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  1. Steve Wyche? This is the same idiot that wrote an article two/three days after the super bowl saying the Falcons and the Eagles will miss next seasons playoffs.
  2. I totally agree, also he is faster than Jenkins and would be more of a threat. I don't know what I'm going to do if we come back with the same WR corps next season. I know Meier was hurt, but this kid is unproven at this point. Enough is enough!
  3. I sure hope we don't waist our first round pick on at TE. TG can still get it done for another year and we can still draft a decent rookie in the later rounds. We have more important positions that need to be addressed. DISAGREE!
  4. It will be a good game, but I don't see us losing at home to you guys again (after that beat down). It's all good, we're all 0-0 now.
  5. I agree with you I think Jenks time with the Falcons is up, time for him to go. It's not what he did to hurt the team, it's what he didn't do to help the team. If he does stay he needs to move down to like the 3rd or forth receiver cuz we don't need him at 2.
  6. Thanks,I thought it might have been something like that.
  7. Great post holymoses. Personally I will miss him too, but we know this is a business and there comes a time where some HAVE to go. I am not so surprised after what happened last season and listening to Smitty and TD, they have to make room to get us the so called "explosive" players. I'm sure this was difficult for Blank as well, but things have to change in order for us to get to where we want to get.
  8. Hello all! I apologize in advance since this is way off of the subject, but what do I need to do to be able to post a topic? As of right now I'm not allowed and I wrote one of the moderators and didn't get a response. Thanks in advance!
  10. I don't think we should panic, let's keep in mind this guy is coming in to be the QB coach and not the OC. Hopefully we'll see Matt Ryan improve next season.
  11. REPORT: VINCENT JACKSON EXPECTS FRANCHISE TAG Citing a person familiar with the player's thinking, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that free agent Vincent Jackson expects to be franchise tagged and play the 2011 season under the one-year tender. The NFLPA will dispute the validity of all tags, but front offices plan to apply them anyway. The key to this story is that Jackson is willing to accept the roughly $10 million, one-year deal after refusing a one-year deal worth about $3.2 million in 2010. It appears GM A.J. Smith will be able to get away with not making V-Jax a long-term commitment. Reportedly, Smith "likely will pay Jackson for 2011 and then let him walk," positioning the Chargers for a future compensatory draft pick. Feb 9, 8:04:00 PM
  12. I never said it was tougher, you guys aren't as good as you think and have tough home games. Out of all your home games you may win 4 of them and on the road you may win 4 you guys at best will be 8-8.
  13. Benn and M. Williams are good receivers but I still need to see more out of them to say they will be all-stars. They have Gerald McCoy on defense who is actually pretty good and Freeman is going to get better but their is no way this will be the best team in the NFL. Plus, they can't stop the run either. Seriously, what is wrong with Wyche? What a moron!
  14. I agree, hopefully we can find a solid back up and also upgrade in other areas as well. What do you guys think is the priority on D? DE, CB, LB?
  15. What is this guy smoking? Just look at what he said about the Bucs, "If the Bucs can find some pass rushers and have tailback LeGarrette Blount stay focused and improve, they could end up being the best team in the NFL. Yeah, I said it." This guy obviously hasn't looked at the Bucs schedule. He is jumping the gun!!!
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