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  1. JT is healthy enough to be medically cleared. If the other QBs get hurt he would go in. He is likely the guy next year, so there is no good reason to put him in before he is healthy enough for game play. Don’t want to rush it and cause more damage
  2. It was a nice way of saying he was a walk-in for a reason. He doesn’t have the skill to do more than he has
  3. To be fair to Stet.... he has done as much as he can.
  4. Based on what I’ve heard about practices? Maybe, yeah
  5. I might have to turn this off, haha. Stet ain’t it
  6. I was responding to this first, then you commented without reading everything I guess...
  7. Why not Mathis? Because of one quarter when our o-line was Swiss cheese and our team had 10 penalties? ..but sure throw a true freshman in who has given up on the team already
  8. Who do you want out there? A true freshman who is can’t stop throwing picks in practice?
  9. I’m not surprised the defense can’t hold up. The defense is taped together right now. Our offense is surprisingly inept. If Stet is back in at all I will not know what to say
  10. Outscored 38-7. Please put anyone else in at QB. Put ANYONE else in
  11. Half of our defense is out and we have a 4th string QB. Not a winning combo
  12. We have like 20 players injured this game. This isn’t too surprising
  13. That missed tackle wasn’t because of their good offense.
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