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  1. Ha, yeah... who knows, if that is true then 🤷‍♂️
  2. Ha, same. As soon as Stet was forced to come in I let my hopes down some.
  3. At this point, I’d prefer the JT and Vandy competition next year. With the assumption that JT wins and is gone after 1 year or Vandy is good enough to take it as a freshman. I’d be shocked if option #2 happened unless we can back to normal spring practices.... which I’d be surprised if we do. The jump from Prince Ave to SEC is steep.
  4. Some people are DJ Shockley and some people aren’t.
  5. Health reasons. Not, we’ll mostly not, skill reasons. Medically cleared does not equal game ready.
  6. I’ve heard the same outside of the bolded stuff. What I’ve heard is he understands he isn’t ready and he hasn’t had the best practices as a result.
  7. So you’re just here to complain. That’s fine I suppose.
  8. What does that even mean? Again, outside of Fromm/Fields... what would you do different right now?
  9. Outside of the Fields/Fromm thing... What would you do as the coach right now?
  10. Ok, I’ll be more direct since you are drunk or something. I don’t agree with you. I think you are wrong with your opinion. Can you comprehend that?
  11. Why would he be gone? He hasn’t been healthy enough to play?
  12. Right, he left.... If he stayed, that would’ve been great
  13. Do you? Are you at practices? You aren’t? Ok then....
  14. Fields left.((but but Kirby didn’t switch. Tua, Saban 😢)) Lawrence was never coming to UGA.
  15. Ha, I just noticed that. I usually just have him on ignore. Somehow it snuck through the filter
  16. That’s easy to say now. Stet looked 100% better that Arky game
  17. Any team in the top half of the SEC would have beat us today. Too many injuries and no QB will hurt anyone.
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