respects them. If that is what makes you tick then you have a sad life.
  16. I didn’t say it made me more smart, don’t put words in other people’s mouths.
  17. I think the word you are looking for is trope. Troupe is a dance company 😂. Good lord people trying to use words to look smart never ceases to bring entertainment when they clearly don’t know what they are talking about. Love it. I would love to see your use of their vs there. It It’s vs Its. bless your heart
  18. I have no doubt in my mind that Saban will find a way to communicate with coaches during the game regardless if it isn’t supposed to be allowed. That being said, if the tables were reversed and Kirby was home with Covid, I would also have no doubt he would find a way to communicate with the coaches during game as well. so it really doesn’t bother me to be honest if Saban does.
  19. So when a line moves from -1 to -4 bc of betting action the team that is +4 must have no chance because the line moved 300%!!! 😂
  20. Totally understand and agree with what you say. It would be absolutely legendary if the MailMan can deliver another one Tuscaloosa. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. LFG!
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