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  1. You’re lucky he got his girl pregnant.....bc lsu isn’t where he WANTED to go....
  2. If you don't get help at Charter, please..get help somewhere.
  3. Leave fields in
  4. PFF must not take into account jumping out of the way of trying to tackle. Saw him multiple times move OUT of the way to allow the offensive player a few more yards assuming the other defender had it covered.
  5. Yes, this is a bait line from Vegas. Sounds too easy/good to be usually is. atl wins by 5-11 pts this week.
  6. LMAO at Bedwetter “AG Green” even Julio can’t help but smile and almost laugh Dled talks.
  7. Shake it harder and your brain may start to think for itself
  8. Omg, read above post. I KNOW it wouldnt negate score. But if same next plays transpired to end of game we may have been looking at long field goal vs 65 us Hail Mary. You guys kill me. Like a CNN echo chamber.
  9. Yes this!!! Is EXACTLY WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY. it never ceases to amaze me the amount of fans on this forum that don’t understand the rules of the game, yet jump on each other without understanding what the other is saying. Funny how first response was “no wonder so many leave this forum” due to my post....when the ironic part is I am probably the next to leave due to the amount of morons on here. Note to all you high tootin fools on this board, if you are going to make a smart *** remark to someone about their post then at least understand the rules of the game or make some effort to understand the point of someone’s post.
  10. False, team accepting penalty can elect to have unsportsmanlike penalties on TDS enforced on kickoff or extra point. Which is why either last year or year before a team elected to accept on kickoff, then other team decided to go for two, then team accepting penalty stopped ref and changed it to accept penalty and make extra point from 17 years line vs 2 yd line and thus they went for 1 instead of 2. This must have been two season ago as it was when extra points were chip shots.
  11. I just don’t understand why as fans we put up with this crap. If you bought a lawnmower and it did not work well because you had bad luck and the manufacturer said too bad, would you buy another one from the same manufacturer. That is what we are doing as Falcons fans spending money on the team. All customers should be on the same playing field, and we are not. The NFL takes advantage of the tribal nature of support for their teams. I totally understand that we have devastating injuries on D side of ball, but it exacerbates the calls/non calls that happen to us EVERY GAME. This is why all sports leagues are registered as “entertainment” and not sport. The same as WWE. Once again NO LIABILITY. My last post on this and sorry if I come across as agitated or disgruntled, it is only because I AM. We all invest way too much time, energy, money etc. to accept this crap. The only solution it appears is to invest less of these things toward it apparently. Just tired of being on the losing side of an Eiffel Tower for any judgment call situation repeatedly.
  12. So you’re saying that Ryan’s “fumble” last year should have been an incomplete. Okay fine. As mentioned in original post, I don’t have a problem with plays getting called certain ways, but there should be some semblance of consistency from the refs. I am not blaming refs for individual calls, but the entire group of calls over a season or multiple season should be consistent for all similar situations and all teams and ideally over multiple seasons. For the price of the product that STHs, NFL package purchasers, merchandise purchasers pay, there should be some semblance of product quality. The pas few years has done nothing but introduce rules to make the refs job more obscure and difficult to officiate ALL IN THE NAME OF AVOIDING FUTURE LIABILITY for head injuries. The NFL knows that it is watering down their product, but the short term price is worth it when compared to long term financial implications in the current US hyper litigious environment. Why do you think the NFL commissioner is an Attorney/litigator and not a “football” guy. They know what they are doing. The only downside is that with only 16 games a year combined with refs being human, the inherent small sample size in the short term is some teams getting short end of the stick.
  13. I know and I agree, I am not blaming that on the reason we lost. If you want to leave the board over a legit question go ahead. This is not to troll, make excuses or any other reason. My question was should that have been a penalty or not? If you don’t know the answer, then don’t respond like a jackazz.
  14. Okay guys serious question. If a player leaves the bench to celebrate it is normally an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for 15 yards. I know it is not always called, but players are also not supposed to join the end zone to celebrate, let alone when they are not even dressed out for the game. So my question: should there have been a penalty against bengals at the end of the game for Joe Mixon running into the end zone to celebrate with AJ Green when he caught the TD pass at the end? He was in the end zone along 12 dressed players(so another player obviously ran to the end zone as well). I am not nitpicking and saying it SHOULD have been called, but By God if it were the other way around and Freeman ran into the end zone to celebrate the same thing it bet you all my money it would have been. Just like some players getting sacked with the ball in their hands and drawing a roughing passer penalty while Ice gets smashed repeatedly with defenders taking 2-3 steps after releasing ball and driving him into ground with no flag. i guess what I am saying is screw the refs. I am really not bothered by what refs call or don’t cal around the league, but EACH GAME SHOULD BE CALED THE SAME for both teams. It has become quite clear over the years that we are always getting screwed. PS, the only reason this matters is bc if they did call that penalty, the kickoff would have been 15 yds deeper with 10 secs left. So instead of Ice throwing a Hail Mary 55 yds from end zone, it could have been a FG try from Bryant, albeit a very long one, but more likely of a chance than throwing 55-60 yds in the air.
  15. DQ was calling the plays. Willing to wager a Snuggie on it. Anyone with eyes attached to their head and actually watched the game could see him calling plays multiple times.