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  1. Remained invisible somewhat on purpose. Once a player gets drafted high that HE recruited to UGA then he will be on the camera same as Saban. Avoids the narrative of him taking shine for players getting drafted that Richt recruited. You KNOW the AJC would have a field day with that crap.
  2. I meant to say it before, maybe I did and forgot but sorry not going through 50 pages of BS, but G-Dawg you really need to let this go and move on. You are obviously way too close to this situation emotionally based on the what you present publicly, and more scarily even closer to the situation in your own mind. Take a step back and relax. Dont go stage 5 (you are already stage 4, by responding to this post you acknowledge you are stage 5.
  3. I would laugh my a$$ off so hard if Hurts went to Ohio State. OMG that would be so funny.
  4. Well the universe would maybe allow us to win those games if we didn’t have POS fans like you. Trash bags like you ruin it for the rest of us normal people.
  5. Nope
  6. Well no $hit buddy. But your statement was implying the “other” OR game was “also” Fromms fault which is incorrect. It is becoming very clear that you are a “gaper piant”. F u
  7. Except for that is the “other” game which is also the basis of your statement. You speak as if there are two OT games which should both not have happened and both Fromma fault, except we all know the comeback against Ok was a positive not negative on Fromm. Our wet paper D the first half was the culprit that game. Therefore, my question still stands. You are an idiot?
  8. Which other game went to over time genius? I know you aren’t taking about Oklahoma since we were the ones coming from behind. Please just stop confirming all of our assumptions about your age and intelligence.
  9. Jezel? Please go to class.
  10. He still hasn’t “blown” as many opportunities as you have you hack.
  11. Yup. Crown Distributors ain’t no joke son.
  12. Andrew Thomas who was quoted is Black. Do you actually think before you type? You obviously don’t even watch much football if you don’t know whine andrew Thomas is.
  13. Okay, from the one who only shows up to thro shots at Georgia fans or anything against Georgia. You have a complex sister.
  14. Your opinion is irrelevant. Your team embarrassed the SEC today. You have no rights to give any opinions until next time USCjr scores a point. So be quiet until September, assuming you guys can put something on the board when September comes. SHUTOUT lmfao
  15. Says the guy who’s team got shutout by Virginia. Go to sleep you are drunk.