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  1. Well, if these athletes are considering NIL as part of their recruitment/school they play for then they should also have some tax advisors on hand. Playing for Florida/FSU/Miami for example vs any team in California (with Georgia somewhere in the middle) then they should take tax into account. You may make more in California due to NIL, but you will certainly pay a higher portion of that income to the state in tax as well. You think Tom Brady chose Tampa Bay solely based on weather and existing players? $$ in tax is a huge part of decision as well.
  2. Seems like a Mike Tolbert type of RB if you guys remember him...just a load to stop
  3. Shouldn’t you be on the Chi Bears board now? Surprised to still see you around here given how much you sniff Fields’ dirty laundry...😆
  4. You guys don't realize that Foye is a beast alongside D Jones. Give those guys a proper front Dline and some average at worst back ends and we may see some real fireworks.
  5. No wonder their franchise is in shambles, the front office is clearly smoking rocks. Don’t get me wrong Watson is good, but nobody is worth that!
  6. I’m not sure he can retire yet though, he probably needs another season getting paid $20M to make up for all that overpriced diamonds/jewelry he bought his wife as an “investment”. Sucker born every second.
  7. I don’t like this pick...he will transfer to another team after handing the ball off to RBs in garbage time behind Ryan which he clearly will be unhappy about.
  8. Yeah his health issue when he left Florida was fear of his wife killing him after finding out he was pumping a grad assistant physical therapist for the football team. Health issue was BS, coverup for his improprieties. The fact that this is still not a widely know fact shows how good a job they did at covering it up.
  9. Yes very weird, I actually had to look up who he was and go “oh yeah” when saw the background and details and then remembered being very happy when he committed to the Dawgs. Sorry it didn’t end happily, I remember thinking he was a very good kid.
  10. Except for his parents named him Spencer, talk about an opportunity to give your kid a bada$$ name and completely fumble it. No offense to the name Spencer, but what could have been.
  11. Don’t let it bother you, most people who feign outrage and offense are those who aren’t even in that [insert group here]’s group.
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