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  1. I would like David Goggins as head coach. At least he wouldn’t be high giving players as they run off the field after they just failed a 4th down attempt. He would break his foot off in someone’s asz. He may not know anything about football, but he would make the team hard asf. I am kidding obviously, but we need someone with more fire. I would like to have a head coach who is willing to yell at the refs when necessary. Quinn never yells at the refs. There is a reason we always get terrible calls against us, because the refs aren’t afraid of Quinn chewing them out at all therefore questionable calls become normal. I know a ref cant change a call after the fact just because you yelled at them about it, but if it is questionable you work them all game and by the end of the game they might keep the flag in their pocket when a call play is a little gray and in 4th quarter when it matters most. for the life of me I can’t understand how someone can get paid so much money and not do all of the little simple things like this.
  2. In this instance then yes maybe the flag could have been picked up due to maybe not catchable. But you originally were arguing that the holding shouldn’t have been called due to the ball not being catchable, my response was that I’m the instance of holding catchability is irrelevant, I was not arguing that it was the correct call. I will not be responding to any more of your rebuttals, I refuse to argue with a moron with 0% comprehension and reading skills.
  3. You still don’t get it. The call was HOLDING. Which means whether or not the ball is catchable irrelevant. You have comprehension issues.
  4. Correct, this is the point I tried to make TWICE.
  5. I don’t need to watch it again, I saw what happened. Yes it came with ball in air. But the call was holding(correct or not), which takes whether a ball is catchable or not out of the equation. The point is that you can argue the ref made the wrong call or a bad call, but you can’t argue whether it was catchable or not because the call was holding.
  6. It is still a penalty though. Holding means the foul occurred prior to the pass, therefore the result of the throw is irrelevant. PI(ball is in the air) would bring a non-catchable ball into the equation, but not holding. How do so many people still not understand simple rules of football?
  7. So I guess we can write Burch off now? The biggest winner of this game May be Stackhouse. He may get to keep his spot when Burch signs with South Carolina.
  8. I can’t lie, your trolling gets on my nerves but you guys earned this one fair and square. We made too many mistakes to deserve to win and you guys showed up to play. So congrats on the W. I feel our guys may have been “feeling themselves” a little too much and reading the clippings on how great they were and it bit them in the ***.
  9. Good lesson or not for Deshaun, it is still frivolous and financially irresponsible. I personally view it as a lesson as how not to be stupid with your money. Charitable giving is great, but that wasn’t charitable, it was ridiculous. we can disagree and that is fine. But I won’t be broke 3 years after retiring.
  10. For the life of me I still can’t figure out why so many pro athletes are broke a few years after being out of the league. oh wait, this is how. Paying people thousands of dollars a pop to get you a napkin and BS like this hahahaha
  11. And ONE blown super bowl halftime lead. You are right he would fit in great. Keep that milk drinker away front ATL.
  12. You cannot be serious....Harbaugh? Put the rocks down.
  13. Dude still lost that Cal bet though...
  14. This is correct. I was at the game in 3rd row right in front of where this occurred. This is exactly what happened. Trust me, that kid was seeing stars. Later in the game(4th qtr) when a D lineman went down like he was dead but came back in game two plays later, yeah that one was BS, but the video of Gary saying player faking is wrong. It is just confusing because 20 was willing to go down. 6was on a different planet.
  15. Furthermore, the TV deals will be worth less than peanuts in a couple years time. IPTV is disrupting the tv revenue model. Anyone still paying a cable provider today is either a loser or likes burning their cash in the fireplace when they are cold. So be prepared for that argument to die a sudden death.
  16. I am paid appropriately for the job I work and the clients/revenue that I secure. I never said players shouldn’t be paid well, but they should be paid appropriately. If you think last weeks performance was a professional approach to the game, then you sir are the sucker. We got Clowned. Nobody on the team deserved a game check worth more than $1,000 before taxes last week, period. Quinn owes the city of Atlanta money. What will you say when the eagles beat our *** at home tonight? Excuses, excuses, excuses. Zero accountability
  17. Fair enough but unless I am mistaken D Robertson never saw the field?
  18. Other than the Fromm part? I hope he comes back for his senior year, but if not next year could have some pains.
  19. Yeah if Keanu Neal’s hit last week was a late hit, then that hit on Simmons should have been worth three flags. Wtf
  20. I think we win in solid fashion, but make no mistake-this Arkansas State team will play as hard as they possibly can for their coach’s first game back after a devastating loss to his family. I think we win but don’t cover the spread.
  21. Well, if sports are not as guaranteed to get the performance desired than a 9-5 job then they shouldn’t be paid so much.
  22. And another thing. These coaches and managers are paid millions of dollars to have a “professional” team ready to play for 16 games or more. If I walked into a meeting at work with clients and bombed it, what do you think my boss would say if I said “don’t worry, a few more bombed meetings and hopefully I will get it figured out”??? there are millions of people getting paid a tiny sliver of these guys who don’t have more than one chance to screw up. dont get me wrong, I don’t mind losing a game or many games. What I do mind is being unprepared, sloppy, and overall unprofessional. These are pro players, a pro team, and pro coaches. The least they can do is appear prepared to at least not get the doors blown off their azzes. okay I’m done, but we better look like a different team Sunday. I honestly don’t care if we win or lose, but I care a **** OF A LOT if we look SOFT.
  23. New coordinators, schemes, groups of players and returning players after long times off is EXACTLY WHY some “vets” should all play at least one full half of 2nd and 3rd preseason games. The idea of preseason is not only to evaluate on the cusp players, but also to get the team to gel. Now we basically have 2-3 games of “real” football just to get on track. Trams like the pats can do it bc Belichick runs that D, and Josh McD has been there for ages(two rounds) so everyone knows the deal and not much crazy or new. We need to stop acting like we are an elite team with consistent coordinators and practice real scenarios against other teams with a FULL team. it will probably be in the falcons favor if preseason is done away with, because we always end up treating the first few games of the regular season the way others treat preseason. So frustrated.
  24. True, but the timing of the penalties is more punishing to us other than the one PI they gave us before the pick in the end zone. Clear defenseless receiver hit to head on gage “missed”, Keanu meal hitting cook with both his feet on green grass called a late hit, sack on Ryan where he got hit in the head which wasn’t called. All these calls or non calls on third down plays. Extending or killing drives. I want to think coincidence but it seems to help and screw the same teams year in and year out. If it is slanted to help some teams, then I hope it continues to screw the saints.