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  1. It was during the KC game. Dan Quinn confirmed that he took over the defensive play calling during the Kansas City game for rest of season. Will stay involved next season but will give new coordinator Marquand Manuel ample opportunity to call plays. Vaughn McClure, ESPN Staff Writer
  2. I am DIZZY from reading CLOSE and far AWAY with my BiFoCALS to the REPEATED change in CAPS WHO'S your DADDY
  3. Stephon Wynn
  4. Each NFC south team(no other teams in NFL) has the designated special 11th spot on the PS for the International player. Since Alex Gray is this 11th player, that is why he is already listed as PS. So we will still have our normal 10 players on PS who can be activated. If he balls out, then the following year he can be activated and dress out and play in a regular game. It makes sense that he cannot be activated this year. This is because it would not be "fair" to all of the other teams who only have 10 PS players while we have 11.
  5. You are missing my point. I agree that it is great that he might be staying. The point I am making is that Brice deciding to stay may not be because he wants to be in Athens as number 2QB, it very well may be because he does not have an appealing enough destination to transfer to.
  6. I think it has more to do with Brice not finding another program that wants to take him in and start him? Or at least not a program with a caliber high enough to warrant him leaving?
  7. Which would make sense as to why there have been no large changes in the Bball and Baseball programs(head coach wise). It would make sense to leave these hires to the new AD vs allowing someone being shown the door to make the hires.
  8. Yup. He is basically a Turbo 2.0. Don't need more than one dressing out on the squad, but if anything happens to Turbo he is a pretty similar replacement speed wise.
  9. No
  10. Agreed. Odds are that it does not look good, but we have definitely see very highly recruited players in the past do this very same thing and then right before signing day flip back to their original team/place they want to play most. Strategy to get their friends(not that Chatman isn't a stud, I would be more than fine with him on UGA roster) the best opportunity possible. Then they flip back right before signing day and it is too late for the said other team to drop their buds as well and everyone gets what they want. NOT saying at all that this is what Anderson is doing, just saying it does happen here and there. That being said, we need to offer Chatman. Regardless of Anderson, Chatman is going to be beast wherever he goes.
  11. You wouldn't by chance be a Florida fan would you? JK, i know you have 3 florida players in your mock but I think that would be a nice draft. I have to admit I am a UGA guy so not fond of Florida, but at the end of the day the Florida D is the only thing that kept that team alive this past year in the SEC so must be some studs roaming around in Gainesville on D. Also always nice to make a Florida player wear red and black :)….worked well for Keanu!!
  12. Exactly. I think what we are going to see is a maturation in both Eason's ability to change the play at line of scrimmage based on defense along with enough leash from the coaches. If he can improve on this in the same way that Aaron Murray did cerebrally in his 2nd and 3rd year as a starter then oh boy watch out. Imagine Aaron Murray's mindset and knowledge of the offense combined with Eason's arm and height advantage(sight line) and we may have something to talk about in these next years. Exciting to think about, but at the end of the day it rests on Eason to make it happen.
  13. By RPO they mean run pass option with running back, not run with the QB(at least not every time) RPO is not zone read/read option.
  14. Also, world cups go to countries, not cities. Nice fail though!
  15. Dude, this "trade" would/nor never should I occur. Can a mod please lock this nonsense?