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  1. Haven't heard a peep. But there is always a chance he already has, and also a chance he hasn't
  2. Maybe he already has
  3. I do not disagree with your point made in this instance, but IW was redshirted because he was not ready for the competition and conditioning he was going against in the SEC. he had not experienced the heat/weather and also went against much smaller kids in the league he played in High school. We are not in disagreement, but being a tackle on the O line prot ching the QB, vs your only job is to play with speed to the qb(plus more) is NOT the same thing. long story short, I know what you are getting at, IW was “physically” ready to play his freshman year but not “mentally”. And that is not a slight. Whereas AA is almost physically ready but 100% ready mentally. Regardless, even if IW is only here 3 years total, he wasn’t ready last year. That being said, he would be a great guy to stand next to you in a bar, nobody in their right mind would mess with you!!!
  4. Totally agree with this, which brings me to something else nobody else is talking about. Tyson Campbell, 18 year old starting for UGA as a CB no this kid a Stud or what!?
  5. I agree with your pint of him being light which is not false, but if we redshirt him then we get 2 years of him playing at full weight. Kriby doesn’t redshirt guys that aren’t 4 year players. Maybe, MAYBE if our pass rush picks up then we will redshirt him, but if he plays up to his billing over the next 2-3 season then what is the point? If he ends up as good as he should he won’t be here for his 4th year. Even so, I find the new redshirt rule interesting if you are a creative coach. Save guys like AA who are “light” but also lightning fast, play them strategically against teams with quicker o lines and not against monster o lines and only play him 4 games and still redshirt? Either way, this 4 game redshirt rule is surely changing the way coaches think about the whole process.
  6. In
  7. Well Jesus, they aren’t FlUCKING clicking are they!?
  8. Careful about Virginia, they are improving big time. In fact, they will beat Louisville this year. Then what?
  9. F the Saints
  10. “Crisp Owens” = “Juke’d Riley”? Please improve the comparison as necessary....
  11. I think a beaver has gone rogue!
  12. Regardless off who is the “G” in the situation, they both look ignorant now. You thin Rodgers, Brady, Roethlisberger would ever do that? They let their play lookdo the talking. If I was owner of Panthers I would be disappointed for Camilla stooping to his level. They both big tall punks.
  13. There are 4 NFCS QBs 1-multiple allegations of sexual assault -nuff said 2-ripped off for millions on overpriced jewelry and now suing said jewelry dealer =if you are spending that kind o money on jewelry or anything you should probably Perform some diligence and fact checking = said QB has no street smarts 3-cocky, arrogant and in no way shape or form is a role mode for children and if you think that they are then you also can’t complain about the millennial attitude of today’s children because this QB is type of person the are looking at. Multiple videos smoking blunts with Rick Ross all over the internet. 4-an average, out of spotlight, respectful leader who conducts himself as a professional day in and day out. No complaints from uber drivers about touching them, no cursing at young kids giving him some grief, no complaining about getting ripped about for inflated jewelry prices(or wasting their money on it for that matter) which one you want as your QB?
  14. Cap hits are a fools game to argue. By the same logic Julio’s cap hit this year is $12.9m yet he is getting paid cash of $10.4m. So is Julio by your logic 4-6 M away where he should be or 2-4? Just asking since you seem to change your argument depending on the player you are defending. End of the day it is selfish. If Julio has a problem with his contract with 3 yrs left on it then he should sue his agent who negotiated it. The agent definitely has D&O/E&O insurance. He will figure out the deal when said insurance company laughs in his face and then wins judgment for defense fees which at least as much as fines per game. This is all a joke.
  15. Tell your wife to watch the Vicodin supply...if it goes low compared to Rx sales I think we all know the deal...