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  1. L
  2. Or you can just stop reading it? That way rest of us carry on and everyone is happy(including you).
  3. Sounds good and appreciate the understanding. Definitely doing what I can to help around my parts and in no way meant to demean anyone’s pain through all of this madness. Stay safe my friend. Apologies if it hit a bad nerve as wasn’t the intention.
  4. Easy hammer...if you take things this serious you should probably stay off the interweb. My statement was obviously a joke, poor taste? Maybe but not ill intended. Take a chill pill.
  5. I think the team has an ethical responsibility to release the new uniforms now for those who will die from COVID-19 in the next few weeks before it would have been released otherwise. They deserve to see them.
  6. AB is a real time case of combining CTE and casual stupidity. Unfortunately when he perishes I am certain the study of his brain will be similar to Aaron Hernandez. Very unfortunate and I wish no ill will on anyone, but he clearly is not sane.
  7. I’m just surprised it took you all the way to the point of him saying draft swift to figure it out, especially when that is one of the least ridiculous things he said.
  8. It was satire.
  9. You mean Georgia Southern? Those highlights exist too.
  10. No. cant get DPOY when your TEAM is 7-9.
  11. Yes but also a part of his game that will lose relevance very quickly which is my point.
  12. He may have a decent 40 time for a QB, but make no mistake at that weight(and he isn’t fat or overweight per se), that level of speed will reduce at an exponential rate of decay with each year of age.
  13. “How do you know what Kirby told JF? Where is your evidence?” I employ the same to you regarding Kirby and “picture” of recruiting board. This is the USA and every human in the country is innocent until proven guilty. Stop peddling nonsense without proof and then flipping it when it suits your cause. i like you in the Falcons talk, but regarding this discussion......DAWGS BY 100
  14. Yep, been established. Do any of you read a thread before commenting? You are all worse than me not reading the full article.
  15. If you read the full thread better than I read the article you would see that your comment is unnecessary.