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  1. To be fair... I don’t think we had anyone else ready enough to win tonight. We need to make the change immediately now though. Give Beck or JT some time.
  2. So we can agree that the money to the COVID testers and the refs came from the same Bitcoin account, right? 😄
  3. Yup, Bama hits the passes when they need to. Stetson is too short (swatted balls) and is still too inaccurate. He has big issues hitting WRs in stride.
  4. Yeah, wasn’t sure if he just knew he wanted to try KJ or if he is avoiding the middle now.
  5. Bad luck play then a bomb TD... Its going to be one of those days, eh?
  6. Put him in a hazmat suit or just turn half of the coaches box into a clean room and let him work from there.
  7. Ok, I’ve had almost a week to think about this... I’m all in on the hope! 😄
  8. Could just be gamesmanship. It’s weird for sure, but I’d be 0% surprised if he was able to coach Saturday though.
  9. For sure dude- no problem! That is why I wanted to make sure I stated there was a rumor floating. Meant nothing more than it to be a FWIW type post. Go Dawgs!
  10. Hesitant to post this because I don’t have multiple sources, but update from Rowe said all good too 😄
  11. Ok, you are right. Bama has no chance and it is 100% because Saban isn’t there 😄 Also, sure you can make it sound worse than it is was by saying it was a 33% change in the amount you were favored by... but it is 2 points.
  12. I don’t think people think it isn’t a going to affect Bama some, but at this point the O and D coordinators have their plans down. Saban just won’t be on the sidelines to yell at people. I don’t think y’all will need him to make a QB switch this time, so.. yes.. it will not help you that he is gone..it would be worse if a key player got COVID and had to sit out. The line changed only changed 2 points.
  13. It was from a guy on another board, with a claimed friend in the program, who has a decent history of being right ...but yeah, like I clearly said, it is just a rumor. I never claimed it to be a fact. Just passing along info I saw.
  14. Some not great rumors floating around about Nolan and his ACL. Hope they aren’t true.
  15. If UGA wins, it is because you didn’t have Saban. So if Bama wins... you don’t actually need Saban then? 😄
  16. I had little worry going into this, but that black shirt gave me a moment of confusion... then the chain popped out and all was right again
  17. I’m sitting at I think we have a 33% chance at winning next week. I’m not sure our offense can keep up. Like y’all said, I have the LSU game in mind...and I’d course our recent history with Bama 😄
  18. Anyone see the Tennessee player kick our lineman after Zeus’ run?
  19. Thinking the same thing. He’s just a small Fromm since his rush TD
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