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  1. Too many players missing and a QB who hasn’t been trending in the right direction lately. I’m not overly confident right now. Maybe game day will give me a boost of hope
  2. SECs response: “There is no place in college football for the kind of incident that took place at halftime of the Missouri at Florida game Saturday night. Everyone involved is responsible for meeting sportsmanship standards throughout each game. Running on the field to confront a game official, the gathering of teams in an on-field confrontation and student-athletes throwing punches are all disappointing at any time, but even more so as we work to support healthy competition during a pandemic.” Florida head coach Dan Mullen has been issued a reprimand by the Southeastern Conferen
  3. I’d be willing to take some growing pains with Vandy in there though and get on a decent QB cycle. One year 5* next, next year qualify back up and so on.
  4. Yeah, I don’t see Vandagriff coming out and starting game one as a freshman against Clemson.
  5. Yeah, it’s a good thing Stet hasn’t made any mental mistakes this year /s
  6. Over/under on stet throwing 3 more passes this game?
  7. Well, if we are only talking NC games... that’s a pretty small sample size to work with then 😄
  8. I’m not a fan of our QB situation, but to be fair.. didn’t Kirby change QBs in game 1 already this year?
  9. Yeah, go in and hand the ball off. Make a couple bad throws and a couple good ones. That could be any QB... and maybe even a couple other players on the team.
  10. I wouldn’t say you missed anything by not seeing most of the 1st half 😄
  11. “Alright it’s a noon game, let’s go out there and give it 50%!” - Kirby Smart (apparently)
  12. Unfortunately, this is truth. If JT isn’t healthy enough to step in yet then we’ll have to stick it out with Stet. That is assuming that JT is better than Stet at this point too
  13. Didn’t Kirby make a change in game 1 this year?
  14. He had to go back in and get some things cleaned up from the original surgery at the end of the year last year. Just a guess, but I’d assume COVID affected some of his rehab too.
  15. Let’s see if I can figure this out... Run focused offense is bad. Kirby ran off Fields. Saban got a new offense, why can’t we? Close?
  16. This. People see 5 stars and assume that because he is cleared medically that he is 100%. I don’t think a QB that Monken told a couple months ago that he wasn’t starter material changed their mind with his performances the last few weeks. My assumption is that the other options aren’t ready or haven’t been able to take the job.
  17. Oh wow! I guess that’s one way to show how tough your competition is in the ACC.. 😄
  18. When did he put Tua in? The last game of the year?
  19. I honestly don’t care who it is at this point.. This game just showed what we were all worried about since the Arkansas game. Stet’s ceiling is not high enough to get us to where we can go.
  20. Yeah, this board is getting rough with the troll situation. Wish the mods would clean it up a bit.
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