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  1. Not quite. If we were only down by 2 at end of game we would have kicked a FG and therefore won by one. Do you really fail to understand that?
  2. Unemployment officer.
  3. signed
  4. I have lost a lot of love for Freeman fast. Whiffs blocks, slips left and right. Even the games where he gets 100 plus yards he ends up fumbling all over the place negating it. He should spend less time on Instagram posting videos of him riding around in his Phantom and more time studying and holding onto the **** ball. As soon as we paid him his overall production has dropped when taking into account situational football. Coleman should have been given at least two opportunities to run that in. I will say it again. Nobody I work with who makes millions is even close to being allowed to fail at making sure their employees are set up to succeed. W...T...F. Why is this allowed for the top down?
  5. I absolutely cannot believe we were at 1st and goal with 1:20 secs and two timeouts and ran essentially all pass plays. Even if we scored we would want to run the clock down so as to avoid letting them have a easy FG opportunity. I picked the wrong career. Apparently you can be a playcaller in the nfl and make millions a year and not have to know anything about what you are doing. if I performed at my Job the way Sark does at his I would be fired. Quinn is at fault as well, he allows it to happen.
  6. Guys come strong....have faith....these times are meant to strengthen our resolve. If you give up now then did you really care that much to begin with? These are the moments that will make the victory(SB or Natl Champ) that much sweeter. Achieving a goal is all the more rewarding when you truly had to sacrifice and suffer in the process. Be strong! Imagine being a soldier in the battlefield, they don’t all make it home, but by god you never will if you stop fighting back. Victory may not always be ours, but laying over is not an option. Turn your jerseys, stickers, swag in if you are done. That way we will know who’s you are when we do pull it out. You will be the ones with brand new Falcons and Dawgs hear that still has the fold marks in it from being brand new. Sof azz biotches
  7. Sac, how was the game? Lord have mercy my house is hanging today. We were having margaritas and beers all day...then decided to do shots every time georgia scored. Lot of shots with a high scoring game like that!
  8. You took the words right out of my mouth.......
  9. Someone showed his age in this thread LOL!
  10. I am personally going with BB Ribs, baked beans, coleslaw. Few Vodkas to get warmed up, about to wash those down with a sixer. Then go to margaritas until I can't handle the sweetness anymore from the sour mix, then back to a case or so of cold ones. Then get ready for NYE and go to a late dinner and celebration with my wife's friends and their other halves. Going to get rowdy.
  11. Not on missed or incorrect calls, but on overall number of penalties, types of penalties and which teams get more penalties. Low and behold the distribution of penalties was much closer to 50/50 with the replacement refs. With current refs the teams that get benefit of penalties helping are coincidentally the big market teams, go figure. So the reason everyone was whining about the replacement refs are because the teams getting "hurt"(aka less favorable calls) are the ones that sports shows talk about all day. You think anyone would have given more than 30 secs of airtime if that joint possession thing at end of Seahawks Packers game happened at the end of a Browns vs Jags game instead. Exactly.
  12. If you look at statistical surveys, the replacement refs did not actually do worse than the current refs. The reason it was a bigger stink was because the replacement refs were botching calls the same as refs today, however they were botching then evenly affecting almost all teams the same. Terrible officiating is not the problem, the problem is terrible officiating biased toward certain teams. The quality of refs does not matter quite frankly if all teams are in the same playing field(no pun intended).
  13. Recognizing the talent that Michel has is not being a homer. I hate Alabama but last year still thought Foster was best LB in years to come into the draft. I base my assessments on players not uniforms, this player just happens to wear silver britches.
  14. Guys, I am telling you Michel is the real deal. Coaches will drool over everything that he can do. He also doesn't just do them, he excels most times the ball touches his hands. He has great hands, punishes defenders and is faster than most others on the field. He can be better than Kamara. We should get him. While we still have Free and Coleman, Sony can be RB3 as well play slot a ton all while returning kicks. Very versatile.
  15. In. Can’t wait!